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(Do Not) Do-It-Yourself: The Dangers of DIY Wiring

Cable Into Socket In AucklandCable Into Socket In AucklandA way to save money is to do home maintenance and improvement works by yourself. You have watched tons of YouTube videos and you have read tips on how to do it online, so how difficult can it be? Even if you take safety precautions, who is to say that something cannot go wrong?

According to the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC), back in 2013, there were 38,123 reported injuries caused by DIY home projects. Men aged 40 to 49 years old account for 85 percent of these injury reports.

One of the things you should not handle on your own is wiring projects. Whether you are in Auckland or in Wellington, technicians should be a phone call away to assist you with your electrical needs. Adam Tulloch shares a list of reasons do-it-yourself wiring is bad news – not just for you, but your family as well.


Frayed, old wires, switches and receptacles? If you see these, do not use them anymore and have them fixed or better yet, replaced. Faulty wiring can ignite and send heat onto curtains and rugs, causing a fire to start in your home.

Breakers and fuses going out regularly? Dimming and flickering lights? Before you assume that ghosts live in your home, check your circuit breakers. Do not attempt to fix it and call a technician right away. Leaving it unfixed may cause a fire to break out.

Expensive Repairs

Avoid fire damage repair by paying attention to outdated and frayed wiring. Such little things cause massive, expensive damage. Apart from the money you spent on buying tools for your DIY project, you still have to pay the electrician who will repair your faulty attempt at wiring.


Touching the wrong wires can send electricity throughout your body, and there are no do-overs in these kinds of accidents. Some may sustain mild injuries, but some may end up with severe burns and even die.

People are stubborn and still wait for these things to happen before they actually call for help. You should not be one of them. At the onset of faulty wiring or installation, call for assistance to prevent catastrophes from happening.

3 Ways to Prepare Your Child for Preschool

Preparing Daughter For Pre SchoolPreparing Daughter For Pre SchoolSending your children to school for the first time can be scary because it’s the first time you’re going to entrust them to other people outside your home. That’s why it’s important to choose the best preschool for them to give you peace of mind. You likewise also prepare your children, so they would be comfortable to interact with their classmates and teachers even without you around. Here are some suggestions to help you prepare for this milestone:

Visit Different Preschools

Don’t settle on the first preschool you see. It’s important to ask your relatives, friends, colleagues and neighbours if they know a great preschool in your area. Visit at least three of their suggestions, look around and ask questions to the supervisor or owner of the school. This way, you can evaluate the condition of the school and the staff. Don’t stop until you find an institution you feel comfortable with.

Prepare School Supplies and Necessities

Once you choose the right school, it’s time to shop for school supplies and necessities for your children. Buy school uniform supplies like socks, shoes, undergarments, face towels and whatever the school requires your kids to wear. Set a budget for the school supplies, though. You can’t simply buy everything your kids like, or else you would end up with more stuff than they can use.

Establish a Schedule

Now that your kids are going to school, they should start following a schedule — what time they should play, study, have dinner, go to sleep and wake up. Establishing a schedule is important, so they could develop a study habit and excel at school in the years to come. It’s important for them to get the right amount of sleep every day, as well.

Follow these three steps and you’ll surely have peace of mind about sending your children to preschool. This way, both of you can be prepared for a big yet necessary change.

3 Roof Repair Schemes That Could Lose You Money

Roof RepairRoof RepairThe roof occupies a large part of your house; not to mention that it's most susceptible to inclement weather because it receives everything nature has to offer. Rainstorms and powerful winds often wreak havoc to properties, making homeowners seek for the services of a roofing company desperately.

Unfortunately, unscrupulous individuals and businesses often rush to take advantage of homeowners in these desperate times. They appear to be a heaven's sent, but their real agenda is to rip off and take your money. Here are some of the actions that are likely to get you scammed:

Having a Down Payment

Fraudulent companies are likely to pressure you into laying out a down payment with the pretense that they will start on the repairs immediately. Instead of keeping their promise, they take your money and run. An endless litany of excuses often follows such occurrences, including unfavourable weather, impromptu workers holidays and even a long waiting list. Meanwhile, the water is continually pouring into your house causing considerable damage. 

