7 Rewarding Jobs After You Graduate from Law School

law school

law schoolLife can take you through different paths than what you may have originally envisioned. The same holds true with a law degree. It does not mean that you will be a barrister. In fact, there are many more options beyond the legal profession that you can pursue.

Education company legalstudies.com enumerates 7 rewarding career paths that you can pursue once you earn your degree in law:

1. Professional Counseling

Professional counseling is an equally rewarding path to follow should you not be able to pursue a career in law.

2. Banking and Finance

Finance is a great option to the world of law. With a law degree, you can excel in areas such as estates, tax, and even small businesses.

3. Politics and Government

A career in politics and government is second-nature to law degree holders. This is evidenced by the rise of the political careers of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, among many other presidents have law degrees.

4. Journalism and Writing

Journalism is perhaps one of the best career alternatives when it comes to law. Your knowledge of the law can be an important tool for a journalistic career. You can also serve as a legal analyst.

5. The Academe

Those who love knowledge, teach. Teaching affords law degree holders who might not want to practice law a great career path. It is one of the most rewarding career paths, as well.

6. Entrepreneur

What job is better than being your own boss? While you do not necessarily need a law degree to be an entrepreneur, it can give you a leg up against your would-be competition in business.

7. Development Agencies

Law degree holders have an advantage when it comes to nongovernmental organizations. This is especially true as most work overseas, where law is a crucial aspect of the job.

Keep these alternative career paths should you have second thoughts about pursuing a career in law. After all, it is always better to explore all the options available to you.


  1. Oh hey, I never really thought of the other options. Thanks! Studying law after my post-grad studies crossed my mind. But I just thought my only other options were counseling and teaching at a university.

  2. Actually, you can still be a lawyer and teach while working in a government office. Why choose when you can have the best of both—all three worlds?

  3. Don’t you think that might put you in a jack of all trades and a master of none situation? I say stick to what you do best. That’s the problem with options. Some just get option paralysis like a kid in a candy store or simply grab all available options. That’s a good way to tax yourself and burn out.

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