A Critical Look at How an Inverter Air Conditioner Works

inverter air conditioner

inverter air conditionerPeople are always looking for ways to keep energy bills down. As air conditioning in Australia usually has a big effect on those bills, they get all excited when they hear about some new way to do it.

One of these new technologies for air conditioning is the inverter air conditioner that the Japanese invented. Many people say it really does cut down on energy costs. Let us look a little closer.

Variable Power

Most of these units have labels claiming that it can help you save as much as 50% on the energy you use for air conditioning. Still, Conduct Air Conditioning says, know that savings on energy would depend on more than just the type of air conditioning you have.

An inverter air conditioner uses a system where it automatically adjusts how much power the compressor gets to reach and keep a certain temperature. A standard air conditioner has a fixed system. This means it shuts off the compressor when it reaches the desired temperature, and then turns it on again when the room starts to get hot.
It takes more energy to start up a compressor than it is to keep it running to keep the temperature even. It is easy to see why the inverter type can be more efficient in the end.

External Factors

However, the energy savings will also depend on the size of the room and its use. If the room is too big for the unit to handle, it will constantly be working at full load, so any savings you might have from the variable power feature cancels out. The same is true for rooms where people are constantly coming and going, because the unit detects fluctuations in the temperature.


You have to pay more for inverter air conditioners than if you get a standard unit with the same capacity. Getting back the difference in purchase price from savings on energy bills can take a while. However, because they are becoming more common, the prices are going down.

There are also other benefits to having an inverter air conditioner aside from lower energy use. It is quieter, and cools the room quicker. It also maintains the temperature more evenly. Overall, a careful chosen inverter air conditioner is a good idea for consistently warm areas.

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