Bird Feeding in Your Backyard: A Simple Guide for Owners


gardenFeeding wild birds in one’s backyard are a popular past time for many people. After all, just the simple chirping of birds can help you relax and get rid of stress. If you want to try it for the first time, however, you need to keep a few things in mind.

Feeding them Whatever Bird Food You Pick

Just like humans, birds need proper nutrition. If you want to feed different types of backyard birds, you need to have a number of bird feeders in place. Birds have their own feeding preferences. For example, sparrows and doves are able to eat better when the feeder is large and flat. The feeder would also need to be at ground level. On the other hand, large tube feeders with small perches work well for finches.

In addition, consider creating a landscape for your birds. This begins with trees and bushes, but the right flowers will also attract birds. It’s not the blossoms themselves that most birds want, but the seeds that come later. So, purchase the right flower seeds for them.

You should also avoid feeding them with bread or any other food containing high amount of sugar, as these are junk food for birds.

Ignoring the Security and Convenience of Backyard Birds

Make sure there are no pests or predators around the backyard that could harm the wild birds. You should also see to it that feeders are kept clean all the time. Keep in mind that birds, too, can get sick if their food or water is contaminated.

Letting Feeders Get Empty for a Long Time

While birds are not impatient animals, it is not a good thing to keep the feeders empty for long periods. This is because if the birds in your area get used to the feeder being empty, they would most likely stop coming back and just look for another place where there is one. So, make sure that during winter, you provide enough bird food, as there are some winter birds that highly depend on wild bird feeders.

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