Bike Carriers: Roof Mount Racks vs. Rear Mount Racks

bike rack

The right bike racks are important for transporting your bicycle. When choosing bike carriers, make sure to consider your vehicle type, your space needs and the number and types of bikes you want to transport. It is also important to consider your budget and how frequently you take your bikes out for a ride.

bike rack

Bike racks can either be roof-mounted or rear-mounted. Read on to learn more about these bike rack options:

Roof Mount Racks

Roof racks place the bike up and out of the vehicle’s perimeter. This provides an unobstructed view out of all windows and helps you fit into tight parking spaces. According to, these types of racks make it easier for passengers to get in and out a vehicle, as they don’t block doors.

Roof-mount racks may be equipped with side rails, towers, and crossbars. It is important to check your vehicle’s manual or contact the car manufacturer to determine how much weight your roof can handle. Keep in mind that roof mount racks may be an issue when traveling in places with low underpasses.

Rear Mount Racks

Rear racks are known for easy bike mounting, removal, and lower wind resistance. They are available in four basic types: hitch, trunk, truck bed, and spare tire-mounted racks. Hitch racks are ideal for loading and removing bikes for ultimate convenience. Trunk trucks, meanwhile, connects to the truck lid of the vehicle.

Truck bed racks, on the other hand, increases the stability of bicycles in a trunk bed. Spare tire-mounted racks are designed for vehicles with a mounted spare tire. This type of rack is a practical option when the external spare tire restricts the mounting of trunk rack or hitch rack.

Transport your bike easily with the right bike track. Know the availability of racks suitable for your vehicle type and model. Some vehicles accommodate roof and rear mount racks while some styles and models only accommodate a specific rack option.

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