5 Naughtiest Dog Breeds

BeagleNot all dogs are easy to train. Some of them are too independent while others are just plain stubborn. Even if you reward or punish them, they don’t obey as much as other breeds do. So, owners with naughty dogs need to be more patient with their furry friends.

Trainers from K9Workouts say that owners need to learn to control their dog. They have to commuxnicate well with their pets for the pets to follow rules. But there are dog breeds that are disobedient in nature. They need training programs specifically designed for them, as the regular obedience programs are not usually effective. Below is a list of the most disobedient dog breeds.

  1. Welsh Terrier

Despite their fun-loving personality, the Welsh Terriers are very independent dogs. Once off the leash, they will run and chase anything that interests them. They also have a stubborn attitude that will test your patience to the limit.

  1. Beagle

The Beagle is a smart hunting dog. As part of their hunting nature, Beagles can pick up a scent quickly. So it is hard to let them off their leash because once they smell something, they’ll run away.

  1. Bloodhound

The Bloodhounds are hunting dogs, too. They are quite affectionate, but they are too stubborn for training. They are busy, and destructive, especially when they’re bored.

  1. Basenji

In the past, people also used Basenjis for hunting. These dogs could hunt even if they’re far from their human. It is in their nature to be aloof and independent, but they are playful and always full of energy.

  1. Chow-chow

Chow-chows are cute and furry, but they are naturally hard-headed. They are smart dogs, but they are not easy to please. You need a lot of patience to convince them to do something, as they don’t like their owners to boss them around.

These dog breeds are not easy to take care of. Owners must understand their independent nature and learn to deal with it. These dogs need owners who do not only love pets but are also willing to understand them and be patient with them.