4 Reasons to Buy Grease Instead of Oil


GreaseIn the world of industrial lubrication, oils and greases rule the roost. People often get either substance to loosen up the joints and mechanisms in motors and machines. The question is what are the advantages that grease has over its liquid rival? We’re here to clear up the cobwebs.

Grease Does Not Drain Out

In using oil, there is a risk that it leaks or dries out when a machine is about to start. Grease, on the other hand, remains attached to the lubricated component, eliminating the risk of having a dry start. Seals and connectors also benefit from the grease’s resilient grip on different surfaces. Leakages are avoided and grease won’t haphazardly stray into other machine components that don’t need lubrication.

Grease is Resistant to Temperature Changes

For home applications, oil is quite a versatile lubricant. However, when subjected to extreme temperatures, its properties get altered. Particularly low temperatures will cause oil to solidify while high temperatures will make it evaporate. Grease is a more stable option in this regard for motoring and industrial applications. It remains semi-solid, even when subjected to extreme temperatures, with its grip on a surface still robust.

Grease is More Environmentally Friendly

Since oil is a liquid, it can easily fall in unsuspecting places such as plants, water and soil. Its formulation can contaminate water systems, affect the quality of soil, and adversely affect plant life. The grease may be a contaminant, but it remains affixed to a machine. It won’t likely leak out or drop in delicate environments. But still, proper disposal must be practiced to avoid harming nature.

Grease isn’t as Corrosive as Oil

Rubber and other relatively sensitive materials can find all too corrosive to be used as a lubricant. Grease is gentler to these substances. The milder formulation allows the viscous substance to lubricate rubber without causing harm to the machine.

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Pick a reputable service and product provider to keep your machines running at optimum levels longer.