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Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners: The Solution for a Wintry Chill

reverse cycle air condition unit

reverse cycle air condition unitreverse cycle air condition unitWhile older models of air conditioners merely kept your home cool during summers and hot days, newer technology has made it possible to use your air conditioner to reverse the cooling process, that is, heat up your home instead of cooling it.

An air conditioning unit that offers both heating and cooling features is a reverse cycle air conditioner, or a winter air conditioner.

How It Works

Winter air conditioning units are not only one of the more economical heating methods, but you can use it throughout the year to control the temperature in your home.

A reverse cycle air conditioner works in three steps.

  1. The unit extracts and draws in the heat from the air outside, regardless of the temperature. Even during the peak of the winter season, these units can extract heat to warm your home.
  2. A refrigerant then absorbs the extracted heat that passes through a coil, pumped through the compressor in the unit into the condenser.
  3. The condenser then releases the heat in your home, warming up the place.
Energy Efficiency

For each unit of electricity used, the winter air conditioning unit produces at least three units of heat. This means that higher energy bills means that the unit of electricity produces less units of heat, owing to damage in the unit or dirt.

Types of Winter Air Conditioning

When it comes to choosing a winter air conditioner for your home, you have a range of choices. These choices include the kind of air conditioning unit you want – split systems, multi-split systems, ducted systems, etc. While some units are portable, others you can install in windows or on walls.

Good winter air conditioners have programmable thermostats and humidity control, as well as good energy ratings, and inverter technology. Geo-exchange heat pumps are a great choice for winter heating as well, more so because of its high energy efficiency.

Winter ACs are the rage in winter or in cold areas. Have these installed for a comfortable atmosphere in the home, and then reverse it – hence the name – during summer.

A Paper Dollar for a Metal Dime

scrap metal

scrap metalscrap metalThere aren’t many people who would disagree that recycling is one of the best things anyone can do for the environment. But, digging around the bin to separate paper and plastics just sounds like hard work without instant gratification. People just need a bit more motivation, other than preserving the planet, to get them going – like money.

There are businesses, such as Martin Scrap Metals, that actually pay people for giving them garbage. The aforementioned company specialises in, as their name suggests – scrap metal. The way their business works is simple; people have scrap metal, and they buy it. It’s an easy way to make money, and motivates people to segregate their trash.

These types of businesses don’t take just any bin, though; in the case of scrap metal, sellers aren’t going to get much for a cup of nails and screws. Recycling businesses are looking for specific types of metal, which they can use to benefit their own bottom line.

The metals that people can surely sell are steel, brass, aluminium, iron, and copper; some companies also accept wires. Anything beyond these items is up to the discretion of the company you’re dealing with. This is because these five metals are the easiest to reuse and sell as other items, or materials for other items.

The value of these metals vary from one company to another, but there is an easy guideline on metal types that can give sellers an idea about what metals are more valuable. Non-ferrous metals, such as copper and stainless steel, are more valuable compared to ferrous metals, like iron and steel. The best way to find out which type of metal you have is by using a magnet; if it sticks, it’s ferrous metal.

If you’re looking to sell something to a scrap business, make sure to call first and ask for their rates. There aren’t any rules regarding how much a business can give people, so it’s best to shop around for the best price.

3 Ways Water Makes a Child’s Life Better

water filter at home

water filter at homewater filter at homeFrom the moment they wake up to the time they drift back off to dreamland, children interact with water in many ways. Think about it: they use it for taking a bath and brushing their teeth. Water is also the very thing that keeps the clothes they wear and the dishes they eat clean. Children love swimming, splashing in puddles, and hiking near creeks as well.

Perhaps the most important role of water in our children’s lives, though, is to keep them hydrated and keep their body functioning properly.

Beyond all of that, here’s how water helps improve our children’s lives:

It Helps Them Easily Get Up in the Morning

Kids feel dehydrated (or under-hydrated) right after waking up, since during sleep, they generally spend hours without drinking anything. This is one legitimate reason for the kids to find getting out of bed in the morning the biggest struggle they face all day.

Help get them moving by ensuring they hydrate with a tall glass of clean water as they rise.

It Helps Improve Academic Performance

No parent ever wants to meet teachers to discuss poor grades. If academic performance is a problem, consider having your child bring a water jug to school. Drinking water is important to brain health, and contributes to better alertness, concentration, and cognitive ability.

