3 Powerful Elements That Compromise the Integrity of Your Roof

Roofing in Salt Lake CityAs important as it is, the condition of the roof is the last thing on many homebuyer’s minds. Seasoned buyers often retain the services of an expert to carry thorough examination of the house before committing to a buy.

While houses that are less than a decade old are less likely to experience major roofing problems, older roofs are a different case. In the absence of significant expediting factors, roofing materials have a lifespan of about 20 years, after which they need a complete replacement or overhaul.


A new roof for your Salt Lake City home ensures peace of mind and a good night’s sleep even in the most inclement weather. In addition, it keeps your indoors and all of your possessions safe and dry.

The roof takes quite a beating on the outside, though. The UV rays from the sun cause the roofing materials to deteriorate and when water gets beneath the shingles when it rains, it causes the wood to rot. High winds force debris beneath the roofing structure and causes shingles to dislodge. Melting ice often causes extensive damage to downspouts and gutters, which — if left unchecked — spreads to the roofing materials as well.


Accumulation of water promotes the growth of algae, creating ugly stains on the wood while encouraging rot and deterioration. Moss also grows on moist shakes and shingles and their rooting system work their way into the wooden beam, causing extensive damage. Large tree branches dancing along with the wind may risk the structural integrity of your roof, especially if these hit the roofing material frequently. Leaves falling from the roof favor the accumulation of debris and moisture, as well.


The exposure of the roof to different elements may lead to the gradual deterioration — wearing, chipping, or breaking — of the roof. Small fissures develop and compromise the surrounding shingles as the damage spreads. Old shingle curls, splits, and loses its waterproof capabilities, allowing water to seep into the house.

While you can do little about the natural elements, retaining reliable roofing services can counter these effects quickly and effectively. Know what to do and when to hire the right people.