A Weekend in Perth: Making the Most of Your Stay


PerthPerth, Western Australia is a place that has everything. From beautiful beaches to shopping districts, it is the largest and one of the most populous cities in the country. It can be a little overwhelming when you go there for the first time, though. With so many things to do, you may find yourself unable to decide what to accomplish first.

Make sure you have an itinerary to make the most out of your weekend holiday to Perth. Here are some of the things you should include in your travel list:

Springtime Fun Time

The best time to visit Perth is on spring. Many of the most colourful events happen during this time. From fashion festivals to live music outdoors, you can have a taste of Perth’s livelier side. Horse racing and rodeo is also a big thing during this time of the year. Expect to see fans gathering in crowds and cheering for their favourites.

Experiencing nature is also one of the best things about Perth, as CBHStays.com.au says. You can take pictures of the wildflower season or enjoy in whale watching activities by the beach.

Art-Filled Weekend

If you want a less crowded and more laid-back weekend, going on art tours may be good for you. Just by taking a stroll, you can enjoy public art walks or visit galleries and museums. Learn more about The Perth Mint or see the unique masterpieces at the Art Gallery of Western Australia.

Get yourself artistic souvenirs at the wide array of craft markets, such as Canning Vale in the city or Mad Hatter at the coast. Outdoor cinema is also a lovely treat to end the day with your family.

A day is not enough to explore this wonderful city. Booking private accommodations over the weekend may help you get to the places you need to visit with less travel time. Find a good place to stay in Perth, so you can have more time exploring and less time deciding.