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Better User Experience Lies in the Balance

Web DesignWeb DesignIf you think achieving balance in web design is easy, think again. It requires a particular set of skills and your time, but it’s absolutely worth it.

When you prioritise balance, you pave the way to a broader category of design, which keeps you from being excessive. Web designers aim to hit that sweet spot of moderation — not too subtle but not too noisy.

With a harmonious design, users will fall in love with your site (and your brand) ASAP. Balance comes in two forms; just take your pick:


Symmetry is one of the most common examples you see in today’s range of website designs. The seamless presentation offers an aesthetically pleasing and well-organised website. It’s all about placing elements equally on all parts of the axis.

Some critics think symmetrical designs are predictable. Despite the ‘boring’ platform, it still stood the test of time, remaining as one of the best forms of web design.


The polar opposite of symmetry is also another option. Asymmetry manifests in a number of ways. For example, a half of the screen boasts more intense elements compared to the other half.

Despite the inequality, there is beauty in juxtaposition.

An asymmetrical balance can also be more straightforward than its symmetrical counterpart. This form of design paradox works well on all types of sites. It’s more interesting and thought-provoking than a predictable design.

Other Forms of Balance

All types of balance share a common denominator. Balance in web design is everywhere and you might’ve ignored the factors that appear consistently. Unfortunately, most people don’t consider it as an important element in any site.

Improve your user’s experience by paying attention to harmony and better site navigation. This will result in more clients and better UX.

From Coins to Cards: The Use of Gaming Machines is Easier than Ever

Gaming MachinesGaming MachinesThere was a time when the gaming industry relied on coin-operated machines. The earliest penny pushers and slot machines relied on the spare change to make a profit. They were games of chance and of skill, and people were willing to spend money for their enjoyment.

The earliest gaming machines, which included everything from pinball machines to arcade video games, all relied on the use of coins. It was problematic, and people eventually wanted an easier, seamless way to enjoy their games.

Soon, cashless gaming became a popular trend. Providers of cashless payment technology for electronic gaming, such as Intecq Limited, replaced the dated coin systems with cards and ticket in, ticket out (TITO) systems.

Why Coins Were Problematic for Gaming

Coin operated games ruled for a very long time. It was the only way to use a gaming machine from its inception in 1932 up to the 1990s. Skill games, games of chance, and even vending machines and dispensers relied on coins to operate.

Coins were difficult to handle, as few patrons had a large stash of loose change at hand. As such, gaming venues would often have to exchange large sums of money with coins, so that they can exchange a patron’s bills at their kiosks. An attendant always had to wait for a hand pay, which greatly slowed down the gaming experience.

Coins also provided a logistical problem: It was easier to make mistakes in counting coins. They were also heavy, and patrons, especially older ones, find it difficult to carry a large bucket of coins while they played.

Improved Safety and a Smoother Gaming Experience

In the 2000s, coin-operated gaming machines were replaced by newer models that used swipe cards and TITO systems. Cashless gaming systems are subject to strict regulation by the Australian government, to ensure safety and to avoid fraud.

Nowadays, patrons could simply pay the cashier at the kiosk to load their card with credits, which they swipe against a card reader on the machine if they wanted to play. There was no counting involved, and no heavy coins to lug around. TITO systems were similar but used barcodes printed on pieces of paper.

The introduction of cashless payment systems improved the gaming experience.

Use Barcode Scanners for Retail Purposes

Barcode Scanners in SingaporeBarcode Scanners in SingaporeWhen you talk about intelligence, no species in the animal kingdom can hold a candle to man. And yet, putting so much faith on your workers alone to verify inventory may be unwise. When packages change hands, the possibility of human error dramatically increases – which is why employing barcodes is vital.

Product Identification (PID) is vital to proper storage. Any inventory specialist should know that by heart. Without knowing what’s inside the package, classifying and shipping the product would breed chaos and is, therefore, counterproductive – not to mention a loss of profit.

Optoro, a logistics company, reveals product returns are at their worst during the holiday season, amounting to $60 billion in total merchandise. Certainly, that’s a stiff price to pay for any business.

That sure tells you keeping order in your inventory cannot be bargained with.

