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Camping Date 101: Here are the Top Reasons to Take Your Partner Camping

Camping in UluruCamping in UluruCouples go on dates through movies, concerts, food tripping in restaurants and shopping. However, these dates might be too boring for couples who are with each other for a long time now. Explore more options that can make you rekindle the fire and spur romance between you and your partner once again.

Through online sources, payday loans online has been offered in a quick and easy process betterpaydayloansonline.comA camping date strips down a budding relationship or an already boring one to its bare elements. It enables couples to get to know each other more and at the same time, lets them spend more quality time with each other, away from their work or school work.

Erldunda Roadhouse says camping in Uluru isn’t always the definition of a ‘new and exciting’ date. Here are a few tips.

1. It’s New and Exciting

Couples are tired of the stress brought about by the hustle and bustle of city life. Traditional dates in cities include watching movies in the cinema, going out to grab lunch or dinner, and strolling inside shopping centres and malls.

Experiencing something different might rekindle the flame of romance, make those who are already bored, excited again and lets you spend more time with him or her.

Taking your partner to a camping date, locally or even across the globe, can help you spend more time together, explore new places and experience new things together.

2. Less Expensive, But in a Good Way

Camping dates are cheaper than traditional dates. A picnic style dinner can be romantic without the glamor of fancy and expensive restaurants. All you need are your tent and sleeping bags, cooking utensils and necessities, and you’re off to go.

Throw down a blanket, open a bottle of wine and just lie or sit as you two watch the stars. This is a romantic yet simple get away you’ll never forget.

3. Romantic Sunrise or Sunset

What is more romantic than watching the sun rise or set while you cuddle the love of your life? Camping dates let you spend time outdoors and while you do, you’ll witness many of the world’s simple wonders like the sun, stars and even nature.

Camping dates became a popular option since it is personal, creative, and less expensive. Aside from these, camping enables your relationship to grow healthier. Spending time with the love of your life is important and camping will let you spend quality time with him or her, in a cheaper and more romantic way.

Australia offers a wide range of choices for camping dates. The aforementioned Uluru accommodation camping is one of the most popular camping areas in the country, not to mention that its natural geography makes it more adventurous and romantic for couples.

Fighting Undercurrents: How Free Divers Walk on Coral Beds

Free Diving in Auckland

Free Diving in AucklandFree Diving in AucklandIndigenous communities have a long history of free diving to forage for food and other treasures from the sea, such as pearls, sponges and corals. For us with average, nicotine-clogged lungs, it is utterly impossible to hold our breath for more than a minute, more so plunge to depths of 30 meters, with eyes wide open.

What’s more fascinating is that free divers can even walk on coral beds. How exactly do they do it? Apparently, there have been many debates about this. Some scholars and historians attribute this extraordinary human ability to an ancient people that evolved to adapt to aquatic environments.

But, no sufficient amount of research can support this claim. Many free diving enthusiasts dispute this claim, emphasizing that free diving is an acquired skill that requires great effort, patience and self-discipline. These free diving enthusiasts say that in order to walk on coral beds, one must have the body and mind for it.

Conditioning the Mind and the Body

Contemporary free divers draw much inspiration from the Sama-Bajau peoples of Southeast Asia. These ethnic groups are often known for being sea gypsies. Thousands of them still live nomadic, seaborne lifestyles in the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia.

In Auckland, New Zealand, free diving activities even include modern day spear fishing to stimulate the experience. But, can habitual free divers or even beginners be able to walk on coral beds?

Fighting Undercurrents, Defying Buoyancy

Bajau fishermen walk on coral beds so they can aim their spears well when fishing. It also allows them to gain enough momentum to hit the target. The secret, they say, is to have a leaner, stronger body and an incredibly still mind.

Scientists explain that having a leaner body makes you less buoyant. More people support the claim that free diving is more of an acquired skill than an evolutionary mutation. Bodies of habitual divers can change to better adapt to the water. It may take years, but not generations.

Other than controlling breathing, a free diver should learn to control the constrictions in the diaphragm and to relax the lungs, especially when water pressure begins to increase. As you go deeper, it will naturally be more difficult, as water continues to press down on your lungs.

Being able to walk on the ocean bed may seem now like an art that only the Bajau people can master. But, in recent years, modern free divers have proved us wrong. But of course, local knowledge and familiarity are still integral elements to achieving the legendary reputation of being able to walk on coral beds.

