3 Roof Repair Schemes That Could Lose You Money

Roof RepairThe roof occupies a large part of your house; not to mention that it's most susceptible to inclement weather because it receives everything nature has to offer. Rainstorms and powerful winds often wreak havoc to properties, making homeowners seek for the services of a roofing company desperately.

Unfortunately, unscrupulous individuals and businesses often rush to take advantage of homeowners in these desperate times. They appear to be a heaven's sent, but their real agenda is to rip off and take your money. Here are some of the actions that are likely to get you scammed:

Having a Down Payment

Fraudulent companies are likely to pressure you into laying out a down payment with the pretense that they will start on the repairs immediately. Instead of keeping their promise, they take your money and run. An endless litany of excuses often follows such occurrences, including unfavourable weather, impromptu workers holidays and even a long waiting list. Meanwhile, the water is continually pouring into your house causing considerable damage. 

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Having No Written Contract

A verbal agreement is a sure way of being ripped off since there's no evidence — unless you record your conversation. In fact, even audio recordings can't be considered as solid proof because you aren't sure who's taking. The case is different, of course, if it's a video. The absence of written contracts means that you have no legal means of reclaiming your money. A contract can protect you from exploitation, shoddy work and exorbitant additional fees.

Contracting a Storm Chaser

Following a massive storm that affects many homes, rogue contractors come out of the woodwork to rescue the situation. In most cases, storm chasers descending to storm-hit towns like a bunch of vultures. They have no real incentive to deliver quality work, but they will fix your roof in the worst quality you can imagine.

Carrying out your due diligence and contracting the services of a reliable roofing company is the best way to avoid falling a victim to a fraud.