Oft-times however, when clerks have to manually enter package information, the possibility of human error is high. This is why relying on barcodes is opportune. It allows instant identification of packages with greater accuracy.

Equipping Yourself

Employing barcode scanners are timely for any business. Its capacity to reduce human error and minimise delays makes it a worthy business decision. They play a central role in the speedy execution of your business, says Brady South Asia. In retail, they make sure the right prices get paid; in inventory, they put order to your storage operations – and fast.

An FDA report detailed how as much as over 86 percent medication error rate was reduced in the medical industry in a nine-year period because of barcodes. As barcode scanners allowed medical personnel to look into the doses of medication for patients, administering the correct drugs became a breeze.

Even better, barcode scanners today display far greater speeds than when the first of these devices came out years ago – and cheaper too.

With barcode and barcode scanners deployed, you minimise human error and maximise on profits, getting your products identified accurately to the last package.

Switching to VoIP: Knowing the Benefits of VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP Phone SystemVoIP Phone SystemMore and more businesses, big and small, are switching from the traditional phone line to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Also know as Internet calling, it is a technology where data connection is used to make phone calls. It works by translating voice traffic to data and sending it over the Internet.

If you’re planning to upgrade your business’ communication system, it pays to know how you can benefit from VoIP. Here’s a quick guide to the advantages of using VoIP over traditional phone systems.


VoIP does not require you to pay huge amount on communication licenses, unlike with traditional phone solutions. Also, you won’t need to pay for technical support, which is common in businesses that use old communication systems. Best of all, it may be significantly less expensive than placing calls through the usual telephone service providers.

Service Requirements

When you use Voice over IP, there’s no need to contact and pay for a technician. Your onsite IT staff can attend to the system and respond to technical issues. With conventional phone system, you’ll need a technician whenever you need to move a line or set up a new voicemail box.

Set Up

VoIP can be set up easily and conveniently. Once the service is activated by you provider, all you need to do is plug in the PBX and phone lines and drop off phones at your office or business establishments. Thanks to VoIP’s universal plug-and-play feature, it won’t take that long to set up your new and improved communication system.

Most voice and data solutions are designed with user-friendly features; your staff will learn how to operate it in no time.


VoIP solutions can be upgraded based on your needs, TailWind Voice & Data explains. This is particularly important when there is a demand for a more streamlined communication for your growing business.

Other than the usual features such as caller ID, conference calling, and call forwarding, there are other innovative options that allow you to integrate your phones with other technology you use. Some features allow integration with mobile phones, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications, and email.

Learn more about how you can benefit from VoIP solutions by consulting a qualified dealer.

The Best Phone System Comes at a High Cost

Quality Phone Systems in New Jersey

Quality Phone Systems in New JerseyQuality Phone Systems in New JerseyDespite the growing popularity of social media, e-mails, and other online networking tools, organizations still depend on the telephone for communication. But the advancement of technology has resulted in drastic changes to phone services — some of them confusing businesses more than ever.

If your business is thinking about installing a new phone system, price and quality are among the first considerations. Achieving both, however, can be quite a challenge.

Get Connected

Today’s digital phone services — a system that transforms calls to data — is as common as plain old telephone services (also known as POTS). Despite the comparable prices, certain organizations still prefer digital over POTS.

The flexibility guaranteed by digital lines also allows for more advanced features. POTS lines, on the other hand, are more straightforward and inexpensive. While Voice over IP (VoIP) lines require connection to the Internet, POTS lines receive powers from the phone company and continue to work despite power outages.

If you are comparing digital lines, Comtex Inc., a leader in telephone systems, recommends checking whether the lines will go through the Internet or straight to the phone provider. Direct connections might cost more, but these will not depend on the quality of your Internet service.

Phones for Every Desk

Each employee might need his own phone unit and the options available vary. Decent models often start at $40. Consider the number of employees that will need a phone before deciding on and making a purchase. If your staff only requires two lines, buy the same unit you use at home.

Business-class phones often use digital phone lines. If you are planning to invest in them, make sure you can work with the infrastructures. Most units offer features that make transferring calls easier, have access to PBX functions, and can put callers on hold. For these types of systems, be prepared to shell out at least $200 per phone.

