3 Steps to Regrouting

Tiled Floors With Grout

Grouting is a regular procesTiled Floors With Grouts for house maintenance as it prevents shower leaks from staining shower spaces, thus giving them a worn out and shabby look. At times, regrouting is necessary to reapply this substance, but while you can just call professionals to do this for you, it is a good idea to learn how to do it yourself.

Regrouting is important when the grout of your shower tiles looks flaky and shabby, predominantly due to the growth of mildew on them or because of water staining due to leaks.

The process of regrouting is often laborious and time-consuming, and the first step involves choosing the colour of theĀ grout. This guide explains what and how to do in the regrouting procedure.

Step One: Colour Coordination

Shower Solutions says that choosing a colour matching the shower tile is essentially the first step, if you plan to regrout the entire shower room. This is because if you only regrout a small shower portion, matching the colour with the existing grout of the tile is also necessary.

Step Two: Cleaning Up

The second step involves cleaning the shower tiles with an appropriate cleaner to eliminate the mildew and mould. Make sure that you eliminate all visible fungal growth.

Afterwards, loosen the grout, and scrape it out with a grout chisel or saw. Vacuum it up along with any chunks of remaining grout that may nestle in the shower space. You may need to replace entire shower tiles. You can clean these up again after this step to get rid of all the mildew and stains, once and for all.

Step Three: Regrouting Proper

While regrouting, keep careful track of the directions from the grout manufacturer to prepare the mix. Then using a grout float, apply the mixture to the inter-tile spaces. Using a small knife or chisel, remove any excess grout that may still be there and let the mixture settle for at least five minutes.

After this, take a wet sponge and wipe the shower allowing the grout to cure for at least three days. When this time is up, apply the grout sealer to keep mildew and moisture away from the grout.

Still, if you think the job is way over your head, hire a professional. They would do a better job, and you can save effort and energy in the process.

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