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The Lowdown on Business Referral Systems

Successful Small Business OwnerSuccessful Small Business OwnerSmall Business Trends and networking giant Verizon conducted a survey of small business owners in Philadelphia. Among the questions was about how businesses think customers are able to find them. The survey’s results were almost unanimous in this regard: 85 percent of businesses said that clients found them via word of mouth.

Now, what does this mean for every remaining business out there? While elaborate advertising and marketing ploys might still be effective, they’re nothing compared to actual referrals. But, before you go visiting small business networking firms, including BNI Australia, you must understand specific intricacies behind this concept.

It Requires You To Be “Referrable”

This is somewhat explanatory. To get customers to refer you to their friends and family, you must cultivate a solid reputation. Clients should always be satisfied with their purchases from you. Furthermore, the importance of a continuous business-customer relationship cannot be underestimated. As much as possible, do not sever ties with a client after a single transaction.

Never Underestimate the Power of Word of Mouth

If your closest friend told you “you should totally check out this new burger joint” because of its good selection of food, you’re likely to heed the advice. That’s the power of word of mouth when it comes to business.

Forbes contributor Kimberly Whitler considers this as the “original social media platform,” and rightfully so. Take a look at how social media works. When one trusted influencer shares an opinion on a specific matter, hundreds and even thousands of reactions will ensue. It’s largely the same thing with conventional word of mouth marketing. Based on this, it’s largely considered as the most valuable form of marketing; one that consumers tend to trust above all else.

Referrals MUST Be Managed

Like anything else, referrals can’t go unorganised. How you treat a specific referral determines whether its source would yield even more referrals. Developing a referral system makes referral management easier, keeping sources in the loop and opening more opportunities. There’s one important concept at play here: if a customer likes you, don’t let him keep the goods you offer to himself. Have him talk about your business among his peers, and it’s a win-win situation. You get more customers; his friends and family join in on the fun.

Building Your Brand: Ways to Make Your Business Popular

Branding On Notebook In New JerseyBranding On Notebook In New JerseyIt takes time and patience to make your brand recognizable and trustworthy. You may have great products or services, but you still have to make an effort to let more people know about them.

Here are some ways to ensure that.

Be Visible on Social Media

Most customers these days trust what they see on Facebook or other social media channels. The younger generation cannot be swayed easily by tag lines and whatever you put on your billboards and TV commercials. They would rather ask their friends on Twitter about what they want before getting it. But you can't just use your Facebook account to announce your new products, new branch, etc. Lots of businesses do this, and when you read the comments section, the questions are months old and not one answer is posted. Be truly active. Have an employee or a team monitor and answer questions (they should be trained and understand the business well). Remember that on social, the small things are the things that matter.

Use Freebies to Your Advantage

On some holidays, product launches, trade shows, etc., giving away items is part of what's expected of businesses. Use this to your advantage by giving away items that remind people of your brand. Special events like your company's anniversary or the Christmas holidays are opportunities to give your loyal customers some simple business gifts in NJ. Companies like specialize in manufacturing such products; get in touch with some of them and ask for quotations and product samples.

Attend Community Events

Community events are marketing opportunities. They are also a chance for you to meet community leaders and local politicians. Networking is important in business, and such events offer huge opportunities to do just that. Don't forget to give away your business cards. If you are asked to speak at a gathering, grab that chance as well.

These are only three of the best ways to make your brand more popular. Do some research on what other activities have been proven to help businesses become more recognizable.

4 Essential Qualifications of a Manager

Manager in Salt Lake CityManager in Salt Lake CityGrowth is required for a company to truly get closer to its goals. These goals can be achieved with happy, well-educated, and respected employees. That said, it is equally important to hire managers who can lead their team to perform even better.

Office staffing company Prince Perelson & Associates shares some important qualifications every good manager should have.

Communication and Relationship Building

Workplace leadership is based primarily on a person’s ability to send his messages concisely and effectively. Managers must have the capacity to talk to different personalities while building an encouraging and positive atmosphere. Besides learning how to speak eloquently, a good manager must show true leadership by listening as well.

