Don’t Let Termites Get You Another House

Yes Pest Pros, Inc. in INYou might think that coming across a single termite in your abode is not alarming. While it’s apparent one wood-eater isn’t going to get your house down anytime soon, it’s likely there is more present. The bad news is a single termite colony could have millions of termites.

You could put up a brave face and hunt these little pests down. Know, however, that you could be doing your family more harm than good as facing an enemy you know barely anything about is one sure-fire formula for disaster.

Pesky Wood Eaters

Had they been young bears gnawing at your wooden porch, you would have easily scared them away. But termites are many times smaller than any clawed beast, making their destructive prowess disturbing to say the least.

Under reasonable assumptions, it would take 3,144 years for one termite to finish eating the wood of a 1,000-square-foot house. Putting into account that termites are social animals and hardly live alone is what makes it scary.

While it’s true a healthy subterranean termite colony can number up to 300,000, termites could reach millions in a super-colony. In fact, a medium-sized Formosan termite colony could reach 3 million in number.

Getting Rid of Termites

As tempting as it is to do it, taking termites on your own may be counterproductive, according to Yes Pest Pros, Inc. To effectively rein in a colony needs the right methodology – experience which you may not just be able to learn via Google.

However, getting professional termite control services ensures you the right expertise is on the job – putting an end to sleepless nights and worrisome days.

Yearly, termites and other pests cause over $30 billion in damage to various crops and man-made edifices.

When you get professionals, you make sure no hazardous chemical used to limit a termite infestation causes harm to your loved ones. It may cost you some money, but the happiness and security you bring to your home are priceless.