The Bottom Line

Setting up phone systems in the office can be complicated. Before you select a system, think about the size of your organization in the long run. Low-cost solutions that worked for a few staff members might not accommodate six or more. It’s important to think ahead, especially if you’re looking to save more money.

Costs need not compromise the quality of your system. Consult with phone specialists to for more information on the system that will work best for you.

Ideal Reasons to Buy Your Kids a Backyard Trampoline

Kid on TrampolineKid on TrampolineWhen you were a kid, how many times did your parents refuse to buy you a trampoline or let you try your neighbor’s trampoline? Perhaps that’s one sad part of your childhood.

Not a lot of people know that playing in a trampoline can actually be beneficial to children and even to adults. It may seem just a silly act of jumping up and down with a happy smile, but this activity has many benefits that each parent must realize.

If you’re looking for a good reason to buy your children a trampoline, the following might be just what you’re looking for.

Trampolines promote real-world play say that a trampoline is beneficial, as it’s a great way to encourage playtime among children who are too engrossed with their smartphones and tablets, especially those who spend most of their weekends on social media and video games. Let them rediscover the fun of playing outdoors, lessen their dependence on technology, and make them exercise while having fun.

Trampolines help develop physical abilities

Bouncing and jumping in a trampoline may seem like a mere play for kids, but did you know that there is a term used to describe it as a form of exercise? Rebounding is the act of jumping up and down in a trampoline as a form of workout. Rebounding helps children maintain a healthy weight and improve balance and coordination. This is especially helpful for those who engage in dancing and sports.

You can benefit from it, too

Who says trampolining is just for kids? Grown-ups can also benefit from jumping up and down on a trampoline. Do you know that 10 minutes of jumping is equivalent to 30 minutes of running? This is the reason many people find rebounding a good way to work on their fitness. Whether it’s just minor bouncing or full-force jumping, you can definitely turn it into a good exercise routine.

You see, there are many reasons a trampoline is a good investment. Look for a supplier today, so you and your children can soon jump and bounce your way to a happier and healthier life.

Tricks That Will Make Your Television Energy Efficient

TVTVA television set is a staple fixture in almost every home in the country. The majority of people use the appliance every day, not only as a source of entertainment, but also to bring the family closer together.

Costly energy bills resulting from too much TV usage, however, could create conflict within the family, too. So, to maintain harmony within the home, and to satisfy family members who cannot survive without a TV, here are some tricks to make your television energy efficient:

  1. Adjust the Settings

Compared to earlier models, today’s flat-panel high-definition TVs use less energy. Current models, however, have a Quick Start feature that, if enabled, makes the TV continue consuming 20 more watts after it’s turned off. To save energy, experts advise people to disable this option.

If the TV has an automatic brightness control sensor, enable this option, too. The feature will automatically adjust the picture brightness according to the light level in the room, making the TV energy efficient.

  1. Turn Down the Volume

Lowering the TV’s volume is also a good trick to save energy. Whenever commercials are up, consider muting or turning down the volume. Furthermore, when you are planning to buy external speakers for your TV, make sure to purchase sound bars that are energy-efficient.

  1. Record Your Favorite Shows

VCRs and other recording devices use less energy than television sets. Consider recording your favorite programs and watch them at non-peak hours, which is a time of your day where you do not use many appliances at once.

  1. Unplug the Cable Boxes

Cable boxes also have standby power. To save energy, make sure you unplug the cable boxes after you turn them off.

Apart from doing these tricks on your television, you should also check the power systems of your home. TASCO, Inc. notes that many homeowners are not aware that they waste energy due to incorrect wiring in the power system.

No homeowner wants a high electricity bill. It does not hurt to try doing these tricks now, and maybe next month, you might get a lower bill.

Strengths of Steel: Advantages and Risks of Using Steel

Strengths of Steel

Strengths of SteelStrengths of SteelSteel is one of the most common building materials of modern civilisation. It is necessary in the construction of many of the world’s beautiful structures. Usually, steel is used for the structural system – beams, columns and frames, among others.

