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3 Future Collectible Cars That You Can Buy Today

Vintage CarVintage CarApart from awesome features, another quality of a collectible car is its rarity. The rarer the car is, the higher is its value. If you are or have been collecting cars, you should know that it is a great opportunity to invest in a car that is bound to be classic or collectible in the coming years.

Several classic car dealers, like Ardell Brown, have listed some cars today as “future collectible cars”. Read on to know which cars are part of that list.

1. 2015 Jaguar F-Type R Coupe

Many car enthusiasts, including Enzo Ferrari, consider this coupé as the most beautiful car this year. Apart from the fact that it’s a Jaguar, this car is bound to be a classic because of its remarkably powerful engine and its thundering exhaust note. You can buy this coupé today at an average retail price of $99,900.

2. 2012 Aston Martin V12 Vantage

Considered as the world’s most beautiful muscle car, Aston Martin V12 Vantage is the smallest coupé with a large engine. This is thanks to the car’s custom wheels and hood louvers as well, as they are also the reason why people won’t stop talking about this model. At an average retail price of $150,000, this car is still on the market.

3. 2010 Lamborghini Murcielago SV

With its black wheels, absurd styling, and a single exhaust, the Super Veloce Murcielago is by far the most insane Lamborghini car ever. It is still available on the market today for an average retail of $322,200. With its luxurious price, you might think that you won’t get any deal from buying it today. But mind you, Lamborghini only manufactured 350 of these SVs. Do the math, and you’ll know it’s a great buy.

So, if you’re planning to invest in a car, consider the three cars mentioned above as their values would definitely skyrocket in the next few years.

Pre-Owned Perks: The Advantages of Getting a Used Car

Buying Used CarBuying Used CarWhen it comes to buying used cars for sale in Australia, the most obvious reason shoppers have is the lower cost. Used cars definitely come with cheaper prices than brand new ones.

This huge price difference in initial costs is already attractive in itself, but there are actually plenty of other reasons why quality used cars in Australia are a good deal, recommends Here are four of the best reasons.

1. Reduces loss from quick depreciation.

Did you know that new cars can lose as much as 40 percent of their value in their first year alone?

With a used one, you don’t have to worry about huge depreciation value. And while the smell of a new car is definitely tempting, you can expect it to disappear within just a few weeks of use.

Besides, most car sellers make sure that their vehicles are in good condition, as they want to get the best value as possible from it. This means that they have already taken care of the must-needed repairs such as pain work, dents, and other flaws.

2. Lower insurance fees.

The more expensive a brand new car is, the greater the money you would have to allot for its insurance policy alone. With a used vehicle, you still need to get insurance, but you can expect to pay less, which means reduced strain on your finances.

3. No need to pay for new car fees.

A down payment is not the only expense you would have to make when you buy a new car. There are several other fees, such as taxes, processing, and other dealership-related fees.

Buying a used car, on the other hand, will help you avoid most of these additional expenses.

4. Reduced impact on the environment.

Last, but not the least, is that buying used is your greener option. Most car and environmental experts will tell you that keeping an old car rather than replacing it (in this case, buying a used one), puts less stress on the environment.

So there you have it. Hopefully, these four reasons are enough to make you change your mind about buying brand new and instead invest in a quality used automobile.

Defensive Driving: It’s Not Just About Safety but Also Efficiency

Defensive Driving

Defensive DrivingDefensive DrivingMuch has been said about reducing the likelihood of traffic accidents and collision via defensive driving. This method is not all about safety, though; it also improves fuel efficiency, reduces the possibility of parts damage and keeps your car performing optimally much longer.

Lower Repair and Maintenance Costs

JTW Autoparts agrees that defensive driving reduces the need for repair and maintenance. This allows you to save more money because your vehicle requires little to no servicing. This technique reduces the risk of accidents that may damage your car or wear out brakes, damage suspension and other potential problems.

Better Mileage

Aggressive driving increases the likelihood of accidents and consumes fuel faster. Your car uses up gas faster when you hard brake or accelerate too fast following a full stop.These habits put pressure on the vehicle, which results in poor mileage and inefficient consumption of energy.

