Changing the Décor: Refurbishing Your Run-Down Home

Home Makeover

Home Makeover in WellingtonHouses are special properties to people. With its four walls and its roof, it provides shelter and security for its inhabitants – something that is second in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs. Because of this, people exert effort in building and maintaining houses.

Now, as your house grows old, you may have noticed that the atmosphere has begun to feel a little stale and monotonous. If so, then your house is in need of refurbishing. Here are three ways to pump new life into it and make your house as good as new.

Home Repairs

Wear and weather will not be kind to your house. Over the years, there will be damages. Tiles will get broken, plumbing clogged, roof leaks, et cetera. So the refurbishing process begins with patching up all the damages. If you fancy yourself a handyman, get your tools and start repairing parts one at a time. If you need help, you can always call home improvement and repair companies.


Once the repairs are done, the next thing on your list is to clean. Give your house a good cleaning, from top to bottom. Sweep and mop the floors, clean the bathroom, unclog the drains and remove the cobwebs. Re-arrange the furniture and clear the dust that has gathered. Clutter and other objects you will no longer use should go straight to the garbage or recycling bin. Clearing the house paves the way for the final step of refurbishing which is…


With the holes fixed and the dust cleared, you can now focus on giving your house a new vibe. Go re-arrange the interiors, Capital Decorators Ltd‘s specialists advised. The interior has a way of influencing a person’s mindset. The way your television, furniture and other appliances are placed can affect your mood. Try to experiment new ways to fit them in. If you need more perspective, do not hesitate to call an interior designer. After coming up with a new set-up, you can proceed to changing your house’s colour scheme. Like the interiors, the colour scheme of the interiors can also affect the owner’s mood. A volatile red ignites passion while a serene blue can relax you. To get that perfect colour scheme, call commercial painters to assist you. You can even add decors, change the sheets and cushions.

When your house starts to feel old, know that you can always take steps to renew it. Just follow the steps above, and it will be as if you have a new house.