Strengths of Steel

Steel is strong because it does not easily shrink, split or warp. It is non-combustible and recyclable. And unlike many construction materials, steel is light.

Before the Industrial Revolution, brick and stone walls carried the weight of the buildings. Each floor was very heavy, so building tall houses was not possible. The rise of steel in the 19th century marked the rise of skyscrapers.

To create megastructures using steel is not without risks though. It can be quite hazardous for an untrained person to weld steel.

Safety Risks Associated with Using Steel

There are several risks that come with the use of steel. Cutting, assembling and welding steel, if done by someone without training, can result in accidents. Also, structures may collapse if the fabrication process is faulty.

According to the steel supplier Mount Maunganui Engineering, precision is important. To make certain that materials hold, you need exact calculations. Professionals like engineers can help you get the precise measurement.

Welding steel poses hazards in the form of fumes. The gasses emitted can cause health problems.  And even more dangerous is electrocution. The presence of alternating current during welding can cause mild to severe electric shocks.

Employ the services of experts because they have the skills, experience and the right tools to make any steel welding and construction project a success.

Professionals who undergo rigorous training should handle steel to ensure everyone’s safety.  There are many experts out there who can do the job to save you all the hassle.

Outdoor Blinds: Snazzy Way to Dress Up Your Home For Less

Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor BlindsOutdoor BlindsMaking your home more beautiful and comfortable does not have to cost a lot. While renovations are popular in Australia, you don’t need major overhaul works to give your home a new look. Simple additions and improvements to the windows, for one, can transform your property’s appearance and make it cosier without spending a fortune. One such way is to install outdoor blinds.

Outdoor blinds are some of the easiest ways to boost curb appeal, have more privacy, control indoor temperature, and protect your expensive furnishings. Best of all, these are available in various styles and designs, so you won’t have a hard time finding one that suits your budget perfectly.

The Ability to Blend

One great thing about outdoor blinds is that you can set them up around your outdoor living space, since these are designed to withstand the elements. These are great for patios, decks, mezzanines, gazebos, and of course, your regular windows.

All-Season Fun and Comfort

Summer is not the only time you can enjoy the great outdoors. As long as you have outdoor blinds installed, you do not have to spend most of the time indoors hiding from the rains and cool winds., a supplier of outdoor blinds in Perth, says most outdoor blinds are designed for year-round use. Whether it’s sunny, rainy, chilly or anything in between, the right window treatment can serve as a protective barrier against the weather.

Quick and Easy Curb-Value-Enhancer

Modern external blinds are made from quality materials that can either be transparent or opaque. This gives you plenty of options based on your needs for privacy, visibility and clarity.

Also, it will be easy to find one that complements your home and enhance its curb appeal since these treatments are available in numerous styles and designs.

It is important, though, to not only choose quality blinds, but also have them installed properly. Work with a reputable blinds company and get the most out of this window treatment.

What Kind of Printer Fits Your Office?

Printer Fit for Your Office

Printer Fit for Your OfficePrinter Fit for Your OfficeBuying printers and photocopiers for your company or office is a huge and necessary investment. You need a standard high grade machine to do the job properly and efficiently. Here are the most important requirements to take into account.

Large capacity units

Every company needs a reliable printer that will not break down when volumes of documents are waiting to be printed. This is nothing special either; in fact, this is a basic requirement for high grade company printers.

Excellent examples of photocopiers and multifunctional printers with high capacity are Fuji Xerox printers. These printers offer high speed printing and photocopying with their ‘fast paper feeding’ options.

Multi functional units or hybrid types

You want a hybrid type that can do the tasks of two to three machines in one. A multifunctional printer can scan, print, photocopy and even send fax or attachments straight to mail. Purchasing this type of printer is not only economical and efficient, it also saves you a lot of time, energy and some space in the office for other machines and furniture.

Cartridge utility

This is one of the aspects that most buyers skip simply because of carelessness or lack of awareness. High quality printers such as Fuji Xerox printers use ink conservatively and can extend the life of your ink cartridges. You should also look up reviews of printers to see if they translate colour and define fine lines well.

Before you make any purchase, make sure that you have done your research well. Look up reviews and do not forget to compare the specs of each machine to purchase the best printer for your office.