One of the ways to improve mileage is to drive slower; doing socan increase fuel economy by as much as 20%. You get more out of gas consumption and spend less whenever you refuel. Stay within the speed limit and avoid hard braking for maximum efficiency. Zooming from 0 to 60 may seem cool, but know that it empties your tank faster. Step on the gas moderately for better mileage and reduced collision risk.

Hard braking and aggressive driving may wear out the brakes and tyres faster. These habits reduce fuel economy and put you and other drivers at risk.

Reduce Car Damage

Defensive driving reduces the pressure you put on your vehicle, reducing the likelihood of damage. Aggressive accelerating, hard braking and sharp turning wear out the brakes, suspension and tyres faster. You might need to replace or repair parts sooner than you would like to because of bad habits behind the wheel.

Defensive driving keeps you safe whenever you hit the road; better mileage, reduced costs and fuel efficiency are other reasons to drive cautiously and properly.

For a Smooth Sailing Ride: Choosing the Right Wheels for Your Car

Car Wheels

Car WheelsCar WheelsTo ensure that your car will give you a hassle-free and comfortable ride, it’s important you select the right tires for your vehicle. By doing so, it can help improve your car’s overall performance, as well as enhance your driving comfort and experience. To achieve that, here are some things you should know.


One of the reasons most car owners want to change their tires is to increase the performance of their vehicle. However, upgrading the tires and wheels will also require you to update some parts in your vehicle, like your engine’s suspension grades and brake system.


Enhancing the overall appeal is probably the most common reason a car owner wants to change up their wheels. This is just fine, as long as you make all the necessary adjustments. It’s important your wheels are properly aligned whenever you change or replace something in them, to ensure your safety as you drive.


Improve your car’s gas mileage, as well as your driving comfort by purchasing a set of tires instead of choosing wheel/tire combo bargains. This will not only save you money, but will also boost the appearance of your car. In addition, buying in sets allows you to easily adjust and fit all your tires, which can ultimately improve its performance.


One of the most important things you should consider whenever you’re buying a new set of wheels and tires is your budget, because good-quality wheels are never cheap. There are brands that specialize in manufacturing high-quality wheels, such as You want tires that will last long, so ask car experts about their recommendations.

Upgrading your wheels and tires is easy, as long as you know what you’re looking for. However, if you’re still unsure about what to purchase, it’s good to hear some advice from experts. This can help clear any doubt and concern you have.

One Thing You Might Be Forgetting During Your Vacation

Charging a vehicle battery

Car battery replacement help in SingaporeCar battery replacement help in SingaporeIt’s always a good time to go driving out of town. During the weekend, or even in the middle of the week for a celebration, for a little breather, or for absolutely no reason at all. But any vacation will fall short of fun if you forget to charge your car battery.

Charging a vehicle’s battery is one of the most easily forgotten necessities when it comes to vacation preparation. It pays to be extra attentive and make sure the car is equipped for the long trip ahead.

Check for Replacement

Check your car for any necessary replacements before packing your weekend clothes and your favourite snacks. For example, if your battery is giving off signs it needs to be put to rest, consider or other car battery replacement help in Singapore.

Other than the battery, checking the gears is an important step not only to make sure your trip goes without delay, but more importantly to ensure the safety of everyone going on the trip.


Do not forget to charge your vehicle before hitting the road. It could be the last thing in your mind, but remembering this simple task will save you and your vacation companions a lot of time and worries down the road.

It’s best to do it a few days before the big trip to be absolutely certain the battery finishes charging and there’s plenty of time to prepare for the outing.

Routine Maintenance

All the checking and charging should not only occur prior to a trip, though. Routine maintenance is the key to a durable and dependable vehicle. Consult with your car’s owner’s manual and pay attention to what it says.

Do your own inspection from time to time and learn to check the fluids, oil, battery and engine. Should you need help with preventive maintenance, never hesitate to seek the help of experts.

Out of town trips are supposed to be enjoyable. It should serve as a stress-reliever, but if you forget to charge your car batteries or fail to maintain its parts and good quality, you might find a road trip even more stressful.

Quality Comes First: Best-Selling Used Cars


NissanNissanWhen it comes to buying cars, quality should come first and cost should only come second. While you may want to save money by purchasing a second-hand vehicle, you still need to mind the dependability of the machine. The only problem is, with hundreds of different models available, it is hard to know how to find the right one.

