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Repairing Your Roof: Think Beyond the Price

roof repairing

roof repairingroof repairingThe temperature changes in Australia can be very cruel to your roof. Considering that the temperature in Perth can range between 0.5 Celsius to 40 Celsius, your roof can go through continuous expansion, contraction and wear due to the outdoor elements.

It would be best to consider the following pointers when repairing your roof:

Choose your material

When constructing your roofing structure, consider functionality. Some of the more traditional choices that Perth homeowners get for their roofing include Colorbond, concrete or terra cotta tiles. Each one comes with its own set of features and advantages. Apart from price and aesthetics, weather resistance, durability and long-term maintenance are also main considerations when choosing your roof material.

Be energy efficient

Green practices seem to be the norm these days; even construction experts are using energy efficient materials to help homeowners reduce their utility bills. If the roof can keep the house cool during summer and warm during winter, you can reduce gas and electricity payments. For instance, exterior colour and cool smart technology involve the use of white coloured roofs to reflect direct sunlight. This design, in turn, reduces the heat absorbed by the roofing materials. Other energy efficient methods involve the use of seal coatings that allow the roof to retain heat or cold within the structure.

Ask the experts

When it comes to DIY, we always stick to the practical ways of repairing and renovating our homes. Though it’s very tempting to do the repairs yourself just to save money, it’s more prudent to let the experts handle the job. There may be instances when you’ll need professional advice. Moreover, roof repair can be dangerous.

The roof is your home’s crowning glory, but beauty is not all that it can offer. Maximise its function and capacity. You’ll be surprised at how cosy your home will turn out – and how much you can save for future repairs.

Cladding Inspirations: Celebrity Kitchen Design Ideas

Hilary Duff's Kitchen

Hilary Duff's KitchenHilary Duff's KitchenProperty owners acknowledge the importance of fibre cement cladding to their homes. While some homeowners choose cladding for their exteriors, others go the extra mile by incorporating weatherboard materials to their interior designs. Some even choose this for their kitchen space. emphasises how quality cladding can transform a simple kitchen into a complete stunner. Here are some design inspirations that you can use for your next project:

Jerry Seinfeld’s Estate Kitchen

Jerry Seinfeld placed his Telluride estate for sale complete with its furnishings. Not only did the 14,000-square feet property impressed everyone with its size, but also with its luxurious kitchen.

The kitchen combines contemporary and traditional design by using wood materials and modern appliances. The kitchen has stainless steel appliances, which complement the wooden frames of the ceiling and the ambient lighting. It has a noticeable glazed brick-like backsplash.

Hilary Duff’s Lake Home Kitchen

Located in Toluca, Hilary Duff’s home boasts of a rustic setting for her kitchen. It has a unique and vintage wall with cladding material and wood. The space features dark-coloured cabinets, beamed ceilings, and natural lighting to match the surfaces.

Despite its rustic design, the kitchen has a few modern touches thanks to the stainless steel appliances and countertop. Completing the theme is a skylight, which is a great option for a lake home.

The Osbournes’s Kitchen

The Osbournes’s Hidden Hills has an astounding kitchen design that boasts of luxury. While opulent in appearance, the space maintains its inviting atmosphere.

The kitchen features a black and white theme to highlight its modern appeal. Accenting the overall style are red chairs and stainless steel appliances to match the colour. It also has stainless steel backsplash for the cooking area and granite backsplash for the countertop.

Cladding provides diversity when it comes to materials. Whether you’re after design or function, combining weatherboards with the right material will help you achieve that A-list kitchen design.

For Dentists: What You Need to Know When Raising Your Fees

Raising Dental Fees

Raising Dental FeesRaising Dental FeesRaising dental fees is one of the basics in dentistry. Over time, you will discover the need to modify dental fees based on equipment, patient feedback, and supply prices. Routinely raising your fees at least every 10 months brings numerous advantages. Prices of basic commodities continue to increase every year. If you refuse to increase your fees to at least keep up with today’s standard of living, you find yourself on the losing end.

