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3 Reasons Students Quit from a Dance Studio and What You Can Do About It

Dance Studio

Dance StudioDance StudioStudents come, students go – it has always been this way. Although every teacher wants to see their students grow, sometimes the students leave before they become adept at dancing. And, this is a reality that comes with running a dance studio.

This doesn’t mean you should lose hope with the fact that students leave your studio. If you want to thrive in this two-billion dollar industry, you have to find ways to retain as many students as possible. Your starting point would be to determine why they leave in the first placepayday loans open on sunday you must know that no credit verification will be.

Management Shortcomings

No matter how you look at it, the way you run your studio might be one of the reasons students leave. It could be a tiny thing about your management style or a major issue with schedules and enrollments. Whichever the case, don’t take this against you; use this to improve your school.

The Studio Director points out that ironing out the business side of the studio might be the solution. Hire better teachers, set more flexible schedules, and use the best dance studio software you can find to manage enrollments and address customer concerns.

New Activities and Classes

Sometimes, your students just want to try something else. For instance, parents often make their children try ballet and gymnastics, and later decide which one is better fit for their child. This is perfectly normal. Then again, you can use it to enhance your studio.

Rather than sticking to traditional dances, why not add something new to the mix? Add a few classes that combine dance with other disciplines. For sure, this would boost enrollment and student retention.

Schedule and Logistics Problems

Students also leave because of logistical and schedule-related reasons. Perhaps your facilities are not enough to their liking, or the schedules are too early or too late to accommodate. Make a survey about the aspects of the studio that require improving. Use that as a jump-off point in winning back students as return enrollees.

Knowing why students leave is what you need to improve your dance studio. Understand their reasons and adjust your management properly to keep your student base growing.

Make Your Event A Phenomenon with these Essentials


ArtistArtistPeople usually host events to promote a band, brand or a cause. Whatever their reasons are, the challenge stays the same: how to make their events the talk of the town. There’s neither sense nor benefit from hosting one without the audience.

While making an event a phenomenon may be hard, it’s achievable with the right planning and props. If you’re preparing for an event, add these essentials in your checklist:


People have to know about your event before they can attend it. The site recommends the use of websites, social media, local listings, search engines and other online tools to expose your event to a larger audience. Most people browse the Internet for information firsthand, after all.

Press People

Events become successful because people create talk about them. One way of doing this is to invite press people to cover your event. Invite TV stations and give them the VIP treatment, as if they’re in your dinner party. Doing these will help you gain positive reviews for your event. Media people are your best ally or enemy depending on how you handle them.

Bloggers and Celebrities

How will bloggers and celebrities help your event? Their invites and reviews may boost attendance through their thousands of followers. Ask them promote the event through ads on Instragram or other social networking sites, where there are higher respondents and ROI.


Your event won’t be the talk of the town if you hire people who are not worth talking about. Hire motivational speakers, artists, authors or other personalities for the talks and icebreakers. The audience will most likely remember and talk about it if they can associate it with people they know.

Promos or Giveaways

Some people attend not because of the speakers, but due to the promos and giveaways they may get. Captivate your target audience with discounts and freebies in your ads. Use limited edition items to attract your prospective audience. These will create a demand for tickets.

It takes time, money and effort to make your event successful. Invest in these essentials and you’ll see the difference between hosting an ordinary event and an extraordinary affair.

3 Ways a Rental Truck Can Save You Money

Car Tow

Car TowCar TowHouse prices in Australia are skyrocketing, making this the perfect time for you to sell your property. That involves leaving the house and moving to another residence, of course. Be a wise homeowner and choose modular homes so you earn from selling your property and save as you switch to an energy-efficient house.

After making the choice to pack up and move to a new house, you need to transport your items. For this task, think about hiring a truck. Many locals and new residents agree that truck hire in Brisbane is a must.

Here are some ways that a rental truck can save you a lot of money:

1. Car Towing

Say you are moving to a new home and you have more than one car to bring with you. Trucks for rent come with ball sockets, letting you tow unused cars.

When towing a car, make sure that you follow vehicle safety rules to avoid accidents. Doing this on your own—and even using your car to tow a smaller vehicle—may lead to road accidents if not done properly.

