Beginner’s Instructions for Learning How to Ski

Skiing in VailSkiing is one of the most popular winter sports. Wherever there are slopes covered in snow, enthusiasts want to make a mark. It’s a great form of exercise and few other sporting activities hold the same excitement, especially when you’ve learned to drop from a ski lift and speed down a mountain.

Learning how to ski

Like all other sports, there are coaches. Professional coaches will charge you about $75 to $100 per day. The more skilled and accomplished your coach, the higher the rate. Some ski lodges have coaches available and they are included in the skiing classes you pay for.

If you have a friend who knows how to do the basics, you’ll save hundreds of dollars and perhaps have more fun. It is a rare and very good friend, however, who has the patience to teach you for free. Not to discourage you, but unless you are gifted or have a little experience already, skiing is quite the challenge when you’re still just learning.

It’s a good idea to rent skis in Vail for now while you’re still being introduced to the sport. At least, if you can’t continue for whatever reason, you did not waste money on brand new equipment you may never use again.

Clothing and equipment

Remember that on your first day, and perhaps for a few more days after that, you will fall a lot. It’s important to have the right clothing on. Helmets were not popular before, and even today many ski lodges do not require them, but they’re there for your safety. Professionals from say that you shouldn’t worry about looking weird; what matters is you’ve got additional protection. Don’t wear jeans or anything that gets wet and cold quickly. When you do rent ski boots, try on a few pairs before deciding on one so you can avoid discomfort, limited control and cold feet (happens when you can’t wiggle your toes inside the boots).

Skiing is an exhilarating activity. Don’t be discouraged when you fall now and then. It’s all part of the joy of skiing.