3 Underlying Causes of Thinning Hair

Hair ThinMost people believe that only men can get thinning hair but it can happen even to women. The reasons for this can be simple or can be complex. It easy to treat thinning hair when you know what is causing it. 

YUN NAM Hair Care gives three common causes of thinning hair. 


This is one of the most common causes of thinning hair in both men and women. Due to hereditary conditions in sex hormones hair will fall out in a given pattern. This can be permanent but there are some steps you can take to treat it or slow it down or you can consider a hair loss treatment. Women who have just stopped using bath control pills or those going to through menopause can experience temporary thinning of hair. If this is the case you should handle the hair gently. Make use of natural products and this might slow the process.

Medical Condition

Some medical conditions can cause thinning hair. If you are not sure if you have any of the conditions visit your doctor for a checkup. If you have the condition you can talk to the doctor and start treatment. Scalp infections and other skin disorders such as ringworms can cause thinning hair.


Just like some diseases will cause thinning hair, some medications can have the same result. Some medications have hair thinning as a side effect. If you are one these medications discuss your concerns with your doctor. They can switch you to s different medication. Some medications that treat cancer, heart problems or arthritis lead to thinning hair.

Other cause of thinning hair is stress. If you figure out the root of the problem it makes it much easier to treat and slow down the condition learning to deal with them will help reduce and finally stop the thinning hair before this you can style your hair differently to hide the condition.