A Brief Guide to Purchasing Bike Gear

Bike Gear

Bike GearSo you have bought a mountain bike recently, but do not know yet how to purchase gear and other accessories to maximize its use. Fret not, because you are not the first person who found himself in the same situation; in fact, this afflicts almost all mountain bike first timers.

The Yellow Jersey Bike Shop put together a guide to help you traverse the right path.

  1. Outfitting Your Bicycle

Sure, you can go for the most expensive gear available to trick your bike, or the lightest frame made from carbon fibre. Bike shops though advise enthusiasts to prioritise safety when riding and equipping their bikes, and the above examples are just icing on the cake.

The first order of the day is to outfit your new bike with appropriate safety features, including devices so that you can be visible to other cyclists and motorists. Purchasing a bike helmet along with bright fluorescent clothing is a good start.

  1. Comfort

No one wants to ride a bike that looks great, but is a pain to use. After safety, comfort should be your next priority. This is especially helpful if you are on tour.

It is far more convenient for bikers to place their gear on the side panniers than stuff it on their back. On a similar note, purchasing the appropriate bike gloves and bike pants also makes a major difference, along with a comfortable but stable saddle.

  1. On Accessories

The rule of thumb in buying bike accessories is to check them first if they are compatible. New bike products come out all the time, and it is not uncommon to want to buy some high performance products. Always bring your bike with you to ensure a compatible fit with the accessory that you like.

For some people, bike gear are important parts of the bicycle itself, but for some they are just unnecessary frivolities. No matter your stand, abide by these guidelines to find a bike gear that works for you.

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