Branding is Essential? Here’s What Corporate Branding is All About


BrandingCreating a name — rather, an identity — for your business is essential for your success. In today’s fast-paced world where everything can be found with a simple search online, competition for making your business known is fierce.

What is branding?

Digital marketing expert notes that true corporate branding is not just about getting the best marketing agencies, having optimised SEO ranking, creating the best logos, or even having the best people on board. Corporate branding is the entire package — from your company’s logo, Web site and your product to how you and your employees handle your customers. It’s all about the experience that you offer to your customers and how they perceive it.

As such, effective branding will ensure that your business will become valuable for your client, ensuring repeat business. In reality, it’s not the product or service that your customers buy. It’s the brand.

How to create your brand

Whether it is fair or not, the first thing that anyone would see and notice are the physical aspects of your business. This means the use of colourslogo and packaging of your product. Thinking about the physique of your business also means creating cohesiveness of the aesthetic appeal of your product or service.

The second important aspect in brand creation is personality. You need to make your business stand out from the rest and the best way to do it is by injecting a personality to your business. Make it unique! For example, when you think of sodas, you can associate Coke with being happy and youthful. It is because this is how the company chose to present itself.

The last important aspect of brand creation is culture. It refers to the relationship between your product or service to the people. Coke again as an example, symbolises equal and sociable culture. It presents itself as a product that helps bridge gaps among people — a culture of sharing. Similarly, you want to create an identity that will help foster the cultivation of values that you want your business to create.