2. No More Driving Back and Forth

With trucks being very spacious, you have more room to fill with your stuff. This means lesser trips as you carry more things—you may even be done within a few hours. says hiring a truck in Brisbane saves you from driving back and forth all day. With the lesser time it will take to move all your things to the new home, start unpacking sooner.

3. Cheaper than Specialty Moving Services

Reputable and dependable truck hire companies offer their rental trucks at prices more affordable than specialty moving services. Save hundreds of dollars by renting a truck instead.

As a final note, know that you can find green or eco-friendly truck makes and models. Think about going for one of these to do your part in helping save the environment.

Attack the Fat–Triathlon Style

BMX Bike

BMX BikeBMX BikeWith the fitness wave sweeping all over America, men and women now have decided to get off their couches to try all sorts of exercise and fitness programs. Throughout the years, the media has promoted many methods of getting fit, from weightlifting, to yoga, to crazy dance workout videos. Among all these trends, however, there is one that has retained a strong following: the triathlon.

Triathlon is a three-event competition consisting of running, swimming and biking. It is not for the faint of heart. It is definitely a hardcore route to fitness. The good news is you don’t have to do all the components of the sport to become fit. Just one or a combination of these can do wonders for your health.


The most basic of cardiovascular exercises, running is perhaps the first thing beginners should get into. If you are new to the whole exercise thing, running is your best bet.

To get started, you need some comfortable clothes and a good pair of running shoes. Find a nice trail or path and just run. The important thing in running is to get the most burn. You have to run at a pace that really gets your heart pumping. To work on your endurance, run long distances at a constant pace. For power, sprint for shorter distances.


The point of swimming is to move through the water efficiently. Your body should be oriented parallel to the surface of the water for minimum water resistance. You use your limbs to propel you forward. It is one of the best exercises out there. When you are in the water, your body is not in its normal environment. This means that along with water resistance, you will have to exert twice the effort as when you are on land. Swimming is also good because it does not put impact pressure on your body.


The third is biking. The best thing about it is that you get to work your legs while pedaling. Apart from the great leg workout, this is an exercise that can take you to some scenic routes. It is both a workout and a chance to appreciate your surroundings. If you do not have a mountain bicycle for long distance biking, you can always start with a BMX bike and do some circuits around your neighborhood.

Getting fit takes effort, patience and discipline. Going for a three-way attack could be a great start to your fitness campaign.

What Makes Occlusion Develop?

Crooked teeth

Crooked teethCrooked teethThe mouth is one of the most visible and used parts of the human body. We use it to express our thoughts, show love and nourish our body. It is an indispensable tool in everyday functioning, and one small defect can create a huge impact.

A simple imperfection in the jaw or a crooked tooth can affect your self-esteem and the way you deal with the people around you. This is too bad for people with gum misalignment and worse, malocclusion.

What is malocclusion?

If your upper and lower teeth do not line up properly, it means you have it. Simply, it means “poor bite”, referring to several conditions where the teeth and jaw are in the wrong positions.

For some people, it is merely a cosmetic condition, meaning it only affects their aesthetics. But other patients have fared worse, experiencing many difficulties doing normal tasks, such as talking and eating.

Other cases can lead to facial pain, migraine, neck and shoulder pain and sometimes even back pain, says Dentists recommend getting treatment for jaw and tooth misalignment to prevent further development.

What increases your chances of developing malocclusion?

Malocclusion is most often hereditary. People with a family history of bad bite are easily the fastest targets. Jaw and tooth size is a passed down trait that leaves too much or too little room for the teeth.

But certain factors outside nature can contribute to its development. These are usually wrong habits, such as thumb sucking and mouth breathing. Tooth loss at a young age can also result in permanent misalignment of the tooth, since the lost tooth can cause the remaining teeth to spread apart and fall into unnatural positions.

How to prevent malocclusion

Practising discipline in dental hygiene is one of the most effective ways to prevent exacerbation. Stumbling accidents can happen anytime. If you have a child who is into sports, make sure he or she is wearing a mouth guard.

If you already have it, the best action to take is to consult with a dentist and receive an alignment treatment. Getting a corrective procedure that fixes your oral imperfections can improve the way you see yourself. Simply, it can change your life.

