Attracting Attendees: Ideas and Gimmicks for Your TradeShow Booth

Tradeshow booth

The key to boosting traffic to your tradeshow booth is the use of gimmicks or implementation of a unique idea. By finding an innovative and meaningful way to connect with attendees, you can attract people and gain new customers.

Here are a few ideas to get attendees to visit your booth:

Tradeshow booth

Make Your Booth Noticeable

The appearance of your booth is a main attraction for attendees. Apart from an appealing booth, make sure that you don’t fill it with too many displays or tables. It is also advisable to have a visible and legible signage with information that gives clients a good reason to stop.

Offer Cool Giveaways

Instead of the usual giveaways such as notebooks, pens, and folders, give people things they will have a hard time losing. You can offer them a digital download like a free eBook or white paper. Think of unique trade show promotional products to give attendees. People like things that they don’t see every day.

Employ the Right People

Create a clean and warm environment in your booth. Make sure that you that have the best and most energetic staff for your tradeshow. Choose your staff carefully and make sure they know how to deal with the public. Train them to ask the right questions to find out if people are just stopping or are potential customers.

Conduct Games

Interact with trade show attendees by offering games and prizes. Ask questions which people can answer to win a prize. You can also rent a spinning wheel game and ask random attendees to answer a question related to your product to win a prize shown on the wheel. Your games or gimmicks don’t have to big or elaborate; it just has to be related to your business and product.

Before implementing a booth idea or choosing a gimmick, make sure that it is line with your products and services. Get help from a trade show marketing agency to help you choose the most appropriate gimmick for your trade show booth.

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