Choose the Right Online Personal Training Course

Personal Trainer

Personal TrainerThe industry is arbitrary and unregulated. This makes it difficult to choose a qualified trainer who has a well-established training program that has been proven to work and can cater for clients with different needs. The internet has made it even worse because anyone can claim to be a qualified trainer and even present fake certificates as evidence of their credentials. It is, therefore, important to consider a few factors before undergoing a personal training course online.

Check references

Do not rely on online reviews. Ask the trainer for two or three current or previous clients that you can talk to over the phone. It’s a common practice for gym trainers to steal or even fabricate fake before-and-after testimonials and pictures. During the call, ask a reference about the trainer, whether they are dependable and honest.


Training routines should meet specific client needs. For instance, professional body builders will require a more intensive training program as compared to clients who are only interested in exercise as a healthy lifestyle choice.

Be sceptical

If the program has any advertisement that tries to encourage you to buy supplements, immediately become a sceptic. This may not be bad but it compromises the credibility of the trainer especially in this era with dubious marketing schemes. More often, the supplement is poor quality and overpriced.

Your budget

A trainer that is well established and worked for many years will likely be in demand hence charge more for their services. However, cheap can be expensive and therefore, having a flexible budget is good idea.

A good trainer should handle all aspects of your program. If you have any chronic medical condition, then an experienced trainer should be able to select a suitable program that will guarantee your safety.

A training program can change your life and future career therefore, it’s important to take your time and carefully choose a good trainer that will offer you the best services that are specifically suited to your needs.