Australians Are Closer to Reaching 100

Living Closer to 100

Living Closer to 100You can’t ignore the fact that Aussies are living longer now than ever before. More and more people from all over Australia are reaping the benefits of a much longer life.

There is no doubt that Australia is such a beautiful country. Few other nations on Earth are as obsessed about enjoying the wilds as the Aussies are. This is why the outback is such a favourite destination for family and friends.

The same adventure-crazed people, however, are also extending their life expectancy to record levels. Credit that to a much-improved Australian system.

In Record Numbers

It’s no secret that Australia’s ageing population is growing by leaps and bounds.

According to Australian government data, at the start of the 1970s, those who were 65 years old and over only made up 8% of the population. Experts have predicted that over the next decades, this same demographic will instead be 25% of the population.

Following more gender-specific projections, a female born in 2013 has a life expectancy of 84.3. A male born in the same year has a life expectancy of about 80. There may be some problems with an ageing population, but the fact that more people are living longer speaks of an overall better system for everyone.

Hitting 100

To a large extent, the rise of life expectancy can be traced back to a much improved Australian healthcare system. No one should also ignore many Aussies’ greater focus on well-being.

Smoking is on the decline all over Australia. General improvements in the quality of life are also factors in leading not just longer lives, but healthy ones too.

More seniors would mean, of course, a greater demand for quality home care for the elderly. Having good home care services ensures older individuals continue to lead productive and fulfilling lives.

Along with ageing comes the need for the management of age-related diseases and conditions. As people live longer lives, home care services will be important in addressing their health needs.

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