While your patients may not agree to price increases, remember that it’s beneficial for the both of you. When considering raising dental fees, do not waste time hesitating and adjusting fees separately. Do not focus too much on possible negative feedback from patients or how to properly negotiate dental fees with insurance companies. Focus on the benefits that adjustments offer.

How often should I raise my fees?

Ideally, you should raise your fees by 3-5% every 10 months. When you regularly raise your fees, you get additional increases every 5 years. This is above what normal yearly increases provide. Most dental clinics find it difficult to recommend large fee increases to make up for lost time. When a dentist fails to raise fees regularly, they face the risk of lower profits and greater overhead percentages throughout the duration of their career.

Raising your fees by 5% is also a standard rule; it keeps dentists in line with today’s inflation rates. Also, it helps you pay for the costs of your investments, such as office machines and equipment, medicines, and rising payroll expenditures. The regular cost of operations in typical practices advance at 3 to 4% every year. To maintain your standard of services, raising practice fees is important.

Determining your fees

When it comes to determining your dental fees, never underestimate your efforts in providing your patients quality dental services. Remember: quality is better than offering them inexpensive fees with no guarantees of 100% customer satisfaction. Raising fees is essential in providing them with first-rate care and a comfortable clinic.

You can’t stop your patients from commenting or complaining about price increases. Despite your want to please them, however, consider the viable reason behind raising fees. Staying at the same price over a long period of time decreases the quality of your service. Raising your fees is essential in providing your patients the quality dental healthcare they deserve.

Fitting a CMMS to Your Team: What to Consider


CMMSCMMSKeeping things clean and in good working order can be difficult, since maintenance teams don’t just have to maintain other people’s things, but also their own. Nowadays, though, there are computerised maintenance management systems (CMMS) that can help staff with tasks like scheduling, keeping track of work orders and requests, and so on.

With all the different things a CMMS can do, poses the question: how can you make it a perfect fit for your maintenance team?

Know and Look For What You Need

Get yourself a CMMS for general maintenance work, but wouldn’t it be better to have something that would be for your specific type of maintenance?

For example, if your team works on checking and repairing delivery vehicles for several branches of a certain fast food restaurant, you may want something that can handle communication with those branches, and can make the schedule such that if two or more branches need attention for their vehicles in a day, people will not waste time traveling between branches.

Implement it in a Way That Fits How You Work

You can get help for this from the company that provided you with the CMMS software, but you would want to know how to operate. For example, if your team tends to receive repair requests from people, it would be good for you to give those people easy access to your system so those requests can be processed and attended to faster.

Make Sure You Can Get Support Fast

Sure, the CMMS helps you with your tasks, but what if it’s the one not working? A good CMMS also has excellent support. It would also be a plus if they can provide you with upgrades when they come out.

These are some of the things to consider when you get a CMMS for your maintenance team. It’s one of the ways to streamline business processes, and worth the investment.

Surviving the Financial Devastation of a Gray Divorce

Gray Divorce

Gray DivorceGray DivorceTitle: Surviving the Financial Devastation of a Gray Divorce

While divorce is always financially and emotionally devastating, the problems are even worse when the couple has been together for decades. They have structured their lives around the assumption that they will always have each other’s support, and thus, separating is a painful and complex ordeal. Gray divorces have steadily become more common over the past years, and the problems they bring are daunting.

If you are going through a gray divorce, you are doubtlessly worried about what the future might have in store. Separating from your spouse this late in life will likely put an enormous burden on you. How do you cope with these challenges?

Understanding the Problem

Lawyers, such as routinely handle many gray divorce cases, and they find that there are usually three major financial challenges faced by the divorcees.

1.Property – Young couples do not have much to their name, so their divorces are usually simple and straightforward. With long-married couples, however, their properties are numerous and highly intertwined. Valuing and dividing these assets can be enormously complex, and the results may not be fair to you.

