Cladding Inspirations: Celebrity Kitchen Design Ideas

Hilary Duff's Kitchen

Hilary Duff's KitchenProperty owners acknowledge the importance of fibre cement cladding to their homes. While some homeowners choose cladding for their exteriors, others go the extra mile by incorporating weatherboard materials to their interior designs. Some even choose this for their kitchen space. emphasises how quality cladding can transform a simple kitchen into a complete stunner. Here are some design inspirations that you can use for your next project:

Jerry Seinfeld’s Estate Kitchen

Jerry Seinfeld placed his Telluride estate for sale complete with its furnishings. Not only did the 14,000-square feet property impressed everyone with its size, but also with its luxurious kitchen.

The kitchen combines contemporary and traditional design by using wood materials and modern appliances. The kitchen has stainless steel appliances, which complement the wooden frames of the ceiling and the ambient lighting. It has a noticeable glazed brick-like backsplash.

Hilary Duff’s Lake Home Kitchen

Located in Toluca, Hilary Duff’s home boasts of a rustic setting for her kitchen. It has a unique and vintage wall with cladding material and wood. The space features dark-coloured cabinets, beamed ceilings, and natural lighting to match the surfaces.

Despite its rustic design, the kitchen has a few modern touches thanks to the stainless steel appliances and countertop. Completing the theme is a skylight, which is a great option for a lake home.

The Osbournes’s Kitchen

The Osbournes’s Hidden Hills has an astounding kitchen design that boasts of luxury. While opulent in appearance, the space maintains its inviting atmosphere.

The kitchen features a black and white theme to highlight its modern appeal. Accenting the overall style are red chairs and stainless steel appliances to match the colour. It also has stainless steel backsplash for the cooking area and granite backsplash for the countertop.

Cladding provides diversity when it comes to materials. Whether you’re after design or function, combining weatherboards with the right material will help you achieve that A-list kitchen design.

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