A Solid Road to Success: How Being in the Army Secures Your Future


armyThe fast-paced digital world is constantly changing. Technology and knowledge that were introduced five years ago may now be outdated. What profession could you choose that stands the test of time and any or all social, political and physical upheaval in Singapore?

One answer: Singapore Armed Forces Officer.

The great thing about being part of the Singapore Armed Forces National Service (SAF NS) is that you get the benefits and pay that other officers have in the field of your expertise and choosing.

What do SAF Officers get?

Being part of the country’s armed forces may not be overly lucrative, but it ensures comfortable living after service. Here are some of the highlights of their benefits package:

  1. Savings account separate from salary

The Singapore government opens an account for you and adds funds that can be withdrawn after six years in service. They’re essentially saving up for you; the amount depends on your rank and credentials.

  1. Bonuses

You get a midterm, performance and sign in bonus that can go up to $30,000 for each type. You also get merit-based bonuses as well as risk allowances for hazardous and off-hour assignments.

  1. Career Fulfillment at 6 years

According to the SAF website, you’re supposed to get to your desired position in as short as six years. You don’t have to wait for promotions or for higher officers to resign—your progression is guaranteed as long as you put in the work.

  1. Scholarships

Continuing education provided by the government through scholarships is guaranteed. You can get post-graduate studies, training and leadership development to help you even after your stint with the SAF.

While a post with the SAF may mean long hours and intensive training, the financial rewards and job security cannot be beaten.