2. Retirement – A late divorce can set your retirement back by years, or even make it impossible for you to enjoy a certain standard of living. Other than the ransacking of your retirement accounts by the divorce itself, it is actually far more expensive for people to retire on their own than as a couple. Without a spouse to share the expenses, you may need to rethink your entire plan.

3. Employability – Many spouses sacrifice their career growth to focus more on their marriage and raising children, but this means that they may have difficulty earning a living on their own after a divorce. As a gray divorcee, you might no longer have the time or energy to develop your skills, and employers may start discriminating based on your age.

Protecting Yourself from Financial Hardship

If you are unfortunate enough to go through an unexpected gray divorce, it is crucial that you pursue every legal option available to you. Your lawyer must ensure that the division of assets is completely just, and you may even have to seek spousal support.

This is a challenging time, but fortunately, the courts will always take measures to protect the disadvantaged spouse.

Improving Your Kerb Appeal with Quality Landscaping

Improving your front yard

Improving your front yardImproving your front yardKerb appeal is your home’s first impression. If your front yard is littered with mismatched greens, you turn off onlookers and drive away potential homebuyers. But if your front yard makes a great impression, everyone will be interested to see what’s inside.

Majority of homeowners turn to landscaping to increase their kerb’s appeal. The idea seems tiring, financially and physically. There is much to consider: plants, contractors, design and style.

Emphasizing your front yard’s attributes for eye-catching kerbs need not be stressful and daunting. In fact, it’s a way to test your creativity and garden styling decisions. Before you consult with quality landscape construction services, consider these 4 ideas:

Consider your home

Most homeowners focus too much on the shape and size of their lawns. When considering proper landscaping for improved kerb appeal, do not forget the most important aspect: your house.

Your home sits behind your kerb, which is why it’s essential in your considerations. Your kerb should complement the house’s design. Landscape your front yard based on your home’s size, shape and relation to the streets.

Mix and match with available colours

In relation to considering your home, keep in mind that your plants must complement your house’s colour. Refrain from surrounding a bright-coloured house with neon-hued flowers to avoid too much exposure.

Your home dominates the scenery. If the garden fails to match, re-consider your flowers. Light shaded homes such as blue pair well with yellow, pink and purple flowers. You can use a colour wheel when planning the flowers for your place.

Going big improves your curb

When people see your home, their judgment is often quick. Whether they see it on a walk or during a drive, their attention is short-lived. Fill your front yard with larges masses that look attractive from afar. Do not go overboard by blocking windows and doors. Think large when necessary.

Think low-maintenance

It’s tempting to go over the top with landscaping. Even if you enjoy gardening and re-doing your landscape, elaborate gardens may not play well with potential buyers. Keeping everything clean is essential. Your place must only require minimal maintenance to reduce work.

No need to overthink garden designs. After all, simplicity is beauty.

Make your yard the envy of all your neighbours by improving it with quality landscaping. Improve your kerb appeal and make your home the centre of all attention.

Prioritising People and Projects: Top 3 Skills Every Manager Needs


ManagerManagerA good manager oversees two Ps: project and people. They understand that projects cannot run without people and employees will lose the drive to work if not given the right programs to get their hands on.

The key to managing these 2Ps effectively is organisational skills. By investing in short training courses, experts from say that aspiring and established managers can sharpen these necessary organisational skills:

Strategic Planning

Planning is the first step towards successful business operations. Don’t plan alone. Planning projects should always be with your team. When employees are involved in planning events or, say, creating a new department policy, they grow a stronger ownership of it. With that, you’ll be able to hit two birds with one stone: your programs become more polished and your staff becomes more committed.

Time Management

Time is of the essence when it comes to business operations. Performing services fast and completing projects right on schedule will improve customer loyalty. Time management starts with setting goals. By laying down objectives and priorities, you will not just be able to plot your project schedule strategically, but also inform your team what’s expected of them. With a carefully planned schedule and a team envisioning the completion of the project, you’ll be able to make your services better.