Delegation and Multitasking

Managers manage, it’s as simple as that. As leaders, they shouldn’t do everything by themselves. That defeats the purpose of having a team. Managers must know how to find the right people for different tasks. They must also adapt to different situations in the workplace so they can jump from one scenario to another if necessary.

Discretion and Ethics

The office is normally a place of order and compliance which depends on work ethics and tact. Your recruitment agency should find managers who practice discretion when dealing with sensitive cases. Issues such as discrimination, work discrepancies, and laying off of employees who can’t follow the company standards of quality must be handled professionally and with care.

Decision Making

Some situations call for on-the-spot decisions. Your managers must learn to take responsibility for certain choices that they make while on the fly. After all, employee growth, company expansions, hiring, and even event planning is part of a manager's task. Make sure your hired manager is aware of Salt Lake City's employment and business policies as well.

Finding people that fit your company requirements need not burden you continually. With the right staffing and hiring company, you can make your selection process easier so you can focus more on running your business.

5 Smart Ways To Pay Off Your Mortgage Faster

Couple's New Home in MichiganCouple's New Home in MichiganFor most people, their mortgage is the largest debt they have above student loans, car loans, credit cards and even personal loans. It’s more likely that you’ve considered paying down your mortgage earlier over you plan for your retirement. You may be wondering is it wise to pay off my mortgage earlier?

All this depends on with your current financial situation. If you have other pending loans that are hard pressing you, then you’re better off paying these other loans than your mortgage. You also need to talk to your lender about what happens if you pay earlier than what the terms stated as some companies have penalties for early payments. With that said, here are some ways you can pay off your mortgage early.

Add some amount to your monthly payments

Extra payments made go straight towards the principal. A regular payment in your early repayment days goes towards the interest rate. Adding a $100 to your monthly payment could help you save more money in interest.

Make bi-weekly payments

We all know that traditional mortgage payments are paid on a monthly basis. Nevertheless, some companies can allow you to make bi-weekly payments, that are 26 payments annually or an equivalent of 13 months. Bi-weekly payments can save you up to 6 years’ worth of mortgage payments.

Refinance your mortgage

Refinancing a loan to a shorter term is another way to repay your mortgage faster. If you have a 30-year mortgage, you can refinance to a 15-year mortgage to avoid incurring thousands of dollars in the interest rate.

Cut expenses and save towards your mortgage

If you have to, cut out extra living expenses, cable cords and switch to a cheaper cell phone plan. You can now use the money saved to make extra mortgage payments.

If you would like to learn more about Michigan mortgage interest rates, Kalsee Credit Union suggests you talk to a financial provider in your area who will be glad to explain to you what will determine the interest rates you pay. Additionally, they'll be able to advise you on whether it’s wise to repay your mortgage early.

Top 3 Things You Should Do to the Office to Get More Clients

Employees Working in an OfficeEmployees Working in an OfficeWhen it comes to attracting more clients, the first things people would most likely think of are marketing and advertising strategies. Although these do play crucial roles in building a business’ clientele list, getting more clients go beyond just these techniques.

There are plenty of ways to make your business more prosperous and many of them have something to do with maintaining the organization and the workplace. Here are the top three of the things you should do in your office to get more people lining up the door wanting to do business with you.


Purging every area of your office of everything unnecessary, unused, and unhelpful to the business will give it an instant makeover and a more professional look and feel. So start getting rid of the clutter on those workstations. Make sure your employees do their part and enforce a policy about workplace cleanliness and sanitation.

De-cluttering helps not only boost productivity and creativity; it also helps reduce wasted time and effort on looking for things. It also gives your office a fresher, cleaner appearance, which can translate to plus points from a potential customer’s point of view, an expert from explains.


There are a lot of things that can put off prospective clients, and a filthy office or workplace is one of them. Litter, messy workstations, food and beverage spillages, dirty carpets and upholstery, and malodorous toilets will make anyone turn their back on your business and take their money elsewhere.

One of the last things you want to happen is to have your market share stolen by your competitors because of the lack of cleanliness of your place. So as part of your office maintenance, invest in professional Southern California commercial cleaning service providers.

