Cautious Optimism: Approaching Pharmacy Cards

Pills in box

Getting well with the use of prescription medication can become a Catch22 for some people, especially with the rising cost of medicine. People need it to get well enough to work, but buying the necessary medication often ends up costing a lot, which pushes them to work even harder and put their health at further risk.

Pills in box

Fortunately, there’s an online service making the rounds on the internet that can be of actual use to many people. Prescription Cards and RX Discount Cards that offer as much as an 80% automatic discount are getting people talking about how they approach medical expenses. It’s definitely a strange arrangement that’s drawn cautious speculation from audiences worried that it’s some kind of fraud. It definitely has the makings of a story that’s “too good to be true”, with the exception that it really is true.

The catch in using these pharmacy cards is that they’re not insurance, which means they can’t provide assistance for emergency medical procedures, and the discounts are only redeemable from a national network of participating pharmacies. But, there are no exclusions when it comes to buying medicine that treat pre-exisiting conditions.

Approaching these new pharmacy cards with a cautious optimism is a win-win situation for everyone.