3 Factors to Check Before Buying a Computer for Video Editing Purposes


No entry level laptop can live up to the task of video editing. Some higher end models can, but they just fall short in terms of power when things get serious. Video editing is a craft that needs some heavy horsepower for it to function at its finest.

With that said, you have to buy a beefy system if you’re truly serious about pursuing this art. In doing so, you have to look at three factors:

The Specs

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It all begins with the specifications you need. First off, you need a good CPU – the fastest model around, if your budget can handle it.

When it comes to your computer’s RAM, make sure that you have AT LEAST 4 GB. Most video editing programs eat RAM like cake, so you would have to stack up as much of these as possible. According to ZDNet’s analysis, 8-16GB is ideal for heavy use such as hardcore gaming and audio/video editing.

Next comes the storage. Most units today come with 500 GB SATA hard drives. This isn’t enough, especially if you’re dealing with HD or 4K video clips. Invest in a 2 TB hard drive so you can have sufficient space for all your clips and then some.

You need the right graphics card, too; something that can handle 3D transitions and special effects.

Lastly, find the right monitor for your computer. Go beyond the 21-inch screen you usually see. Buy at least a 27-inch monitor to accommodate all windows properly for a more streamlined editing experience.

The OS

Windows or Mac – this debate has been going on for years. The former has better compatibility with more types of programs, although the latter has its own suite of creative software for audio and video editing.

This one’s based purely on preference, although Mac has gained quite a reputation among video editing professionals. If you choose to go the Mac route, MotionElements.com suggests dabbling with Apple Motion templates to familiarize yourself with how the different software programs work.

The Software

The last factor, the software, depends greatly on the OS you choose. Windows has more video editing software choices, while Mac tends to focus more on Final Cut Pro and Apple Motion. The right software depends on your preferences, too; although you might want to do some research on the functions of each program to be more familiar with the capabilities of each.

When you take these three factors into consideration, you can be on your way to becoming a professional video editor in no time. Build your own mean machine and start playing with video clips that tell a good story.

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