Don’t Fear: Removing Wisdom Tooth Can Be Painless

Tooth ExtractionThe wisdom teeth, the third molars that grow at each end of the upper and lower teeth, grow the last out of all the permanent teeth people have. In many cases, their eruption causes problems, resulting in the need to have them extracted.

Many people, however, fear the wisdom tooth removal procedure. Most of them think that, since the growth of the molars themselves already cause pain, they will experience even more discomfort during the process. Fortunately, this does not have to be the case.

Determining whether you need to remove them or not

The first step is to find out whether or not you should actually have your third molars removed. Know though, that most people need to get rid of them, since most grow out improperly, erupt only partially, and can cause a multitude of other problems. According to health care experts, about 90% of people may suffer from impacted wisdom teeth, since their mouth does not have enough space to accommodate all four of these molars.

In the event that your wisdom teeth will not have enough space to erupt and grow out normally, you would need to have them removed.

Painful or painless procedure?

With the kind of innovative technology and impressive anaesthetic products available in today’s oral health industry, the removal of your impacted wisdom teeth does not have to involve pain. There are several ways for you to choose from o experience painless removal and little discomfort after.

Sedation dentistry

One perfect example is sedation dentistry, a procedure commonly used for those who have fears or anxiety about dental treatments. This can help considerably lessen the level of pain and discomfort experienced during the wisdom teeth extraction.

All in all, removing wisdom teeth, when necessary, does not have to be an experience you want to forget for the rest of your life. With the right choice in a dentist and a sedation technique, you can have your third molars extracted without causing you discomfort or even pain.