Beginner’s Instructions for Learning How to Ski

Skiing in VailSkiing in VailSkiing is one of the most popular winter sports. Wherever there are slopes covered in snow, enthusiasts want to make a mark. It’s a great form of exercise and few other sporting activities hold the same excitement, especially when you’ve learned to drop from a ski lift and speed down a mountain.

Learning how to ski

Like all other sports, there are coaches. Professional coaches will charge you about $75 to $100 per day. The more skilled and accomplished your coach, the higher the rate. Some ski lodges have coaches available and they are included in the skiing classes you pay for.

If you have a friend who knows how to do the basics, you’ll save hundreds of dollars and perhaps have more fun. It is a rare and very good friend, however, who has the patience to teach you for free. Not to discourage you, but unless you are gifted or have a little experience already, skiing is quite the challenge when you’re still just learning.

It’s a good idea to rent skis in Vail for now while you’re still being introduced to the sport. At least, if you can’t continue for whatever reason, you did not waste money on brand new equipment you may never use again.

Clothing and equipment

Remember that on your first day, and perhaps for a few more days after that, you will fall a lot. It’s important to have the right clothing on. Helmets were not popular before, and even today many ski lodges do not require them, but they’re there for your safety. Professionals from say that you shouldn’t worry about looking weird; what matters is you’ve got additional protection. Don’t wear jeans or anything that gets wet and cold quickly. When you do rent ski boots, try on a few pairs before deciding on one so you can avoid discomfort, limited control and cold feet (happens when you can’t wiggle your toes inside the boots).

Skiing is an exhilarating activity. Don’t be discouraged when you fall now and then. It’s all part of the joy of skiing.

Colorado: Historical and Natural Attractions

Attractions of Colorado

Attractions of ColoradoAttractions of ColoradoWinter will end in a couple of months, but you probably wish it would end tomorrow. If you’re the type of person who never goes on a holiday unless it involves water, your excitement is understandable.

Colorado is a great place to go on a holiday to see the sights, appreciate history and culture, and hit the water. If you’re ever here, don’t forget to keep these in your itinerary.

Molly Brown House Museum

Every year for more than 40 years, about 50,000 people visit this house at 1340 Pennsylvania Street in Denver, to pay tribute and learn more about the life and times of Molly Brown, who gained notice for surviving the Titanic tragedy, and renown for her role in fighting for the rights of women and the working class in the U.S. This is the house she shared with her husband, mining engineer J.J. Brown.

White Water Rafting

White water rafting trips in Colorado are world-famous. The Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area is only one of the areas you can enjoy a trip aboard a raft down a breathtaking Rocky Mountain river. This is a perfect holiday treat for the entire family, or even a team building exercise for company executives and employees. There are different levels of difficulty, so you are free to choose the one that fits your purpose. Professionals will give you a pre-rafting demo and instruction, and provide you with the right gear to keep you safe, according to American Adventure Expeditions.

Buena Vista

Can’t wait for the winter to be over before you go on holiday in Colorado? Head to Buena Vista—or “beautiful view” in Spanish—and see that it truly is a remarkable sight. Here you can ski at 8,000 feet of elevation, where the town sits. Ride a snowmobile or just a backpack and rediscover the closeness and wonder of nature. It’s healthy, fun, and won’t cost you a fortune.

These are only a few of the things you can do in Colorado. The area’s natural beauty and fun offerings might make you stay a bit longer, so pack more than an overnight bag.

A Weekend in Perth: Making the Most of Your Stay


PerthPerthPerth, Western Australia is a place that has everything. From beautiful beaches to shopping districts, it is the largest and one of the most populous cities in the country. It can be a little overwhelming when you go there for the first time, though. With so many things to do, you may find yourself unable to decide what to accomplish first.

Make sure you have an itinerary to make the most out of your weekend holiday to Perth. Here are some of the things you should include in your travel list:

Springtime Fun Time

The best time to visit Perth is on spring. Many of the most colourful events happen during this time. From fashion festivals to live music outdoors, you can have a taste of Perth’s livelier side. Horse racing and rodeo is also a big thing during this time of the year. Expect to see fans gathering in crowds and cheering for their favourites.

Experiencing nature is also one of the best things about Perth, as says. You can take pictures of the wildflower season or enjoy in whale watching activities by the beach.

Art-Filled Weekend

If you want a less crowded and more laid-back weekend, going on art tours may be good for you. Just by taking a stroll, you can enjoy public art walks or visit galleries and museums. Learn more about The Perth Mint or see the unique masterpieces at the Art Gallery of Western Australia.

Get yourself artistic souvenirs at the wide array of craft markets, such as Canning Vale in the city or Mad Hatter at the coast. Outdoor cinema is also a lovely treat to end the day with your family.

