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Reasons Tourists Prefer Short Term Rentals Over Hotels


Short term apartments give visitors to a particular location an alternative in terms of accommodation. These rentals are perfect for vacations, business trips and other extended journeys in distant destinations.


The following are the benefits of a short term rental:

Access to All Amenities

Unlike hotels, holiday rentals provide guests access to all in-house facilities available, and maybe even more. Guests feel more at home with a private kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Holiday apartments give you the luxury to cook the meals you like and do laundry, which is important if you’re staying for a while and want to save on expenses. If you want a one of a kind vacation, look for a holiday apartment in Perth.

Better Privacy

Such accommodations usually have better privacy than most hotels. If you’re travelling with kids, you can rest assured there will be more space for them and their needs, unlike hotels which can be very cramp and have paper-thin walls.

Saves Money

Short term rentals are much more cost-effective compared to hotels. Landlords base their prices on accommodation type and not on the number of guests. This makes short term rentals perfect for families and large groups.

The opportunity to live like you’re at home even though you’re far away makes any vacation even more fun. If you want a better place to stay, do your research today and find a holiday accommodation in Perth.

The Truth About Diamonds and Other Interesting Facts


For many, jewellery isn’t just for accessorising. They symbolise social status, serve as quality investments, and express the wearer’s style and personality. Among the most popular jewellery pieces are those made of diamonds. The most coveted, perhaps, are engagement rings.


Here are some interesting facts about diamonds and engagement rings:

  • Although Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest days for many jewellery designers and retailers like Robert Parker & Sons, the most popular month for engagement is in fact December.
  • It was in 800 BC when diamonds were first discovered in India. It was only until the 15th century when these precious stones became popular for engagement rings and wedding bands.
  • On average, the diamonds used in engagement rings is around .37 carats.
  • The round brilliant cut is the most popular diamond shape.
  • Ancient cultures believe that a special vein called Vena Amoris is located at the third finger of the left hand. Known as the “vein of love,” this runs directly into the human heart.
  • The youngest diamond in the world is 900 million years old. It’s impossible to grow artificial diamonds. Scientists can create them in four days, with an average of 2.5 carats.

The fact that people want them and that they’re rare substances make diamonds highly coveted. But beyond their value is the beauty and elegance they offer to whoever wears them.

Roof Sandwich: Using Multiple Materials to get the Best of Both Worlds


One of the most talked about materials in architecture today is EPDM roofing, it’s lightweight, flexible, and lasts half a lifetime. But, even if the material has the capacity to withstand most of what nature can dish out, it’s not invincible.


Even rubber roofs can break when subjected to constant and targeted abuse. Most rubber roofing breaks due to abuse doesn’t come from environmental pressures, but from the owners not using common sense when it concerns the use and maintenance of their roofs.

The More the Merrier

People worry about EPDM roofing the most when they have to step on it to perform cleaning or maintenance. A properly installed roof can deal with medium foot traffic (roughly three to six people). Performing maintenance without any difficulty with excess weight, though, is another story. However, there are ways to strengthen a rubber roof in case the need arises for it.

It’s possible to install tiles, slabs, and cement screeds on top of the EPDM, making it stronger for more people to stand on it while retaining the advantages an EPDM rubber roof provides. In addition, cement or the lime additive doesn’t affect EPDM, allowing it to be screeded over or bond directly to a smooth concrete surface.

Face the Inevitable: Elements of an Advance Funeral Plan


Death is an uncomfortable subject for many. Some people don’t even like talking about it. Pre-planning a funeral, however, is something more adults are starting to do these days. This allows you to take responsibility of how people remember and celebrate your life.


Read on to know the elements of a pre-need plan.

Final Arrangements

There are normally three options for the final disposition of your body: burial, cremation, or donation. This is an individual choice usually influenced by religion or financial status. To know more about these options, call your local Funeral Home in West Valley City for a discussion.

The Ceremony

Traditional funeral services call for transporting the body to the place of burial, complete with the death certificate and transit permit. As you can’t predict the future, it’s advisable to leave everything to your local West Valley City funeral home. Doing so will save loved ones from the stress of making arrangements, while they’re in mourning.

Funeral Coordinator

Choosing a funeral director in advance is also a good idea. Review the price lists or look around forfor references. Make sure to write your choices down after discussing the options. You may keep a list or prepay and talk to your family about the plans you’ve prepared.

Death is inevitable. Planning ahead may give you some peace of mind that all will be well even after you’ve passed.

Is a Self-Managed Super Fund for You?


Having self-managed super funds in Perth (SMSF) lets you save up for retirement in Australia. This is a long-term savings arrangement where members contribute to the fund for a specific period. As the trustee, you invest the contributions to get additional assets, which you will use to provide benefits when members retire.


An SMSF in Perth isn’t for everybody, however. Here is some information about starting a self-managed super fund.

Setting Up a Self-Managed Super Fund

An SMSF can have one to four members. You and the other members are trustees of the fund. To get the fund going, you need to create an investment strategy to meet the retirement needs of your members. You need to follow the guidelines set by Australian Taxation Office (ATO) when managing the fund.

Receiving Contributions

Depending on your fund’s governing rules, an SMSF generally accept employer contributions, super co-contributions and salary sacrifice contributions. Most SMSFs also accept personal contributions and eligible spouse contributions. Remember that a member can’t generally contribute an asset to the fund.

Accessing the Fund

Members can only receive benefits from the fund when they reached their “preservation ages.” Certain situations, such as death and terminal illness, may allow members and their families to access the fund prior their preservation age.

Deciding to set up a self-managed super fund is a major financial decision. Think about consulting experts on investments skills and knowledge you need to manage an SMSF successfully.

More than Just Talking Heads: Top Three Benefits of an Effective Video Conferencing

video call

Video conferencing is highly interactive. It makes the actual meeting experience that every company needs possible. Most service providers of technology solutions and data centers, such as One path Systems and IBM offer video collaboration services.

video callvideo call

The following are the top three benefits of video conferencing:

Saves Time and Money

You can start saving money by choosing to go digital and use video conferencing services. By communicating over video, you can cut back on the costs of business trips as well as attendant expenses. Today’s video conferencing is as close to being there. Thanks to the vast improvements in technology, you can have face-to-face interaction with your associates and colleagues without spending too much on travel.

Sustains Competitive Advantage

Video communication provides multiple paths for sustaining a competitive advantage. Through a good video collaboration service, both parties share knowledge widely. It results in faster and better decisions in marketing new products and services.

Increases Productivity

A video conferencing system lets you share all kinds of information. Participants can stay focused and you can also address certain issues more easily than emails and instant messages. With video conferencing, you can decide faster and complete projects sooner; thus increasing productivity across your organization.

Video conferencing has a positive effect on how people do business. It’s also a good way to strengthen bonds between remote partners and colleagues.