Make sure your child is drinking clean water, too. Avoid water in plastic water bottles (they contain BPA), and instead install a water filter at home (try

It Helps Manage Mood Swings

Some children, especially pre-teens, tend to have mood swings. These sudden changes in behaviour can be amplified by the mere thought of going to school, and can be even worse if a child experiences mild dehydration. This can cause grumpiness and even headaches.

Instead of giving them unhealthy sodas and other sugary drinks, make sure they drink water with every meal. This will level their mood and can help ensure fast metabolism and clear skin.

Even if your kids want to drink another glass of chocolate milk for lunch or soda for dinner, give them what they need: water. Sometimes it’s okay to give them what they want, but nothing beats a glass of clean water.

A Guide to Buying a Used Car: How Motor Vehicles Are Valued

buying used cars

buying used carsbuying used carsFor many people, buying a used vehicle can be the simplest, fastest and most cost-effective way to get their ideal car. In fact, it can save them hundreds or even thousands. As new vehicles tend to lose a high percentage of their value easily, the used ones attract practical buyers more.

With all the eagerness and excitement, however, not all buyers can end up with a quality vehicle. The process can be downright overwhelming, which is why having a budget and doing an extensive research is necessary. Make car buying a fun and memorable experience by arming yourself with the right information.

Why Valuation is Important?

Valuation is important, not optional. It allows sellers to quickly determine the resale amount of a car. In the business world, for instance, the assessments of the asset’s value are used by companies that offer refinancing, insolvency services and more. The information is helpful when it comes to buying or selling. Accurately determine what a car’s worth can help avoid conflict between a buyer and a seller.

What Affects Car Resale Value?

You probably know that the minute a brand new car leaves the dealership, its value may depreciate sooner or later. But, do you know how the math is figured?

A vehicle’s make, model, age, general condition and mileage are some of the things that will affect the resale value. If there’s a problem, the price of the vehicle will be lower.

When you buy at an auction, you need to perform a thorough inspection of the vehicle. Apart from inspecting the exterior and the interior for damage, check if there are replaced parts, see the mileage, know the extend of wear on the tires’ treads and look under the vehicle for fluid leaks. In addition, check for issues such as mould, rust or a musty odour.

If you think that buying a pre-owned car at a physical or online auction is just for professionals, think again. Sure, buying a used car is never easy, but you need to be savvy to make an informed decision.

Are You Really Ready to Buy that Home? Things to Consider

real estate

real estatereal estateAt least seven in every ten Americans dreams of owning a home. Regardless of how common it is, very few understand that there is more to buying a home than the ability to fund the mortgage. You have to be ready to pay the costs that come with owning one.

Here are some important things people tend to overlook when making the ultimate home ownership decision.

The Additional Costs of Owning a Home

You will be responsible for everything, from paying taxes and insurance premiums to handling the repairs and utility services. These are costs you wouldn’t have to think about when living in a rental unit. Financial advisors advocate for rigorous evaluation of your financial standing and perhaps stashing away some amount to provide cushioning in case anything happens to your new home.

The Length of Your Stay in Town

Owning a home for less than four years is unproductive. You might not even have enough time to pay back the mortgage. Moreover, reselling the home that soon without carrying out a couple of home improvement projects could easily translate into a loss.

Only purchase a home when you are stable enough and willing to make it a home for the next seven years or so.

Understanding Your Mortgages

While some brokers will advise you to look for the lowest rates, a good real estate agent Salt Lake City residents recommend will tell you there is more to it than the rates. Understanding all the mortgage related fees before signing any deal will let you make better comparisons. Always choose a manageable pace of interest rates, premiums and mortgage value.

Choosing a Neighborhood, a Lifestyle

Different neighborhoods represent different lifestyles. Choosing too early might confine you to lower standards. Choosing before you are sure of your financial stability could pose problems in future.

Your current financial status shouldn’t be the only readiness determinant. Taking your time to think through your future, the next five to ten years, before buying your home should determine whether you are ready or not.

5 Critical Reasons Why SEO Is the Marketing Tool You Can’t Go Without


SEOSEOWhether Internet-based or otherwise, people in recent years have recognised the importance of SEO as a highly effective marketing tool in business.