A day is not enough to explore this wonderful city. Booking private accommodations over the weekend may help you get to the places you need to visit with less travel time. Find a good place to stay in Perth, so you can have more time exploring and less time deciding.

Four Fun Attractions to Visit in Singapore with the Kids

Universal Studios

Universal StudiosUniversal StudiosThinking of treating your children to a fun weekend? Then Singapore should be on top of your choices. This small island nation is known for its many attractions, and they have a reputation as family-friendly Asian destination.

Whether it is to celebrate your youngest child’s birthday or simply to treat them to a vacation for doing great in school, Singapore has a lot of attractions they will surely enjoy. Don’t worry, you’ll enjoy it too. Here are some of the most famous places in Singapore for children:

iFly Singapore

If your kids fancy being a flying superhero, you should take them to iFly Singapore in Siloso Beach Walk. This place features a wind tunnel were you and your kids can experience skydiving. Professionals will be there to assist you, so there’s nothing to worry. You can choose from various packages depending on how many times you want to go skydiving.

The City

The City is an award-winning interactive playground located at Liang Court, River Valley Road. This playground features real-life small scale community locations where your children can experience how to be doctors, nurses, teachers, and cashiers as they play with other kids. You can watch your children engage in fun activities in a safe and comfortable environment.


Singapore Zoo’s Kidzranger along Mandai Lake Road is the best place to take children who loves animals. This is a place where they can get up close and personal with their cute and friendly animals. Perfect for children aged five to 12, the place is a great way for the kids to learn about wildlife and how to protect them from extinction.

Universal Studios

Your trip to Singapore will never be complete without visiting Universal Studios. Other than the impressive replicas of famous movie sets, there are many fun and thrilling rides. The Jurassic Park water ride and the 4D Transformers ride are a sure delight to little boys. Themed areas such as Far Far Away and Madagascar are sure to delight little girls.

Check out other family friendly locations, so you can plan your trip early.

Beginners’ Guide to White Water Rafting

Water Rafting

Water RaftingWater RaftingWet and risky must be the words that stir interest only among outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers. Today, white water rafting is quickly becoming a popular activity to almost any group, regardless of outdoor experience or ability.

Should you have plans of having the first rapid-ride of your life, here are some pointers to help you get the most of it.

Know What to Expect

American Adventure reminds people, especially rafting newbies, to be aware of what you are about to go through. Reading other people’s experience of white water rafting might prepare you for the thrill ride.

For beginners, choose a class 1 to class 2, or maybe class 3 rivers. According to experts, rivers have 6 types, in ascending order of difficulty. Class 1 rapids feature slow current, low waves and almost no obstructions, ideal for beginners; class 6 white water rivers have courses with large, frequent waves, sharp turns, and usually rocky to almost boulder, making it almost deadly when attempted and are thus reserved for the professionals.

Royal Gorge white water rafting is a strenuous physical activity that exercises the upper body including the arms, abs, core, shoulders, and hips. If you are not used to working out those parts, perhaps you need to train before rafting. White water rafting has several health benefits; it is worth the experience.

While you might have a good grip on the boat, expect a bumpy ride. One minute, you are in the boat; the next, you might be out swimming next to the raft. This is why learning how to swim is a must.

Prepare Your What to Wear and What to Bring List

The sun may still be hiding behind the clouds during the early hours, and you will not appreciate its surprise later in the day. Prepare and bring sun block to keep your face, neck, knees and legs from sunburn.

While on the trip, put on quick-dry clothes, wetsuit boots or water shoes. Do not bring money or pieces of jewelry with you. You might lose them, and give you bad memories of your supposed super adventure.

To keep you safe, wear a helmet and a life jacket or the personal flotation device (PFD). The PFD should be well-fitting, comfortable and not limit your movement. Check the straps once in a while because the constant motion and the water may loosen the straps.

Work with the Team and Listen to the Guide

Paddle in sync with the team. Do not do it as if you are racing with somebody else. To keep balance in the raft, comfortably sit on the outer rim, unless the guide tells you to get down.

The best thing for you to do is to be alert, listen to instructions and obey. Do not panic when the raft passes through fast streams or near boulders, the guide has the training to handle rough situations while on the river.

It will be a rough ride, but preparation and safety precautions are great antidotes to fear. Besides, without the waves, turns and boulders, it will probably be less thrilling. So, if you are up for the fun and the challenge, why not try the rapids?

