East London vs. West London: Why Go East


londonThere is a little war going on in London. No, this is not a turf war or anything related to gang violence. It is raging just as hard — but is not reported on BBC 6 O’clock News.

It is the little cold war between East and West London. Yes — Londoners love to hate each other. No one really understands why.

The city is like a great collection of small wonderful villages that make up the bigger picture, but there is no denying that East and West London are two completely different places. Each has their own nuances and quirks, but for the most part, the East is simply better. Here’s why:

Cheaper Housing

London is undeniably a relatively expensive city to live in considering the lifestyle, but places east of Oxford Circus are cheaper than those found in the west.

There are so many affordable properties to buy in East London; the numbers are something the Westerners cannot beat.

Diverse Nightclubs

In East London, there are nightclubs that cater to people with different tastes. It could be the riffs of The Vortex, the roof terrace of Queen of Hoxton, or the techno of Plastic People, but something makes the clubs here better than those found on the other side of the city.

Artistic Culture

East Londoners enjoy the Tate Modern and the Barbican Centre for the arts. When it comes to street art, East beats west, too. The west may have the Trellick Tower, but the Phlegm Mural around Heneage Street and the walls near Village Underground in Shoreditch at East London are sights to behold.

Host of the Olympics

Hosting the Olympics did East London some good, and Londoners know it. It has improved the economy and infrastructure around Stratford, and has improved the links to central London as well, where most of the money is made.

West London has more celebrities, nicer parks, and better food, but for those with a more creative soul, East London is the place to go. The East is a place where a person can be truly expressive. It also offers the quality of life one cannot get at the other side of the city.


  1. West London is prettier! Example: the Portobello market is a better date idea than having a picnic in Canning Town. Right? Does anyone here agree with me?

  2. You’ll see more celebrities at West London, though. Richard Branson is so easy to spot. In the East, you see nothing but people who look like Game of Thrones characters walking around.

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