For reliable roof repairs in Tauranga or anywhere you live in the Bay of Plenty region, Kiwispout NZ LTD recommends that homeowners should take time verifying a roofing company’s reputation.

Having No Written Contract

A verbal agreement is a sure way of being ripped off since there's no evidence — unless you record your conversation. In fact, even audio recordings can't be considered as solid proof because you aren't sure who's taking. The case is different, of course, if it's a video. The absence of written contracts means that you have no legal means of reclaiming your money. A contract can protect you from exploitation, shoddy work and exorbitant additional fees.

Contracting a Storm Chaser

Following a massive storm that affects many homes, rogue contractors come out of the woodwork to rescue the situation. In most cases, storm chasers descending to storm-hit towns like a bunch of vultures. They have no real incentive to deliver quality work, but they will fix your roof in the worst quality you can imagine.

Carrying out your due diligence and contracting the services of a reliable roofing company is the best way to avoid falling a victim to a fraud.

Singapore-Style Schools: The Perfect Stepping Stones for Children

School in SingaporeSchool in Singapore For more than a decade, Singapore has always been near or at the top of international leagues in terms of education. Continuous academic achievement by the country’s students have resulted in endless appreciation from their East Asian neighbours and head-scratching from the West.

It makes one wonder: what is it about the Singaporean educational system that makes it so effective?

The Singapore School in Cebu

The Straits Times recently carried a story about Filipina Trixie See Suarez, 43, who opened a Singapore-style school in Cebu five years ago. Her admiration of Singapore’s brand of education drove her to open the Singapore School Cebu, which uses textbooks and a curriculum from the country to teach science and mathematics.

Her school started with just 78 pupils from pre-school to Primary 4. Eventually, she added the upper primary and secondary levels to accommodate older students. Today, the school teaches over 200 pupils, majority of them from the Philippines.

According to Suarez, attending Singapore-type schools is the perfect stepping stone for many children in Asia.

Understanding Instructional Regime

In general, classroom instruction in Singapore is uniform across all subjects and levels. According to, the teaching is fit-for-purpose and coherent, which draws inspiration from Western and Eastern traditions.

Singaporean teaching also focuses on preparing students for high stakes examinations and transmission of procedural knowledge. Teachers also place additional emphasis on the mastery of specific procedures and clear presentation of problems, especially in math.

The Logic of Singapore’s Education

Singapore boasts of a distinctive educational system that dwells in a unique set of institutional and historical cultural influences. These factors explain the effectiveness of their educational system, especially with their current assessment environment.

The configuration of institutional arrangements, historical experience and cultural beliefs produced a must-have system other regions want. Their teachers also shape the understanding across systems, which include the nature of learning and teaching.

More schools in foreign regions are adopting Singapore’s educational system. Parents and educational experts look forward to the Singaporean curriculum helping children go anywhere they want in the world.

E-Learning: The Newest Trend In Web-Based Learning

E-LearningE-LearningEducation has transformed throughout the centuries. From traditional way of learning, now comes the age of computers. Kids as young as 3 years old are now well-versed with tablets, smartphones and computers. Truly, learning is everywhere and now, a new way of learning is gaining popularity across the globe.

E-learning or online learning encompasses everything that has something to do with computers. Did you know that almost everyone who utilizes a computer has completed some type of e-learning? In simpler terms, the e-learning umbrella entails electronic media to educate learners.

E-learning and Its Beginnings

E-learning or online learning emerged as soon as internet was born. Of course, in all sorts of things people learn from the web, is considered online learning. As simple as “How To’s” and “What is” being typed in the search bar is considered e-learning. Then, there were the more sophisticated online learning software that are designed for its purpose – to teach those who wants to learn a thing or two.

Online Learning is More Convenient

Traditional learning styles require students to be present in physical classrooms. E-learning, on the other hand, can be done anywhere as long as you have a computer, tablet, laptop or smartphone and a reliable internet connection. It encompasses many types of online courses via webinars, one-on-one online session, videos or even recordings.

