Fitting a CMMS to Your Team: What to Consider


CMMSKeeping things clean and in good working order can be difficult, since maintenance teams don’t just have to maintain other people’s things, but also their own. Nowadays, though, there are computerised maintenance management systems (CMMS) that can help staff with tasks like scheduling, keeping track of work orders and requests, and so on.

With all the different things a CMMS can do, poses the question: how can you make it a perfect fit for your maintenance team?

Know and Look For What You Need

Get yourself a CMMS for general maintenance work, but wouldn’t it be better to have something that would be for your specific type of maintenance?

For example, if your team works on checking and repairing delivery vehicles for several branches of a certain fast food restaurant, you may want something that can handle communication with those branches, and can make the schedule such that if two or more branches need attention for their vehicles in a day, people will not waste time traveling between branches.

Implement it in a Way That Fits How You Work

You can get help for this from the company that provided you with the CMMS software, but you would want to know how to operate. For example, if your team tends to receive repair requests from people, it would be good for you to give those people easy access to your system so those requests can be processed and attended to faster.

Make Sure You Can Get Support Fast

Sure, the CMMS helps you with your tasks, but what if it’s the one not working? A good CMMS also has excellent support. It would also be a plus if they can provide you with upgrades when they come out.

These are some of the things to consider when you get a CMMS for your maintenance team. It’s one of the ways to streamline business processes, and worth the investment.

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