The Dos and Don’ts of Hot Heads Hair Extensions


The hair is the crowning glory of all women. For some, it’s not enough to style or cut it. They need something to lengthen and give it beautiful waves. This is why customers looking for hair extensions in beauty salons are increasing. After getting your desired hairstyle, however, it’s important to know about aftercare for it to last longer.


The Dos

Wait at least 48 hours before washing your hair or applying chemicals. Use a soft bristle brush and comb downwards from the ends, and work your way up. Do this before shampooing to prevent tangles. Buy a good leave-in conditioner, preferably the same brand as the extensions, and apply it half-inch from the tape tabs. Wear a ponytail when sleeping, swimming, or exercising to keep the hair extension materials intact.

The Don’ts

Don’t use products containing alcohol, ethanol, or oil, as these dry the hair and affect the quality of the adhesive bond. If there are tangles, don’t force them to untangle using a brush or comb. Dry your hair before going to bed, so the strands will dry up correctly. Always have an expert remove and reapply the hair extension to avoid damaging natural hair.

While getting a classy haircut is among the most common ways to make hair look good, you shouldn’t ignore the wonders of getting hair extensions. Visit the nearest salon to know what styling method is right for you.