Beating Speeding Tickets: What Every Driver Should Know

speeding ticket

Driving around is a pleasurable activity for many, especially for those with sporty cars. Few empty stretches entice drivers to go beyond the speed limit to test their cars and driving skills. Oftentimes, this causes problems.

Motorists are seen as a source of revenue by states. Police officers hand out tickets meant for speeding for different infractions. In California, if you’re given a speeding ticket, it can cost heavy fines, along with lose your privileges for getting a lot of citations.

Traffic and driving rules differ from state to state and so does the fine amounts. As technology has evolved, so have police methods to catch speeders. Traffic light cameras and license plate readers are new methods developed by DMVs in different states to monitor drivers and generate revenues. Speeding tickets still pull in 50% or more of the revenue for states.

speeding ticket

Here are a few pointers from Mr. Ticket to help drivers avoid such tickets:

• Drivers have to stay aware of what’s happening around them. They need to know that there’s some reason for slowing traffic.

• Be aware and ready for anything. The police usually use speed traps, radar guns, and cameras to catch offenders.

• Drive cautiously and have a fairly generic vehicle. Police usually pay more attention to sports cars and high-end vehicles.

• Make sure to be polite when you’ve been stopped for traffic violations. Just hand over your driver’s license and insurance as requested.

• The general advice is to either pay a speeding ticket in the wrong or fight it if possible. This is possible in case of automatically generated tickets with the use of traffic cameras.

• Cameras usually generate such tickets, and you can challenge the use of radars based on calibration issues. Laser guns used to check speed and generate tickets can be challenged in court and thrown out because calibration isn’t a possibility.

• Drivers can also check the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices and challenge speed limit signs in areas if they’re not up to current codes. All information is specified in the manual.

In many cases, people have recorded conversation with the police officer and used this information to get cases thrown out. You have to know state laws about using cell phones to record conversations. Doing so without knowing the law can land people in more trouble than they want or need. It pays to know that the police are more vigilant towards the end of the month and around the holidays. In fact, practicing safe driving throughout the year can save you a lot of money.