It is a good idea to rely on records and statistics to find the best vehicle for you. Last year, small cars topped the list of the nation’s bestsellers, overtaking larger models. In the report from the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, models like Toyota Corolla and Mazda 3 were the two top sellers in 2014. Toyota Hilux made it to the top three for the second consecutive year.

Apart from these cars, here are the other models you should consider in vehicle auctions of car dealerships.

Toyota Camry

While Toyota Corolla is a top favourite, you should not forget about Camry. The quality and durability of this model is legendary. The best part is this car routinely rates high on safety, and some models feature an array of advanced safety features such as airbags that protect the head and body of all passengers in the car.

Honda Civic

This is a great choice for buyers who are on a budget, or too tight to spend for proper servicing, according to CarsGuide. Civic Coupe, for instance, is engineered to achieve fuel efficiency with notable features. Many used Honda vehicles are also sought-after because of their reputation for quality, innovation and reliability.

Nissan Maxima

This vehicle from Nissan is one of best and most affordable cars on the market. In fact, its 3.0 litre V6 is considered as one of the world’s best engines. The best thing about is that it is comfortable and luxurious. It offers the same performance as those other luxurious models such as Audi and BMW sedans.

Don’t choose the cheapest car you find. Visit dealership or car auctions and look for these models. It is also a good idea to do your research on brands and models to make sure you’ll find the best car that will suit your budget and needs.

Replace Damaged Volkswagen Parts with Genuine Ones


VolkswagenVolkswagenLuxury cars such as BMW and Volkswagen are leaders in the automobile market. These cars offer the best in performance, power and comfort to their owners. The reason they are well known and regarded in the market is because they are not ordinary vehicles, but precision automobiles.

When their old parts need to be changed, they should be replaced with genuine VW parts in Perth. Here are a few tips to take note of during your search for original Volkswagen parts.

Precision parts and service

As mentioned earlier, these are meticulously constructed vehicles with painstakingly made precision parts. Therefore, if you want the performance of the vehicle to continue unabated, you need to replace the old worn out parts with genuine Volkswagen components only.

In fact, even the mechanic who maintains these luxury cars should be qualified to handle them. So you cannot drive these premium vehicles to any random service centre or replace the old parts with components meant for other vehicles.

Contact authorised dealers

Once you own this luxury vehicle it is best to contact an authorised Volkswagen dealer. You can plan for regular maintenance with such dealers. During this kind of maintenance they can check the parts and replace the old ones with genuine ones, if necessary. This is the best way to keep your luxury car running optimally and performing as they were primarily intended to.

Fake parts can cause damage

These cars are built with precision, so if you replace the old components with fake parts out of ignorance or if you are cheated, then you can cause damage to it. Fake parts will not only hinder the smooth functioning of the luxury cars, but they can also cause serious damage to it. This can lead to more expenses and concerns. Hence it is important that you are doubly sure that you get genuine parts.

The best option is to contact the company directly when you have an issue. They will be able to guide you to the nearest authorised VW dealer in your area.

Enjoy the Benefits of Having Your Car Detailed

Car Detailing

Car Detailing Car Detailing Protect your car from the harmful and hazardous effects of the outside environment while prolonging the function of its parts by going to the best provider of car detailing services. We know how much you want to keep the showroom condition of your car but it greatly takes so much time to clean a car.

That’s why car detailing services like are here. Having your car detailed by a professional gives you peace of mind that your auto is well taken care of, and will surely meet the cleanliness you require.

We have listed some of the many benefits of auto detailing and cleaning:

  • Regular Maintenance

Having your car waxed and washed every three months will help maintain the original condition of your paint. Regular car detailing serves as effective preventative maintenance, making you feel great with how your car looks and on how you drive it. The coat of wax on your vehicle helps protect your car’s exterior from harmful UV rays, tough grime and acid rain.

  • Improves Safety

We all know that dirty windows and mirrors greatly affect our driving as these lessen visibility, especially when the glare of the sun enters the car. Having your car detailed will help eliminate all the haze and vapour that affect visibility. In addition, headlight restoration helps clean cloudy and oxidized headlights, which will eventually enhance the intensity of your headlights.

