(Do Not) Do-It-Yourself: The Dangers of DIY Wiring

Cable Into Socket In AucklandA way to save money is to do home maintenance and improvement works by yourself. You have watched tons of YouTube videos and you have read tips on how to do it online, so how difficult can it be? Even if you take safety precautions, who is to say that something cannot go wrong?

According to the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC), back in 2013, there were 38,123 reported injuries caused by DIY home projects. Men aged 40 to 49 years old account for 85 percent of these injury reports.

One of the things you should not handle on your own is wiring projects. Whether you are in Auckland or in Wellington, technicians should be a phone call away to assist you with your electrical needs. Adam Tulloch shares a list of reasons do-it-yourself wiring is bad news – not just for you, but your family as well.


Frayed, old wires, switches and receptacles? If you see these, do not use them anymore and have them fixed or better yet, replaced. Faulty wiring can ignite and send heat onto curtains and rugs, causing a fire to start in your home.

Breakers and fuses going out regularly? Dimming and flickering lights? Before you assume that ghosts live in your home, check your circuit breakers. Do not attempt to fix it and call a technician right away. Leaving it unfixed may cause a fire to break out.

Expensive Repairs

Avoid fire damage repair by paying attention to outdated and frayed wiring. Such little things cause massive, expensive damage. Apart from the money you spent on buying tools for your DIY project, you still have to pay the electrician who will repair your faulty attempt at wiring.


Touching the wrong wires can send electricity throughout your body, and there are no do-overs in these kinds of accidents. Some may sustain mild injuries, but some may end up with severe burns and even die.

People are stubborn and still wait for these things to happen before they actually call for help. You should not be one of them. At the onset of faulty wiring or installation, call for assistance to prevent catastrophes from happening.