3 Reasons Students Quit from a Dance Studio and What You Can Do About It

Dance Studio

Dance StudioStudents come, students go – it has always been this way. Although every teacher wants to see their students grow, sometimes the students leave before they become adept at dancing. And, this is a reality that comes with running a dance studio.

This doesn’t mean you should lose hope with the fact that students leave your studio. If you want to thrive in this two-billion dollar industry, you have to find ways to retain as many students as possible. Your starting point would be to determine why they leave in the first place.

Management Shortcomings

No matter how you look at it, the way you run your studio might be one of the reasons students leave. It could be a tiny thing about your management style or a major issue with schedules and enrollments. Whichever the case, don’t take this against you; use this to improve your school.

The Studio Director points out that ironing out the business side of the studio might be the solution. Hire better teachers, set more flexible schedules, and use the best dance studio software you can find to manage enrollments and address customer concerns.

New Activities and Classes

Sometimes, your students just want to try something else. For instance, parents often make their children try ballet and gymnastics, and later decide which one is better fit for their child. This is perfectly normal. Then again, you can use it to enhance your studio.

Rather than sticking to traditional dances, why not add something new to the mix? Add a few classes that combine dance with other disciplines. For sure, this would boost enrollment and student retention.

Schedule and Logistics Problems

Students also leave because of logistical and schedule-related reasons. Perhaps your facilities are not enough to their liking, or the schedules are too early or too late to accommodate. Make a survey about the aspects of the studio that require improving. Use that as a jump-off point in winning back students as return enrollees.

Knowing why students leave is what you need to improve your dance studio. Understand their reasons and adjust your management properly to keep your student base growing.

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