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The Sober Truth: Debunking Two of the Most Famous Myths on Drug Addiction and Rehab

Drug Addiction

Drug AddictionDrug AddictionThere’s a high chance that you’ve heard a thing or two about drug addiction and treatment. But have you ever really found out if it’s just an opinion, or a universal truth, or just a plain myth overheard somewhere?

There are various myths told about drug abuse and treatments that don’t really mirror the absolute truth. If you are going through drug addiction and you want to finally break the bad habit, it pays to know the real deal about it. Here are two of the most common myths and reasons you shouldn’t believe in them.

Myth #1: You can put an end to your addiction whenever you want to.

This is a common misconception about drug abuse. Most illicit drugs alter the brain and program your body to crave for more no matter how badly your conscience wants to say no. Due to these changes in the brain, it would be a big challenge to immediately put the habit to a stop.

You may try using a drug and call yourself an occasional user, but later on you’ll find out that you’re more of a compulsive user rather than a voluntary user.

Myth #2: A course of treatment in the rehab is always enough

Many people believe that when someone is released from the rehab, he’s completely fine and back to normal. Well, that can be true, but in most cases, the problem will strike again. There’s a reason experts call addiction a persistent illness; repeated treatments and visits to the rehab facility may be needed.

However, a patient can receive a specialized treatment program tailored to their unique condition and needs. For instance, many organizations offering inpatient drug rehab, Utah included among other states, specialize in long-term treatment. These rehab programs ensure higher chances of full recovery and minimize patients’ tendency to go back to the habit.

The first step to solving a problem is to understand it. It’s best to seek professional help to know the right approach and solution to your addiction.

The Fence is Right: Choosing the Fencing that Suits Your Garden

Garden Fence

Garden FenceGarden FenceWhen it comes to beautifying the garden, the typical list of must-haves will include plants, water features, and ornaments. What most homeowners fail to realize, though, is that on top of these things, a yard should have protection from stray animals and elements that may damage its beauty. It needs quality fencing.

The right fence does so much more than serve a utilitarian function. You can also use it to highlight the aesthetic appeal of your garden. Choosing the most suitable fencing, however, is not as easy as most garden owners would like to think. The following is a quick guide to make the search easier for you.

General Guidelines

Think about the location of your fence before making a final decision. If you are setting up the fence close to landscaping, think of all necessary adjustments. More importantly, choose material that is easy to maintain.

For Small Gardens

Picket fencing will surely make a good choice if you have a small cottage garden. Its characteristic design can make your garden more charming. While picket fences are usually made of wood, there are also PVC variants. Paint your fencing white to achieve a more classic look.

For High-Maintenance Gardens

Protect your expensive garden features and prized plants, such as bonsai trees with sturdy gates. Security fencing is bolted, making it difficult for burglars to get in. You may also use motorised driveway gates, which you can get from providers like

For Garden with Pools

While a swimming pool makes your yard more valuable, it can be a hazard if you have kids and pets at home. Put a barricade around the pool to make it safer. Typically, pool fences are made of wrought iron or glass.

Making your garden more beautiful goes beyond planning the colour scheme of your flowers or choosing a water feature. Invest in the right fence that accentuates your yard’s appeal and provides protection.

Taking Action: Helping Yourself Deal With Loss

loss and grief

loss and griefloss and griefLosing a loved one can be a devastating experience. Grief is a natural response to the death of someone close to you. The unexpected loss may be a shock to immediate family members who have to prepare for the funeral or cremation services in Brisbane.

Dealing with the loss and grief may be difficult for some people, but there are ways to lessen the burden. While some responses are considered healthy coping mechanisms, others can only hinder the grieving process.

Take Action

If you’re coping with loss, it is best to understand how you can overcome grief.  Take immediate action to avoid sinking into depression. Start by helping make funeral arrangements and deciding between a burial or a cremation service.

Centenary Memorial Gardens explains that a cremation service is generally cheaper than a burial service; however, the price is just one factor to think about. Call funeral homes in your area and choose the funeral service best for your needs. Consult a funeral director for any details you might have overlooked, such as the chapel for the service and the landscape grounds for the ashes.