Corporate Accommodation That Combines Comfort and Convenience

Hotel room in Perth

Hotel room in PerthHotel room in PerthHotels may no longer be the first choice of many people when booking a place to stay when they are away from home. As some of the most expensive cities, hotels in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne are costly.

But some hotels fail to offer services they ought to provide despite the expensive fees they charge. Endless complaints from occupants who are not satisfied with what they paid big money for pressures hotel companies to improve the services they offer.

For many years, several Australian companies have devised strategies to offer better accommodation services than their competitors in the industry. These companies look at what will attract people.

Their common response is the now highly preferred serviced apartments. Perth residents and tourists take advantage of this alternative.

Why Is This In Demand?

They combine a touch of home with the luxury and convenience of hotels without the maintenance and other household hassles. They also do not come with the unnecessary high fees charged by hotels for services they offer but you do not need.

What Makes Serviced Apartments More Attractive Than Traditional Hotels?
  • They have more spacious rooms where you can put extra beds for your guests, a better alternative to the smaller spaces in hotels that only accommodate a single bed.
  • The bigger space means you can not only sleep in your room but also have a private work area.
  • Most of them have a fully-fitted kitchen and dining area where you can cook what you want whenever you please. This is a more preferred choice than the limited menus in hotels. Additionally, they include laundry and room cleaning services.
  • They cost less because there are no unnecessary charges. Get discounts if you plan on staying longer.

Although many clients are still not fully aware of the definition and features of a serviced apartment, it is slowly changing the way people look for accommodation. Serviced apartments are cheaper than hotels, but don’t think they are any less.

Winter is Coming: Take the Family Skiing


skiingskiingSummer is the time for having fun in the sun and cooling off with a good swimming trip or two. What about during winter? Do you and your family have to stay inside the house and wait until everything warms up? You can go skiing to pass the time.

Where to Start

There are different places where there are snow and slopes to conquer: Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Canada, USA, Japan, China, South Korea and South America have ski resorts you can visit. Let the first snowfall and snow showers settle in Australia before going on your trip. In case you have no idea how to plan your ski trip, there are companies that specialize in offering ski tours and they would be happy to help.

Who Gets to Go?

You can go on a ski trip by yourself. It is a good opportunity to meet new people and do whatever you want. You can visit a new city and learn more about its history.

However, when going skiing, the trip is even better with companions. Go with a group and have fun! There are companies that offer special group tours—go with your friends, colleagues, travel buddies or family.

Most skiing packages are flexible—they can even make adjustments depending on the skiing level of the people in the group. For example, if there are a lot of people going for the first time, they can include an instructor or two with the package.

Holidays in Winter Wonderland

Beaches and pools usually offer special deals when summer vacation comes. The same thing goes for ski resorts when the winter season comes. You can even see snow stores like SnowScene offering discounts, making this the perfect time to buy your outfits.

It may be cold during the winter, but it should not stop you from finding something to do. Now that you have an idea on what you can do during the colder months, start planning a ski trip now so you and your family can have an unforgettable vacation.

East London vs. West London: Why Go East


londonlondonThere is a little war going on in London. No, this is not a turf war or anything related to gang violence. It is raging just as hard — but is not reported on BBC 6 O’clock News.

It is the little cold war between East and West London. Yes — Londoners love to hate each other. No one really understands why.

The city is like a great collection of small wonderful villages that make up the bigger picture, but there is no denying that East and West London are two completely different places. Each has their own nuances and quirks, but for the most part, the East is simply better. Here’s why:

Cheaper Housing

London is undeniably a relatively expensive city to live in considering the lifestyle, but places east of Oxford Circus are cheaper than those found in the west.

There are so many affordable properties to buy in East London; the numbers are something the Westerners cannot beat.

Diverse Nightclubs

In East London, there are nightclubs that cater to people with different tastes. It could be the riffs of The Vortex, the roof terrace of Queen of Hoxton, or the techno of Plastic People, but something makes the clubs here better than those found on the other side of the city.

Artistic Culture

East Londoners enjoy the Tate Modern and the Barbican Centre for the arts. When it comes to street art, East beats west, too. The west may have the Trellick Tower, but the Phlegm Mural around Heneage Street and the walls near Village Underground in Shoreditch at East London are sights to behold.

Host of the Olympics

Hosting the Olympics did East London some good, and Londoners know it. It has improved the economy and infrastructure around Stratford, and has improved the links to central London as well, where most of the money is made.

West London has more celebrities, nicer parks, and better food, but for those with a more creative soul, East London is the place to go. The East is a place where a person can be truly expressive. It also offers the quality of life one cannot get at the other side of the city.