  • Keeps its resale value

When you’re planning to sell your car in the future, it is a great idea to apply car detailing regularly to maintain your car’s best condition and look. Keep in mind that a car that’s always had its tires, wheels, mirrors and all other parts kept in good condition will surely be sold at a great value.

You must choose a car detailing shop that adheres to the safety standards so you can expect exceptional results.

Rekeying and Reprogramming: Another Layer of Security for Cars

Car Key

Car KeyCar KeyDespite the drop in the overall crime rate across Australia, car thefts are still becoming more common these past few years. In the ACT alone, motor vehicle theft rose by 10% from 751 reported cases back in 2013 to 823 by the end of the last year, and the trend seems to be increasing in other parts of Australia.

As a car owner, keeping your car safe from thieves is a constant struggle. It’s no secret that they are becoming more desperate and innovative in the ways they try to break into your vehicle to steal it, and locking the door and keeping your car in the garage isn’t as effective anymore.

You have to be innovative in your attempts to safeguard your car from would-be thieves. Below are just some of the ways you can do this.

Rekeying Locks and Reprogramming Keys

Generally, all car keys have a built-in transponder that allows you to open your car remotely. It actually goes beyond just the physical lock of the car though; Advanced Lock & Key notes that the microchip, ‘communicates with the vehicle’s engine management system, and when a correct signal is received, the engine is started’.

The worst thing that can happen though is if your transponder keys fall into the wrong hands, which is why it may be a smart decision to rekey your locks and reprogram your keys occasionally. For those who have had their car stolen before, this is necessary as thieves may target you again.

Compared to rekeying house locks, what you’ll be replacing are the car lock’s pins, not tumblers. This goes hand in hand with reprogramming your keys since, as mentioned before, the engine will fail to start if it receives the wrong signal.

Get Professional Help

If you’re planning on rekeying the car’s locks and reprogramming the keys, it’s a good idea to get professional help. While it’s entirely possible to do this on your own, since transponders are relatively easy to program and replacements pins are easy to acquire, there’s always a risk of incorrectly programming the transponder or messing up when rekeying the lock. If this happens, you may not be able to drive your car at all!

My Diesel Engine’s Smoke is Black – What Now?

Engine Smoke

Engine SmokeEngine SmokeYou might be surprised to know that a diesel engine is in its perfect shape if it emits colorless smoke. An engine’s true smoke should be colorless. If it isn’t, chances are your engine is not burning the proper way, or it is burning the wrong thing.

What does Black Smoke Mean?

The black fume coming out of your muffler means that there are surplus petroleum products unburnt in your exhaust fume. Incomplete burning happens due to several reasons, and not one of them good.

Here are some of them:

  • Over-fueling

It means your engine is injecting too much fuel into the combustion chamber. Check with your mechanic to see the cause of over-fueling. When left unresolved, it may destroy your piston rings and lead to bigger, costlier problems.

  • Poor quality fuel

Diesel fuel that’s below quality standard may not burn well. Only use quality diesel fuel to ensure optimum performance.

  • Faulty fuel injectors

Clogged or dirty fuel injectors cannot deliver the proper spray pattern needed for efficient burning. On the other hand, a leaky fuel injector may cause it to pump more fuel, which causes over-fueling. Always check for any fuel injector damage to prevent incomplete burning.

  • Cold operations

When you operate your engine while at its cooled state, it needs more fuel to run properly.

  • Incorrect timing

It means fuel is entering the combustion chamber at a wrong time. This would cause the fuel not to burn completely, resulting in black smoke.

  • Dirty air cleaner

When your air cleaner is dirty, not enough air enters the combustion chamber. This would result in incorrect air-fuel ratio, compromising your engine’s capacity to burn fuel efficiently.

Acting Quickly

Resolving these issues would turn your engine’s emission from pitch black to colorless smoke. Aside from the usual preventive measures, you can further make your engine’s emission less harmful by installing a DEF fuel pump system that breaks down dangerous pollutants into nontoxic substances.

If your engine’s smoke is black, do not delay taking action! Resolving this early on would prevent you from spending too much for costly repairs and unnecessary fuel bills.