Confide In Someone

If you find yourself lacking the energy, sleep or focus because of the loss, start talking to someone close to you. It could be any member of your family or a close friend. Expressing your thoughts and feelings can help unload the heavy burden.

In time, you will come to terms with the death. Allow yourself to grieve until you are ready to move on from the loss. There is no time limit to grief since each individual has a different coping mechanism.

The road to healing will end with acceptance of the loss. Your loved one will not want you to suffer for long. After giving yourself enough time to grieve, it is time to pick up the pieces and move on.

My Diesel Engine’s Smoke is Black – What Now?

Engine Smoke

Engine SmokeEngine SmokeYou might be surprised to know that a diesel engine is in its perfect shape if it emits colorless smoke. An engine’s true smoke should be colorless. If it isn’t, chances are your engine is not burning the proper way, or it is burning the wrong thing.

What does Black Smoke Mean?

The black fume coming out of your muffler means that there are surplus petroleum products unburnt in your exhaust fume. Incomplete burning happens due to several reasons, and not one of them good.

Here are some of them:

  • Over-fueling

It means your engine is injecting too much fuel into the combustion chamber. Check with your mechanic to see the cause of over-fueling. When left unresolved, it may destroy your piston rings and lead to bigger, costlier problems.

  • Poor quality fuel

Diesel fuel that’s below quality standard may not burn well. Only use quality diesel fuel to ensure optimum performance.

  • Faulty fuel injectors

Clogged or dirty fuel injectors cannot deliver the proper spray pattern needed for efficient burning. On the other hand, a leaky fuel injector may cause it to pump more fuel, which causes over-fueling. Always check for any fuel injector damage to prevent incomplete burning.

  • Cold operations

When you operate your engine while at its cooled state, it needs more fuel to run properly.

  • Incorrect timing

It means fuel is entering the combustion chamber at a wrong time. This would cause the fuel not to burn completely, resulting in black smoke.

  • Dirty air cleaner

When your air cleaner is dirty, not enough air enters the combustion chamber. This would result in incorrect air-fuel ratio, compromising your engine’s capacity to burn fuel efficiently.

Acting Quickly

Resolving these issues would turn your engine’s emission from pitch black to colorless smoke. Aside from the usual preventive measures, you can further make your engine’s emission less harmful by installing a DEF fuel pump system that breaks down dangerous pollutants into nontoxic substances.

If your engine’s smoke is black, do not delay taking action! Resolving this early on would prevent you from spending too much for costly repairs and unnecessary fuel bills.

A Well-Maintained AC System: The Key to Lower Electric Bills

air conditioning in Draper

air conditioning in Draperair conditioning in DraperAs a homeowner, you can reduce your energy consumption without compromising comfort. One way to do this is by maintaining your air conditioning system regularly. Through adequate AC maintenance, you can ensure your cooling system performs efficiently and avoids overusing energy. The best thing about this is you can prolong the life of your unit.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, air conditioners should undergo annual maintenance to keep them at their best. While some maintenance chores can be DIY, Utahns also need air conditioning Draper services. Expert technicians perform comprehensive checks for AC problems and fix them before they worsen.

Efficient Cooling

A well-maintained AC system cools your home more efficiently and takes a lot less time to circulate cool air, making your interiors comfortable more quickly.

Neglecting maintenance can have an effect on the quality of indoor air and the performance of your air conditioning unit. Your energy consumption may go up, leading to a rise in your electric bills.

Reduced Energy Consumption

Regular maintenance of your air conditioning system involves a range of processes. You need to clean or replace filters and ensure coil fins are in their proper places. You must also clean the air conditioner coils and clear the condensate drains.

Leaving any of these components dirty or clogged reduces air conditioning efficiency and puts more stress on the system. The unit’s energy requirement increases and causes a surge in your electric bills.

Preventive Measure against Premature Failure

Regular maintenance of your air conditioner is important in preventing premature failure. Neglecting any of the above-mentioned maintenance procedures can take a toll on the unit’s electrical components, causing them to malfunction. Apart from a considerable increase in energy consumption, delaying maintenance and repairs will also shorten the system’s lifespan.