4 Steps to Making the Time You Spend at Work More Productive

Office Partitions

Office PartitionsOffice PartitionsWith only 8 hours a day to do all the work that needs to be done, some people find it hard to increase their productivity at the office. The truth is, the efforts should come both from the management and the employee. Here are some ways to increase work productivity and handle office hours more intelligently.

Track Your Time

Gauging how many minutes or hours you spend on one task may seem counterproductive, but it’s not. This kind of organization technique can actually make you more aware of your strengths and weaknesses. This way, you’ll know what areas you need to improve on in terms of doing the work faster.

Install Office Partitions says well-made office partitions actually help employees become more productive. Sure, socialization is a must, but having partitions can set the much-needed restriction. This way, you can concentrate on your tasks more and spend time chatting up with friends during downtimes or lunch breaks.

Take Regular Breaks

Some tasks take so much time that you can’t concentrate anymore without taking small breaks. If you know you’re about to face a gruelling task, make sure you schedule breaks in between. This will help you maintain the same level of performance all throughout, instead of making it decline.

Say No to Meetings

Some meetings take too much time out of employees’ work hours that their productivities are affected. They will also question the management and complain about meetings, especially if there’s a better and faster way to discuss the topics. Next time you hold a meeting, think first if it’s possible to accomplish the goals via phone, email, chat, or web-based.

To increase the overall productivity in an office, you need to evaluate every minute that you spend. It’s easy to pinpoint which habits and factors are good and bad. You just have to know how to fix it and replace it with a more effective one to improve productivity.

Bouncing the Boredom Away With Free-Jumping

Bouncing Castle

Bouncing CastleBouncing CastlePretty much every student looks forward to the end of the school term. Sometimes, though, the biggest problem when school’s out is finding something to do that will take the boredom away.

Going to a bounce park and trying some free-jumping is one of the best school holiday activities. Adelaide has a ton of options where you and your kids can try this out. If you’re having second thoughts about going out and allowing the kids to try it, the following may convince you of its benefits:

It’s fun exercise for mind and body

Why even recommend this as a holiday activity if it weren’t any fun, right? Imagine bouncing around without a care in the world, and in any way that you can possibly do it.

Once you get the kids into it, they’ll be spending a lot of time figuring out and learning new moves. This would keep their brains working, not to mention giving them a great workout for their bodies at the same time. Some even say that bouncing is good for health, specifically the lymphatic system.

It’s an opportunity to be with friends and family

The bounce park isn’t a great, big space just so people could bounce by their lonesome. Invite your friends and family to go and bounce with you and your kids! You might actually make free-jumping a regular family bonding activity, and maybe you’ll get to enjoy it as much as the young ones do. You can get to know more about each other and support each other while you have fun.

It’s a safe activity

As long as no one gets too reckless, everyone can stay safe while free-jumping. Of course, you should remind everyone to ask for help from the park’s authorised instructors and also get advice from them on how to make the most out of bouncing while staying safe. Having knowledgeable instructors around will help prevent the occurrence of accidents.

With all of these great reasons, consider trying out free-jumping as your family’s school holiday activity. Just keep in mind to listen to all safety instructions and you’ll have a wonderful time.

Is It Wise to Get a Loan for a Used Vehicle?

Second hand car

Second hand carSecond hand carMany prefer buying a used vehicle, whether it’s a sedan, a convertible, an SUV or a minivan. After all, it’s budget-friendly and there are many models to choose from. But there are some people who don’t consider getting a second-hand car a great idea. They imagine used vehicles as those with grimy windows, rusted body, chipped interior paint, and with big “For Sale” signs on the broken windshield.

That, however, is not always the case. It’s true that there are lemons, but there are hundreds or thousands of used autos that look good and feel new. Buying a car is far more than analyzing its size, design, and features. If you have already the one that you want, you now need to worry about paying for it.

Do Loans Make Financial Sense?

When you are planning to purchase soon, keep in mind that looking for the best price is only the beginning. Your next step is to decide whether to get a loan or not. Though getting a used vehicle is much affordable than a brand new one, the buying process can be more complicated than you can imagine.

Sure, getting a loan for your second-hand car is no longer a nightmare, but it’s still not for everyone. The interest rates can be a bit high, so find the right one that will suit your paying capacity. Once you have approached a bank or a car dealership, they will calculate the value of the vehicle you wish to buy. The overall amount you will pay monthly would be according to a number of factors – with a combination of the model of the car, the condition, the age, and the mileage.