E-learning Has a Global Reach

In the past, learning is restricted to the classroom, in conferences and in schools. Now, it has a global reach. Online materials can now be uploaded online and these can be accessed by anyone across the globe.

Learning online is now a part of life. No matter what people do, they learn through the internet. Education systems have included online learning in the syllabi and they offer a lot of learning styles to meet the needs of their students.

Of Moisture and Flat Roofs: A Discussion

Flat RoofsFlat RoofsYou’ve probably heard about moisture creeping in and damaging a home before. You rarely think about how or why moisture is such a big problem, but you should. Especially when your property has a flat roof, you have to be particularly careful when it comes to moisture.

But in the first place, why do you need to mind moisture? Let’s discuss this.

The Deal with Condensation

Regardless of the structure, construction materials are almost always meant to stay dry. If you add water to the mix, things get a little tricky. Cement surfaces crack while steel products rust – in the end, the structural integrity of the building gets compromised. This is why condensation is a big deal because the last thing you want to happen is for water to build up, especially on the roof.

The Relationship with Flat Roofs

Why are flat roofs a bigger concern when it comes to condensation? Experts on flat roof repairs in Salt Lake City say it’s because this type of roofing requires precise and excellent workmanship. A simple mistake in the attachment of the roof could pave the way for a leak. If this leak goes unnoticed over time, it would get bigger and let water into your roof. Of course, there’s not much room under a flat roof, which means the water will flow directly into your home.

Now, does this mean flat roofs are a bad thing? Not necessarily. What matters is that the workmanship of your roof is superb in all aspects. You can still maximize the look and functionality of a flat roof, provided it’s been built sturdily and properly.

The good news is you can take steps in preventing condensation buildup in your property. With regular maintenance efforts and inspections, you can be sure there’s a leak-free roof over your head.

Choose the Right Online Personal Training Course

Personal Trainer

Personal TrainerPersonal TrainerThe industry is arbitrary and unregulated. This makes it difficult to choose a qualified trainer who has a well-established training program that has been proven to work and can cater for clients with different needs. The internet has made it even worse because anyone can claim to be a qualified trainer and even present fake certificates as evidence of their credentials. It is, therefore, important to consider a few factors before undergoing a personal training course online.

Check references

Do not rely on online reviews. Ask the trainer for two or three current or previous clients that you can talk to over the phone. It’s a common practice for gym trainers to steal or even fabricate fake before-and-after testimonials and pictures. During the call, ask a reference about the trainer, whether they are dependable and honest.


Training routines should meet specific client needs. For instance, professional body builders will require a more intensive training program as compared to clients who are only interested in exercise as a healthy lifestyle choice.

Be sceptical

If the program has any advertisement that tries to encourage you to buy supplements, immediately become a sceptic. This may not be bad but it compromises the credibility of the trainer especially in this era with dubious marketing schemes. More often, the supplement is poor quality and overpriced.

Your budget

A trainer that is well established and worked for many years will likely be in demand hence charge more for their services. However, cheap can be expensive and therefore, having a flexible budget is good idea.

A good trainer should handle all aspects of your program. If you have any chronic medical condition, then an experienced trainer should be able to select a suitable program that will guarantee your safety.

A training program can change your life and future career therefore, it’s important to take your time and carefully choose a good trainer that will offer you the best services that are specifically suited to your needs.

Is There Hope for Underwater Homeowners?

Underwater Mortgage

Underwater MortgageUnderwater MortgageBeing a proud owner of an underwater mortgage is a combination of bad timing and bad life choices. You probably put almost nothing down to begin with, decided to pay just the minimum monthly, and hoped for the house pricing to boom in your area — which never happened. The result: negative equity.

While you’re partly responsible why your home loan has submerged, your salvation may also be in your hands. The options may not be great, but it’s not yet time to raise the white flag and let foreclosure happen.

Here are the ways you can positively deal with it:

Have a Fresh Start

Refinancing offers the most desirable scenario for underwater homeowners. The government has laid out a variety of loans to rescue you, and even allow you to benefit from the lowest rates in the market.

For instance, if you have an existing government-backed mortgage in Utah, applying for an FHA streamline in Salt Lake City lets you start from scratch with a simplified process.