While regular maintenance of air conditioning systems might cost you a bit, its benefits can easily outweigh the more serious problems that malfunctioning units bring.

Corporate Accommodation That Combines Comfort and Convenience

Hotel room in Perth

Hotel room in PerthHotel room in PerthHotels may no longer be the first choice of many people when booking a place to stay when they are away from home. As some of the most expensive cities, hotels in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne are costly.

But some hotels fail to offer services they ought to provide despite the expensive fees they charge. Endless complaints from occupants who are not satisfied with what they paid big money for pressures hotel companies to improve the services they offer.

For many years, several Australian companies have devised strategies to offer better accommodation services than their competitors in the industry. These companies look at what will attract people.

Their common response is the now highly preferred serviced apartments. Perth residents and tourists take advantage of this alternative.

Why Is This In Demand?

They combine a touch of home with the luxury and convenience of hotels without the maintenance and other household hassles. They also do not come with the unnecessary high fees charged by hotels for services they offer but you do not need.

What Makes Serviced Apartments More Attractive Than Traditional Hotels?
  • They have more spacious rooms where you can put extra beds for your guests, a better alternative to the smaller spaces in hotels that only accommodate a single bed.
  • The bigger space means you can not only sleep in your room but also have a private work area.
  • Most of them have a fully-fitted kitchen and dining area where you can cook what you want whenever you please. This is a more preferred choice than the limited menus in hotels. Additionally, they include laundry and room cleaning services.
  • They cost less because there are no unnecessary charges. Get discounts if you plan on staying longer.

Although many clients are still not fully aware of the definition and features of a serviced apartment, it is slowly changing the way people look for accommodation. Serviced apartments are cheaper than hotels, but don’t think they are any less.

The Road to Hernia Repair Recovery Often Takes Longer Than Expected


surgerysurgeryInternal body organs and intestines stay in place because the muscles that hold them are usually tight and strong. But sometimes a weak spot can develop somewhere on the muscles or tissue wall that triggers the occurrence of hernia, which is when the intestines and the organs push through that weak area.

Hernia causes swelling and pain and that is why immediate remedy is necessary. A surgery pushes the lump back and the organs and intestines into place, according to the practitioners from The Wells Suite. This also repairs and strengthens the weak area.

While surgery is essential, new research shows that the recovery period may take longer with people often underestimating its duration. Patients often go back to their daily routine quickly with the help of the latest technologies, but they still feel fatigue and pain a week after the surgery.

Aftereffects of the Procedure

Surgeons say that it takes several days before patients can move properly again. Studies show that the level of pain and fatigue people feel before the surgery is the same right after the procedure. The same studies claim that significant changes only occur at least seven days after. Moreover, women and those below 60 years old take longer to recover.

Pain and fatigue post-procedure is common, but researchers suggest doctors provide their patients with more accurate expectations to avoid feeling stressed with the post-surgery effects. People can cope better with the pain and fatigue they may experience if they already anticipate it.

Hernia Repair Postoperative Care

The road to recovery from hernia repair can take less time with the right postoperative care. This process sees the nurses closely monitoring the patient in the post-anaesthesia care unit (PACU) until they are stable. Until the patient can take and tolerate clear liquids, the intravenous line stays in place.

The recovery period may take longer, but patients can generally endure the pain and fatigue. This issue is not as complicated as it seems because doctors can provide efficient assistance for these discomforts.

Gurgle, Gurgle: Stuff That Shouldn’t be Going Down Your Drains


DrainsDrainsWhether it is in the bathroom or the kitchen, a clogged drain is a homeowner’s worst nightmare. After all, things not going down where and when they should is never good news.

Keeping your drains clog-free need not be a lot of work, you only need to be on the lookout for certain things, and All Hours Plumbing SLC enumerates them for your reference:


A strand of hair is harmless on its own. An accumulation of the same, however, is not. Not only is this the most common debris found in drainage systems, it is also the largest problem for homeowners.

Hair buildup immediately blocks liquids and prevents it from passing, therefore hindering its main purpose. The menial factor can be avoided by keeping close attention to the matter — literally and figuratively.

