Are Fiber drums a Good Choice for Storage and Transport?

Fiber Drums

There is a long list of requiremenFiber Drumsts when it comes to the storage and transport of certain products and materials. In many cases, such action requires the use of large containers and barrels.

For companies involved in the manufacture and distribution of pharmaceuticals, paints, and food items, the use of fiber drums is the most appropriate choice. Fortunately, there is an abundance of choices that are of the highest quality possible.

Getting involved in business requiring the use of such containers requires knowledge about the basics, at the very least. Here is a quick look at what you need to know, according to industry leaders like Youngstown Barrel & Drum Co.:

The Basic Features

Fiber drums are available in different shapes, sizes, dimensions, and designs. They are ideal for storing dry and solid materials, and are normally coated with plastic or urethane as per the client’s requirements. Both ends have reinforced metal rims and tight lids, making the units sufficiently strong. The only downside is that they cannot be reinforced in the middle.

The Advantages

These are available in standard sizes, and are widely used for packaging purposes. They are easily recyclable, disposal, and also have the approval of various world organizations. There are many advantages to the use of fiber drums because they are light weight, durable, able to handle wear and tear, spacious, and reliable. Since they are paper based, they are eco-friendly and allow for the printing of customized logos or any other important information.

The Different Kinds Available

Fiber drums come in many sizes. There are the usual round cylindrical ones that are easy to transport and widely used in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.  Powders, solids, and semi-solid products can be easily stored and transported in them. There are also coated containers and spiral bound containers that can be easily customized suit various specifications.

These drums are very useful and more innovative uses continue to come up. Make sure, though, that you source the products from reputable manufacturers so that you are able to derive the complete benefits.

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