Maintain a healthy workplace environment

Purging and cleaning ultimately lead to a key aspect that will not only make your business become more professional, but will also attract more customers and keep your employees happy to work for you: a healthy workplace environment.

Why Should You Keep Your Place Clean and Organised at All Times?

Home CleaningHome CleaningYou might not be fully aware of it, but maintaining the cleanliness and orderliness of your home can give more than a beautiful and fresh-smelling home. It saves everyone from the negative effects of ignoring what should be a task that helps improve lives. Here are some of the reasons it is necessary to keep your place tidy, neat and clean.

Adds Beauty & Value to Your Home

Cleaning is probably the best way to improve the overall look and feel of your home. Simple things like returning everything back in its original place can certainly make any room spacious and attractive.

Wards Off Pests

AA Cleaning Ltd and other experts say that cleaning is an effective way to keep away pests from your property. Performing regular extermination, along with everyday chores like vacuuming, sweeping the floor and taking out the garbage, allows you to treat any infested area as early as possible.

Gives You Peace of Mind

Studies show that people tend to be more productive when they are working in a clutter-free environment. This is because it makes you more focused on the task at hand and lessen your worry towards other things, such as organising your stuff and finding the things that you need. If you have a home office, you can work better by simply cleaning up.

Prevents Mould From Building Up

If you don't regularly clean and maintain your home, mould and dust will likely accumulate. And this could only mean one thing, there's a big chance that you or any of your loved ones will get sick. Moulds can slowly deteriorate your home when not removed or treated immediately.

Make it a habit to regularly clean and organise your home. By doing this, you'll be able to enjoy a healthier and better home living for the rest of your life.

How Do You Impress Customers? Let Us Count the Ways

Make a Lasting Impression with Customers

Make a Lasting Impression with CustomersMake a Lasting Impression with CustomersFirst impressions mean a lot, whether it’s in personal relationships or in a job interview. For businesses, it can make the difference between closing a deal and losing the customer. So, how do you capture the interest of customers with a great first impression?

1. Don’t be the persistent salesperson.

The last thing customers want is to have products or services forced on them. Don’t be too persistent when pursuing your customers; you have to build the momentum. This will make your sales pitch more effective and give your customers enough time to make a decision.

2. Maximize your marketing efforts.

Marketing doesn’t only have to be TV, radio, or online—you have to explore different options if you truly want your customers to notice you. Participating in trade shows and conferences can be one way. Customize your trade show displays to match your booth’s theme. The people at say putting emphasis on your logo makes a great design for your trade show displays.

3. Maintain a positive attitude.

A business owner must show a positive attitude in any setting. How you present yourself translates to your business’s reputation, which can leave an impression on your customers. Moreover, this affects how people will approach your business. As they say, proper disposition can be everything in the business world.

4. Be confident with your products or services.

Customers are more likely to trust a business that has confidence in their products and services. Confidence here means knowing the value of the product or service. Your level of confidence reflects your willingness in delivering solutions to customers and improving your business.

There are no second chances in making a great first impression; you only have that one shot to make with every customer. As long as you focus on what is within your control, you can make an impression that will be the solid foundation of customer relationships.

Top 3 Reasons for Denial of Insurance Claims

Insurance ClaimInsurance ClaimOn average, high-performing medical practices receive denials in 4% of insurance claims annually, according to the report by the Performance and Practices of Successful Medical Groups.

Medical claim denial is common whenever medical practices collect payments from private insurance companies. Experts from Apex EDI also note that appealing to these deals is a waste of time and resources, and it can be stressful for the whole practice. However, medical practices can prevent claim denial by addressing the most common reasons for this.

Here are some of the top three reasons for medical claim denial:

  1. Incorrect Patient Information

Denials mostly occur due to an error in the registration process of the claim. Outdated patient information and missing or incorrect patient’s subscriber number are the most frequent errors in this process. Physicians cannot rely heavily on the billing staff to address these errors daily. Thus, to avoid this, set up a management system that makes sure that all forms are complete with the correct information before the patient leaves the practice.

  1. Ambiguous Diagnosis

Insurance companies also deny claims with indefinite codes of diagnosis. Medical practitioners should always make sure that their diagnosis matches the codes of the insurance companies. Medical practices can set up a system that alerts them whenever there is a need for more detailed codes. They should also communicate with the payers regularly regarding their diagnostic codes.

