Facts and Statistics: Understanding the Law on Juvenile Crimes

Juvenile Offenses

Juvenile Offenses in AlbuquerqueMany people see the youth as the future, or so it seems. If they are fast becoming a liability more than society’s asset, you would be forgiven for shrugging it off as something that is a natural part of normal democratic society. Unfortunately, 1 out of 5 crimes are committed by individuals below the age of 18. What is even more shocking is that close to 35 out of 100 crimes were against property.

Juvenile Crimes

According to KufferLaw.com and other juvenile defense attorneys, any illegal activity that violates the inherent rights of other people — both or either related to themselves and/or to their properties — are considered as juvenile crimes or juvenile offenses.

To put it simply, anything that an adult does which the court considers as a crime can be classified as a juvenile offense if the suspect is anyone below the legal age.

Juvenile Violent Offenses

About 17 out of every 100 violent crimes over the U.S. are by young offenders. Close to 3 out of 10 youths are involved in robbery, while 17% face charges with forcible rape. Aggravated assault accounts for about 15 out of every 100 cases, while another 12% are charged with murder. What is disturbing in these figures is the fact that, at a young age, 12 out of every 100 teenagers are already more than capable of committing murder. This is no ordinary homicide as murder will almost always have the element of intent.

Juvenile Non-Violent Offenses

More than half of all non-violent offenses made by juveniles are related to arson, while 4 out of 10 youths engage in vandalism. Around 36% face motor vehicle theft charges, 35% for burglary, and 32% for larceny or simple theft. About 26% of youth offenders have been charged with disorderly conduct, while a quarter have been charged for violations on liquor laws as well as possession of deadly weapons. Around 13% are charged with drug abuse and 17% for sex offenses other than forcible rape.

These are only some offenses that juveniles are known to commit year in and out. If you are going to analyze the growing juvenile criminality, it would seem that these figures more than explain the crimes committed by adults. What is quite disturbing, nonetheless, is that these are supposed to be the future of society.

All these doesn’t need to have a sad ending, though. If your child is facing juvenile charges, you can help them make a change and face lighter charges by hiring professionals.