3 Ways Water Makes a Child’s Life Better

water filter at home

water filter at homeFrom the moment they wake up to the time they drift back off to dreamland, children interact with water in many ways. Think about it: they use it for taking a bath and brushing their teeth. Water is also the very thing that keeps the clothes they wear and the dishes they eat clean. Children love swimming, splashing in puddles, and hiking near creeks as well.

Perhaps the most important role of water in our children’s lives, though, is to keep them hydrated and keep their body functioning properly.

Beyond all of that, here’s how water helps improve our children’s lives:

It Helps Them Easily Get Up in the Morning

Kids feel dehydrated (or under-hydrated) right after waking up, since during sleep, they generally spend hours without drinking anything. This is one legitimate reason for the kids to find getting out of bed in the morning the biggest struggle they face all day.

Help get them moving by ensuring they hydrate with a tall glass of clean water as they rise.

It Helps Improve Academic Performance

No parent ever wants to meet teachers to discuss poor grades. If academic performance is a problem, consider having your child bring a water jug to school. Drinking water is important to brain health, and contributes to better alertness, concentration, and cognitive ability.

Make sure your child is drinking clean water, too. Avoid water in plastic water bottles (they contain BPA), and instead install a water filter at home (try CleanandClearWater.com.au).

It Helps Manage Mood Swings

Some children, especially pre-teens, tend to have mood swings. These sudden changes in behaviour can be amplified by the mere thought of going to school, and can be even worse if a child experiences mild dehydration. This can cause grumpiness and even headaches.

Instead of giving them unhealthy sodas and other sugary drinks, make sure they drink water with every meal. This will level their mood and can help ensure fast metabolism and clear skin.

Even if your kids want to drink another glass of chocolate milk for lunch or soda for dinner, give them what they need: water. Sometimes it’s okay to give them what they want, but nothing beats a glass of clean water.


  1. My daughter loves Disney princesses. I found a BPA-free plastic sparkly goblet, bought it, and told her she can only use them to drink “princess water” (but it’s only our filtered water at home). It works every single time.

  2. Some kids are just pickier than others… lucky my little boy eats anything and is a big drinking water. maybe it has a lot to do that I myself love water. he learned by example.

  3. Nice article, but you forgot that drinking water also helps reduce the risk of sickness and injuries. It’s very easy for them to become sick or injured due to hydration, especially during gym class.

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