Here are the following reasons why you should take advantage of the power of SEO in helping you attain business success.

1. Earn Good Reputation

In viewer’s minds, the fact that your website has a constant top ranking position in search engine results translates to its credibility. You also encourage Internet users to associate your website’s brand to certain keywords, and this helps in making them remember your brand as a trustworthy one.

2. Get More Exposure

By consistently ranking high in search result pages, your website benefits from potential visits by a larger audience. This helps your products and services get the exposure they need, reasons Nu Studio.

3. Make Users Happy

SEO encourages you to focus your energies in creating and developing a website that will answer to its audience’s needs. Your user-friendly website makes your viewers want to visit your site more often; in the process, they get information on the services or products that you are marketing.

4. Grow Your Business

By encouraging you to constantly update your website with new articles and blog posts, and in turn drive more viewers to visit it and become potential buyers, you inevitably push yourself to develop your business and make it a successful one.

5. Get an Employee ‘That Never Sleeps’

One of the best things about making use of SEO is that your website becomes a business tool that works for you every day for the whole year, long after you have already gone to bed. Except for the initial stages of creating it, you do not have to spend so much time developing your website. Moreover, you can always update your website’s theme and make it truly work for you in attracting new audiences and retaining the existing ones.

Remember that using SEO to market your brand is already a step ahead of your competitor – especially if they haven’t made use of it yet.

The Better Choice for a Better Home: 5 Reasons You Should Use Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing

Metal RoofingMetal RoofingMetal roofing is one of the most popular options in roof restoration and replacement. Whether you’re planning on re-roofing to save your house from further deterioration or to increase its market value, the benefits of using metal roofing are worth considering.

Bower Roofing shares some of the benefits of this roofing option:

1.Heat Reflection. Perth’s extremely sunny weather can be a big problem for homeowners, as it translates to low energy efficiency of your air conditioning unit, especially during the summer months. But, metal roofing helps you avoid this problem with its ability to reflect the sun’s heat. Thanks to metal roofing, with a significantly cooler house, you can expect to receive and pay for lower electricity bills.

2. Easy Installation and Maintenance. The lightweight structure of metal roofing makes its installation a fast and easy job for you to do. This also means that you get to save a lot of money which would have gone into buying additional building materials to support the metal roofing. Moreover, it does not require a lot of upkeep on your end.

3. Durability. Despite its being lightweight, metal roofing is surprisingly tough. Falling tree limbs will not be a problem for you as they can’t put a dent on your pressure-resistant roof.

4. Longevity. You can expect your metal roofing to last for many years. Its ability to seal out water and to endure strong winds contributes greatly to its long life. It even provides you protection from mildew and decay; thus, preventing the untimely deterioration of your roof.

5. Aesthetics. Far from being too commercial-looking, metal roofing allows you to give your house an instant makeover. Whether contemporary or country-style, the signature simple geometric design of metal roofing could easily blend with the architectural style of your house.

6. Fire Resistance. Metal roofs are extremely resistant to fire, which is what makes them the preferred roofing material among home builders. Because of this fire-resistant property, metal roofing lets you utilise it even if your house has a chimney or stovepipe.

The use of metal roofing can be costly – initially. But, in the long run, the rewards you gain in using it far outweigh the cost.

3 Simple Home Décor Hacks to Make Your Living Room More Inviting

living room

living roomliving roomYou spent big bucks on the interior design of your living room. You put in the perfect, posh furniture. You put up beautiful works of art, and used lighting that your interior designer friend recommended. But there’s something lacking. When you sit on that plush sofa, look at the painting and dim the lights, you just cannot feel it. There’s nothing inviting about it. The living room is simply… cold.

A warm, inviting vibe in the living room is important because it is where the family gathers and visitors are welcomed. Revamping your living space and making warm and inviting doesn’t mean you have to spend big bucks. Here are some simple home décor hacks that will definitely make your living room more comfortable:

Throw in Tactile Textures

Soft furnishings will add texture and warmth to the living room. Experts from Floor Mat Systems say that simply placing rugs and floor mats can create that cozy vibe you want. Hang curtains as well. Buy plenty of panels so it will cover the entire wall. Rugs, floor mats and curtains will not just create an easy, breezy vibe, but also visual appeal to the whole space with the many colors.