What is the Role of Credit Score?

Another thing that can affect your loan’s interest rate is your credit rating. You should factor in what lenders would think, as they will determine if you are capable of paying off your loan. Check your credit score before shopping for a vehicle. You need to make sure you’re not going to overpay for something.

Having an auto loan can be a wise move, as long as you have a good credit report and finding a car that will make the payment easier for you. Don’t settle easily for the first thing a dealership will offer you. Be smart enough to know what’s right and wrong.

Pest Control: Working with Nature instead of Fighting It

Pest Control

Pest ControlPest ControlEver since man sought the comfort of caves, he realized he had to compete with others to have his own space. Snakes, spiders and rats may occupy the same area. Today, you still need to compete with them, even if you technically own the rights to your property.

In lieu of caves, man built skyscrapers and elegant homes. However, sometimes you forget: Fighting nature is the wrong way to fight pests. To get control over your own abode, allow nature to work for you, and rein in all those that may destroy your dwelling place.

Creating Monsters

Consider a seemingly harmless bird: the seagull.

Lately, the incidence of seagulls attacking tourists is on the rise. No, it’s not just in the Finding Nemo movie that you’ll see their aggressive nature. Finding their actions problematic, Venice has declared war on the hungry seagulls that plague the city.

City administrators are thinking of deploying birds of prey to contain these seagulls. There is much debate, however, as some of these seagulls are protected by law.

A deeper look reveals a stunning truth: seagulls were not the problem, it was man. Seagulls used to be the bird tourists loved to feed—very endearing.

The problem started there. As men kept on feeding them, these birds developed a habit of turning to men for food.

America’s #1 Home Pest

Seagulls may not be a problem in your home, but they provide a valuable lesson. To control pests, think about their nature. What drives them to do things?

Finding sufficient information should help you control America’s #1 problem at home: carpenter ants. For starters, beware of damp wood.

Of course, if you find yourself losing the battle, don’t lose hope. Call a reliable pest control company. Their experience coupled with the best pest control software should be enough to solve your problem for good.

Why should it be important that they use a software, you ask? The software automates the process, alerting pest control companies about tasks and service updates. They help process payments in just a few clicks.

This tool makes it easy for people with the right knowledge about the most common household pests to start their own pest control business, in fact. Successfully take care of your pest infestation and take it one step further by offering your services to others.

You may not live in a cave anymore, but it’s still important to show pests who’s boss. Clear your property of ants, rats, and bugs and have the space all to yourself

How Long Will Fish Stay Fresh in the Fridge?

Fresh Fish

Fresh FishFresh FishThis question may raise quite a few eyebrows. Perhaps because the query sounds like it’s coming from a naïve child speaking off the top of his head, asking mum out of curiosity.

A deeper look, however, reveals a more serious question that every adult should take heed. You see, fish is not only food that can satisfy any person’s appetite, it is one of the healthiest sources of protein. Keeping your fish as fresh as possible for longer is therefore, the first order of the day.

Fish vs. Meat

Fish is no doubt good for us. For starters, eating fish lowers the risk of death from heart disease by as much as 36%.

Sadly, you can’t really say the same for meat. The fat that comes from fish is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, a substance not otherwise found in other meats such as beef or pork. Also, considering that meat has highly saturated dense fats, fish definitely is a prized part of anyone’s diet. There is one aspect, however, where meat gets the upper hand: storage.

Storing Fish

Unlike meat, fish rots rather easily. If you always keep in mind that fish is not the same as meat, then you could save yourself the trouble of always throwing it out.

Store your fresh fish in the fridge immediately once you arrive home. For best results, put your fish inside a plastic container with crushed ice. No, not just ice but crushed ice. To always have a ready supply, consider looking at the available models for sale of ice machines in stores or online.

Make sure you punch small holes in your plastic container. Then, you will have to put the whole set-up inside a larger container. Once the ice has melted, pour out the liquid and replace with new crushed ice. In doing this, you may be able to extend the freshness of your fish for a few days to a whole week.

It is still best to consume fish immediately for best results. If you need to store it, however, keeping it iced for up to a few days will still give you a good product to cook.