Corporate Accommodation That Combines Comfort and Convenience

Hotel room in Perth

Hotel room in PerthHotels may no longer be the first choice of many people when booking a place to stay when they are away from home. As some of the most expensive cities, hotels in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne are costly.

But some hotels fail to offer services they ought to provide despite the expensive fees they charge. Endless complaints from occupants who are not satisfied with what they paid big money for pressures hotel companies to improve the services they offer.

For many years, several Australian companies have devised strategies to offer better accommodation services than their competitors in the industry. These companies look at what will attract people.

Their common response is the now highly preferred serviced apartments. Perth residents and tourists take advantage of this alternative.

Why Is This In Demand?

They combine a touch of home with the luxury and convenience of hotels without the maintenance and other household hassles. They also do not come with the unnecessary high fees charged by hotels for services they offer but you do not need.

What Makes Serviced Apartments More Attractive Than Traditional Hotels?
  • They have more spacious rooms where you can put extra beds for your guests, a better alternative to the smaller spaces in hotels that only accommodate a single bed.
  • The bigger space means you can not only sleep in your room but also have a private work area.
  • Most of them have a fully-fitted kitchen and dining area where you can cook what you want whenever you please. This is a more preferred choice than the limited menus in hotels. Additionally, they include laundry and room cleaning services.
  • They cost less because there are no unnecessary charges. Get discounts if you plan on staying longer.

Although many clients are still not fully aware of the definition and features of a serviced apartment, it is slowly changing the way people look for accommodation. Serviced apartments are cheaper than hotels, but don’t think they are any less.

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