Ditch the Coffee Tables and Go for Ottomans

Coffee tables have hard, solid edges, so it’s best to choose large ottomans, which have a comfy and soft appearance. Plus, too much distance between couches and coffee tables can leave a large space and make it look empty.

Add Tall Houseplants

Houseplants can also add a sense of comfort because of the natural vibe. The green colors also help in making the space feel calm and relaxing. If your living room has tall ceilings, tall houseplants can fill that empty space. Just make sure that if you place houseplants, there’s enough light to meet its needs.

You don’t have to spend big bucks just to make your space more comfortable. With these simple home décor hacks, your room will radiate with a warm, inviting vibe.

Minimalist Home: How You Can Add Warmth to Your Bedroom

fireplace bedroom

fireplace bedroomfireplace bedroomWith the cool, icy weather, many homeowners feel a sudden need to warm up their bedroom to rest comfortably. After all, who would not want to lock themselves up in a comfy room, and then read a book while sipping a coffee? No one can deny that cuddling with a huge pillow and a thick blanket are among the most comforting things in the world.

If you are planning to give some warmth and character to your room, adding some quick home décor elements can be your best option. Without that personal touch, you can’t call the place your own.

Here’s how to create a relaxing, cozy bedroom:

Consider Faux Fur Rugs

No more frustrating feelings of touching a cold, hard floor. With faux fur rugs, you can have something more inviting to step onto every day – whether you’re going to sleep or getting out of the bed. Rugs can retain some of the morning heat, as it provides insulation. Enhancing the look and feel of your bedroom does not have to be costly.

Install an Electric Fireplace

Fireplaces are great, as they can keep a room warm and make it more appealing. Uintah Fireplaces, a leading provider of fire pits and mantels, shares that electric fireplaces provide a sense of modernity, sophistication, and luxury.

“Everybody loves the warm glow of a roaring fire when it’s cold outside. There’s something welcoming and comforting about the red-orange glow of real flames licking the inside of the glass of a fireplace in your living room, bedroom, or patio,” the company explains in its statement.

Use the Right Color

A bedroom would not be complete without warm, inviting colors. With smart planning and a bit of creativity, you can fill your bedroom with things that are interesting to touch and hold. Choose pillows in warm colors, such as light blue, baby pink, lime green or pale orange.

Though the wind outside signals that warm weather is on its way, you can still decorate your home with warmth and texture in mind. Keep these simple tricks in mind to feel comfortable even on the chilliest of days.

Seafood or Meat?

seafood meal

seafood mealseafood mealChoosing where to buy your lunch is already a tough task, but ordering from the menu can be challenging for some people. Two of the most common foods in every restaurant are seafood and meat. These two differ in many ways, from plate presentation, recipe and taste to the nutrients and fats they provide.

While both have the essential protein, vitamins, and minerals that you need, they vary on the amount of these elements for a healthier body. Premier hotels such as The Full Moon Hotel have seafood and meat on their menu, giving you the luxury to choose which one to eat.


In terms of calories, both kinds of food seem to be equal. There are about 45 calories per ounce in most seafood and lean meat. A few examples include shrimp, canned tuna, cod, skinless chicken breast, and beef sirloin. Porterhouse steak, bacon, scallops, and lobster, meanwhile, have a higher calorie content.

Good Fats

In terms of fats, seafood is better than meat. Monounsaturated fats (MUFA) and polyunsaturated fats (PUFA) are good fats that you can have in seafood. These lessen the risks of heart problem and improve your blood cholesterol level. Salmon seems to be a fitting choice if you’re after good fats.


Carbohydrates and fat are two of the common source of energy. In case of unavailability, your body consumes protein, which is essential in maintaining lean muscle mass. Surprisingly, seafood and meat have similar contents of protein. You can get approximately 7g of protein per ounce from these food products.


Iron is a mineral you find more on meat than on seafood. It’s essential to the body because it transports oxygen to all your cells from the heart. According to studies, women need 18mg of iron per day, while men require 8mg. You need 3oz of meat to get 1mg of iron and 2oz of seafood for the same amount.

Understanding the nutritional contents of food helps you decide which one you’ll most need. While both kinds of food provide almost similar nutrients, it’s quite ideal to eat each one on alternating days.