Easy and Breezy Ideas for the Perfect Beach Wedding Makeup and Hair

Wedding Hair

Wedding Hair While you may have chosen a picturesque beach for your wedding because of the sun, fresh air, and rolling waves, know that these can significantly affect your wedding hair and makeup — whether negatively or positively is entirely up to you. To make certain that you’ll look as gorgeous and fresh as your backdrop here are some valuable tips from an expert wedding hair and makeup stylist in Perth:

  • Make sure to exfoliate your lips and face to ensure that you’ll have smooth skin before applying makeup and that your lipstick will last longer.
  • Make sure to apply a bit more makeup than what you’re used to, but not too much, so that it will show up in your wedding photos. Go with softly smudged eyeliner and natural-looking false eyelashes to make your eyes pop. Multiple coats of waterproof mascara will do if you’re not into fake lashes.
  • Only apply a bit of lip-gloss after you’re done with the ceremony and the bulk of formal photos to ensure that you won’t look like you’ve just eaten an oily steak in your photos and to help preserve your lip colour.
  • Remember this — shimmer for highlighting brow bones and cheekbones and matte bronzer and blush for contouring. Choose a light bronze or gold if you have olive or dark skin. Apply extra sweeps so you won’t look washed out and colourless in photos.
  • Consider a loose, beachy up do if humidity and a good dose of wind do crazy things to your hair. You can also go for beach waves if you think you can get your hair to cooperate or a half-up do. Pick hot rollers over a curling iron since rollers provide better staying power. The important thing is that your hair matches your dress and your personal style. Finish off your hair with a hair spray formulated to fight off humidity. Experts from Circles of Subiaco recommend getting the help of experienced hair stylist for a flawless look.
  • Finally, set your makeup with loose powder. Make sure to keep a handy bag packed with your makeup essentials for touch-ups.

One more crucial tip — get your waxing and facials done a week to three days max before your big day. This ensures that you avoid potential irritation and redness, especially if your skin is on the sensitive side.