  1. Illegible Claims

Claims become illegible if there are issues with the submitted documents. This usually happens when insurance companies require submission through the mail. The medical practice must ensure that their documents are legible enough for a scanner before sending them to the payers.

Addressing these reasons immediately is not only beneficial to the billing aspect of the practice, but it also helps the whole practice to focus more on patient care and treatment.

Tell-Tale Signs You’re Better Off with a Business Coach

Business Coaching

Business CoachingBusiness CoachingTaking a leap from being an employee to an entrepreneur is a bold move. It’s so bold you feel you don’t need the help of others to run your venture. You’re the boss, after all, and nobody should tell you what to do because your invested money is not someone else’s to waste.

It’s normal to think and feel this way, but it’s only a matter of time before your ego and arrogance prove your wrong. By the time stagnation and the specter of negative cash flow set in, you’d realize you can’t go far without the assistance of a business coach.

Many startups feel business coaching is only a waste of money, but the truth is, it’s one of your most important expenses to increase your business’s chance of success.

You know it’s time to find a mentor when…

Your Vision Is Unclear

Writing your goals on your business plan is paramount; however, it doesn’t guarantee they’re free from ambiguity. Putting down your vision isn’t as straightforward as you think, which is why many seemingly simple business objectives are surprisingly hard to achieve. says coaching lets you see the holes in your plan. It may be unrealistic considering where your venture is at right now. Until you brainstorm with someone smarter than you business-wise, you wouldn’t know which opportunities are worth pursuing.

You’re Not That Motivated to Be Accountable

The key to business success is to stick to your promises. It’s easy to say what your duties are, but it’s hard to fulfil them. Being “the boss” might give you that false sense of freedom, which leads to unaccountability. Coaches are so effective in pushing business development in Minneapolis, Seattle, Raleigh, and other American cities where startups are thriving because they challenge entrepreneurs to commit to their responsibilities.

You’re Not Well-Guided

Even if you attended seminars and Googled about the ins and out of your venture, it doesn’t mean you already have all the necessary tools to weave through the challenges present in your field. Every mistake you make can be seriously costly financially.

Sure, experience is the best teacher, but you don’t need to learn your lessons the hard way. A good business coach will give you a heads up about the risks of your undertakings. Instead of finding yourself in a bad, unfamiliar situation, your mentor can prepare you for possible problems.

You can’t fully appreciate the value of having a business coach until you feel so lost and financially broken. Seeking for consultancy isn’t a sign of weakness, but rather a mark of being a smart entrepreneur.

When It Is Time to Go Pro: Hiring a Professional Tax Advisor

Professional Tax AdvisorProfessional Tax AdvisorTo most companies, tax issues often do not make it to their list of potential problems to run into. The truth of the matter is that, as long as finances are involved, tax should be a priority.

Knowing when you should leave tax matters at the hands of professionals can help you control your finances better, avoid problems with the law, and become more financially stable. The Income Tax Professionals invites you to read further about this subject.

Hiring a tax professional

There are many situations wherein you would be better off investing in the services of tax pro. In fact, there are so many reasons that almost 60 per cent of tax payers in Australia and New Zealand hire these experts.

When you own a business

One is when you own a business. You can get valuable tax advice from a professional regarding job- or industry-centred tax laws. Expert guidance will help point you to the right direction, especially when making decisions as big as business growth and expansion.

When your life has undergone major changes

People who have undergone major life changes should also think about getting advice about tax matters from those who completely understand the laws surrounding them. These changes include marriage, divorce, and making big investments. Taking care of your elderly parents also make it to this list, since, like the previously-mentioned situations, it also has its own area of specific tax code.

When you made considerable purchases or transactions

Did you just buy or are planning to purchase a home or any other piece of real estate property? Then you definitely should hire a tax advisor. The same goes true when you sold or are planning to put up your home or assets for sale.

Having poor financial records often lead to tax troubles. When you have someone you can depend on for counselling during such times, not only will you make educated choices, but you also have better chances of getting through the problem unscathed.