Keeping hair out of your drains doesn’t need much work. By catching or taking out the hair immediately after every bath or with the use of other home remedies and solutions, you can keep your drains clear and free of clogging.


Soap scum is not something you want hanging on your drainage pipes, as its texture makes it conducive to dirt buildup and accumulation.

Liquid soap is the least of your worries; it’s the solid ones you need to look out for. While they may come in bits and pieces, they may cause problems and clog your pipes in time as they will only harden and ultimately block your drainage system.

Food Waste and Grease

This is the major culprit for kitchen sinks. The rule of thumb is to throw out the food left on the dishes before putting them in the sink. While you follow this religiously, small pieces of food may still find their way down your sink.

The buildup they contribute is actually the least of your problems, it’s what comes with the food waste — fats, oils and grease. They come in the form of butter, oil, margarine, meat scraps and shortening — all of which form thick balls of grease that clog your pipes.

You don’t have to sacrifice your weekly menu just to keep your drain clear; you need only change your dishwashing routine. You cannot guard your drains the whole day, but knowing the culprits will help you avoid trouble down the road.

What Kind of Printer Fits Your Office?

Printer Fit for Your Office

Printer Fit for Your OfficePrinter Fit for Your OfficeBuying printers and photocopiers for your company or office is a huge and necessary investment. You need a standard high grade machine to do the job properly and efficiently. Here are the most important requirements to take into account.

Large capacity units

Every company needs a reliable printer that will not break down when volumes of documents are waiting to be printed. This is nothing special either; in fact, this is a basic requirement for high grade company printers.

Excellent examples of photocopiers and multifunctional printers with high capacity are Fuji Xerox printers. These printers offer high speed printing and photocopying with their ‘fast paper feeding’ options.

Multi functional units or hybrid types

You want a hybrid type that can do the tasks of two to three machines in one. A multifunctional printer can scan, print, photocopy and even send fax or attachments straight to mail. Purchasing this type of printer is not only economical and efficient, it also saves you a lot of time, energy and some space in the office for other machines and furniture.

Cartridge utility

This is one of the aspects that most buyers skip simply because of carelessness or lack of awareness. High quality printers such as Fuji Xerox printers use ink conservatively and can extend the life of your ink cartridges. You should also look up reviews of printers to see if they translate colour and define fine lines well.

Before you make any purchase, make sure that you have done your research well. Look up reviews and do not forget to compare the specs of each machine to purchase the best printer for your office.

Website Design : What Kids Want

Website Designing

Website DesignWebsite DesignDespite the growing number of kids using the Internet, little is known about how children use websites. Kids have specific interests and online behavior, and need design styles that match their needs. Website design for kids, however, usually focuses on how they behave or on ideas collected when designers observe their own kids.

When it comes to designing for kids, it is always important to concentrate on design that stimulates the senses. Many successful children’s website use different elements and design principles that create an environment best suited for a kid’s interests or personality. Website design and SEO service providers share what kids want in web design.

Vivid Colors

Vivid and bold colors can hold a kid’s attention for longer time. While color choice is a main factor when designing any kind of website, it is especially important when designing for kids. This is because colors create a big impression on young minds. It is important to use vivid colors that will visually stimulate kids and make your website unforgettable.

Positive Mood

Children usually return to a website if they had a happy experience before. This is why it is best to incorporate elements that can make the website look cheerful and enjoyable. Smiling faces and cute animals can help, as they enhance a positive mood and create a welcoming atmosphere.

Large Design Elements

Simple and recognizable objects capture kids’ attention, so you need to use large design elements and animated characters. It is also best to incorporate elements that will allow them to interact with the website in some way. It is possible to include interaction through music and sound, video, and games.

Promote Education

It is important not to create games and interactive elements just for the sake of promoting your company. It is best to educate and train young minds in a positive way. By promoting education through activities and games, your company can contribute something positive for children. This will also show that your company cares about the user and how it will affect them now and in the future.

Entertainment is the main goal of children for visiting websites. They want instant gratification, so it is important to make your site engaging and entertaining.