Effective Coordination

Good coordination skills are an important part of keeping employees informed and ensuring smooth operations. With these skills, you will be able to save yourself from major headaches (or possibly costly project mistakes) as a result of miscommunication. Develop your verbal and written communication skills to ensure effective coordination.

The secret to managing both people and programs is excellent organisational skills. Invest in short business training courses. With these learning environments and industry experts to guide you, you won’t not just sharpen skills, but also make yourself more valuable.


Getting Braces


Tile Grout 101: Getting Rid of Unsightly, Old Grout

Applying Grout

Applying GroutApplying GroutThere are a lot of things that can cause tile grout problems, and tiles are everywhere in the house. That means you can have problems in the kitchen, pool, laundry room and kitchen. So what are the different problems in your grout and what can you do about them?


Grouts tend to grow brittle and darker. You can remove grout using a 6d finishing nail of 2 inches and a short length of wood dowel. For major renovation, like regrouting the whole kitchen or bathroom, you may need to call in help. There is no chemical solution that can remove grout without harming the tiles or if there is, it will not be worth the fortune if you do not have the skills to do the regrouting. Stay safe by leaving the major jobs to grout specialists.


It depends on the source of stain, whether it can be removed or not. Most stains are removable by detergent and water. The grout however may be absorbent and may resist detergent. Take care not to scrub or brush too hardly or it might chip off. says to only rely on high-grade glues and grout additive.


Grouts that have grown too dirty or with moulds can be soaked and scrubbed with elbow grease lube. You only need to apply the grease, soak the mould-infested grouts for about one to two hours, rinse and then dry it. To keep it clean, always take out the moisture in your shower through ventilation or by opening the windows of the shower room. A vinegar solution, that is equal parts water and vinegar, can also kill mould and disinfect grouts. All these problems can be unsightly; you should immediately do something right away about it.

Grout is one home investment that every homeowner should be aware of. New and cleaner grouts are a pride in every well-maintained home.

What to Expect When You’re Placing Your Baby for Adoption

Child For Adoption

Child For AdoptionChild For AdoptionUnplanned pregnancies can cause regret, self-blame, and fear. To single mothers who believe they’re incapable of raising their children and providing them with the right care, adoption can be an option for you.

It will not be an easy feat. You will be giving up your own flesh and blood to strangers who will claim parental rights over your child. Here are some expectations to guide and ease you into the process.

Deciding if it’s the best thing for your child

Every situation is different. Not all unwed mothers need to consider adoption. If you have supportive parents and friends willing to stand behind you, raising the baby into a world of love and comfort shouldn’t be impossible.

Adoption is a last resort for mothers who are helpless in their circumstances, those without the financial means and emotional stability to provide the care that the child deserves. You have to understand that bringing them into a world of poverty and hunger can be considered an act of cruelty and can ruin both your lives. Your job at this point is to weigh your priorities and decide if adoption the best thing for the both of you.

Choosing the adoptive parents

The case may be different with other adoption agencies, but says birth mothers get to choose the adoptive parents and how much contact you will have with them. This is one of the most vital parts of the process, as you will be deciding the kind of home and environment your baby will be raised in. The agency advises that you carefully consider all the available information about the aspiring adoptive families to guide you.

Choosing between open and closed adoption

In an open adoption, you and the adoptive parents have contact with each other and know each other’s first and last names. You engage in a more open relationship and even discuss matters about the ways to rear the child. In contrast, closed adoption is a mode where you and the adoptive parents have no contact and identifying information about each other, like specific name or address. All papers and arrangements will be handled by the agency.

Deciding between the two modes is also a crucial part of the process. Agencies advise you to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each mode carefully and explore all possible options.

Entering the adoption process, here’s what you can’t expect – that everything will be easy. The best way to survive the emotional and mental rigors is to educate yourself with all relevant information to guide you in the right direction.