Choosing a Garage Door Material That Works

Garage DoorGarage doors are an important aspect of many homes. They are the largest entry point for households, which makes their ability to protect a house and its contents from the elements and criminals all the more crucial. Choosing a material for a garage door usually boils down to looks, but upon further study, homeowners can form a decision far beyond appearances.

Here are the most common garage door materials, as well as their respective properties:


This is the most common garage door material, and one of the most popular construction materials today. Steel boasts durability as well as longevity, but may be prone to dents and rust, if the manufacturer poorly galvanised the steel.


Another popular construction material. Aluminium is comparable to steel in that it possesses a long lifespan. This is, however, assuming the owner takes great care not to dent the garage door, as aluminium is highly malleable.

Glass or Acrylic

These are the more stylish options, as they add a modern flair to the typical garage door. But, the aesthetics come at a price: energy efficiency. Since glass and acrylic are poor insulators, a homeowner may want to add some form of heating system to their garage.


Very high maintenance, but given its adherence to a home’s theme, it can end up as the most beautiful garage door material out there. Hardwoods can provide a decent level of protection and insulation for the looks they possess, but they still are not as durable as steel.


For homeowners looking to install a more energy-efficient garage door, but want the aesthetics of hardwood, professionals from suggest the use of composites. They say that though composites are less authentic, they are the economical option for many households.


This is a material rising in popularity among garage door manufacturers, since it boasts high durability and low maintenance. The only drawback is that there is not as much designs to choose from, since fibreglass garage doors are a relatively new development.


One of the common complaints regarding vinyl is its low energy efficiency, as well as the fact that it consists of environmentally-harmful PVC. But, this does come with the upside of being very light and highly damage resistant.

Choosing materials for a garage door becomes simple once a homeowner knows what the pros and cons of each one are. Garage doors are an investment, and an informed purchase is crucial for long term satisfaction with a product.