Is There an Animal in My Chimney?

animal chimney removal

animal chimney removalFinding out that you have a critter in your chimney doesn’t happen every day, but when it does, it’s understandable if you’re feeling somewhat panicked. This isn’t a problem you can afford to ignore either, as it poses a serious health hazard to your family. Don’t worry, though; dealing with this unwelcome guest is fairly simple.

Before anything else, here’s what not to do: never, under any circumstances, attempt to smoke the animal out. Trust us, you don’t want to see the result. The only thing worse than a live animal in your chimney is a dead one. So, what should you actually do?

Getting rid of your chimney’s flora

Whenever possible, you should always consult an expert before trying anything. In these situations, Riteway Construction Group says that an animal removal expert or chimney technician can find out exactly what is wrong, and deal with it safely and humanely. After all, a squirrel might be simple to remove, but a raccoon is an entirely different story.

Generally, removing animals from your chimney follows the same process. Note that climbing onto the roof is always risky, and that you should take the proper precautions if you will attempt any of these.

  • Providing a way to escape – Sometimes, the animal only needs a way out. They might not be able to climb up properly, so tie a rope and lower it several feet down. Leave it for a few hours.
  • Making noise – Try making some noise at the bottom of the chimney, but do it behind the screen or grill. With any luck, it will cause the animal to run up.
  • Catching and releasing – When the animal has made its nest in the chimney, or refuses to leave no matter what, this is the only option left. Never try doing this on your own, and leave it to a professional.

Remember, wild animals carry dangerous diseases, so this deserves the utmost caution. You shouldn’t delay either, though, as the animal will become increasingly agitated as time goes on.

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