All refinancing options, however, have certain qualifications. Just make sure you pass every requirement, or find a way to meet the conditions ASAP to get you started sooner than later.

Get Some Breathing Room

Loan modification is another path underwater loan owner takes. Your lender may offer a program to lower your interest rate or your overall monthly payment either in the short term or for good. This process may be time-consuming and potentially hurt your credit score, but at least you get to work your way toward positive equity in the years ahead.

Sell the Property Short

If you’re feeling hopeless about your situation, one escape route is short sale. If your lender agrees to let you sell the property for less than what you owe and call it quits, that would be a huge relief. Make sure, however, to see a real estate lawyer to ensure the agreement would suffice to free yourself from any deficiency, and a tax professional to know if you owe the government anything.

According to City Creek Mortgage, finding yourself underwater is a tricky situation, but you’re not beyond saving. Assess your situation carefully, and come up with a solid long-term plan to decide the best option to pursue.

Parenting Pointers: When Your Kid Wants a Bike

Kid Biking Pointers

Kid Biking PointersKid Biking PointersA bike is more than just a piece of sports equipment. It’s an exercise on their dedication and your support. If your child wants to learn how to bike, here are some things that you have to learn as well.

Let Them Ditch the Training Wheels

Training wheels are good when your kid is starting out. However, once they get the hang of how to operate a bike at running speed, they’ll want to step up to a more appropriate machine. So whether you want to get them an ordinary setup or the stronger Haro bikes for sale at, keep the knee pads, shoulder pads, and helmet on.

Let Them Fall Down

Even when you’re anxious about scrapes and slides, falling down is an integral part of the learning process. Even in a controlled and supervised environment, children can still get into some accidents when they become careless. So be a coach not, a mother hen. It’s okay for them go through a bit of pain if they really want to learn.

Let Them Get Back Up (On Their Own)

Helping a child stand up once they’ve fallen from a bike is absolutely alright. Once in a while, however, even when the rides are longer and the falls are harder, they need to get back up, brush off the dirt, and start pedaling again. After a little help from you, their hearts and minds will always recover.

Let Them Keep Going 

Discouragement is part of life. Stop yourself from saying anything negative when they feel disappointed. It’s their decision if they want to give up; and even then you should still encourage them to keep going. Teach them the consequences of giving up and always allow them to open up their thoughts and feelings to you, no matter what they are.

Cycling is more than just another athletic endeavor. It’s a way to teach your child how to think and act for themselves. Give your kid a big smile when they come back and have something to soothe the bruises and falls so they can start trying again tomorrow.

Booming Non-Tech Careers To Consider

personal trainer courses

personal trainer coursespersonal trainer coursesBehind the slew of tech-related success is the silent boom of careers outside IT. The slump in non-tech industries and fields experienced in the past year does not mean that the need still remains low for these products and services. Here are some fields that you might not realise are constantly ramping up:

Aesthetics and Skincare

People care about the state of their skin. With many clients demanding expert consultations and skin care treatments, the salary ranges in this field are increasing regularly. Learning from professionals by attending an aesthetics school can start up your skincare career.

Home care and assistance

Caring for the sick and the aging is a noble job that is also financially rewarding. If you understand the peace of mind and comfort that come with proper hygiene, cleanliness and nutrition, this career in home care could be fit for you.

Athletics and personal fitness

Led by people who have a natural interest in health and fitness, careers in athletics and personal fitness have been raking in money for more than a decade. With the increased emphasis on being healthy and fit, people take advantage by starting a career through taking personal trainer courses from fitnessU and other similar companies.


There are so many businesses developing new products only to fail without turning a profit. Here enter sales experts who assist businesses in selling their products. The sales field has evolved to respond to client needs.

Veterinary Medicine and General Animal Care

This field requires professionals ranging from those who had a significant amount of formal education to those who have an affinity for caring for furry friends. Animals, especially pets, are increasingly treated like people, so to speak. From hospitals to hotels and spas, this field is booming and is always in need of more people who are willing to take the job.

With the eagerness to learn and the right training, become highly employable in these hot fields.