Gas Hot Water Systems: The Must-Know Facts

Water Heater Installation in PerthWhen purchasing a new equipment for your Perth home, two key considerations you should never forget are energy efficiency and performance rating. For those who already have one installed, you should always make sure your unit works optimally by having issues that arise promptly fixed.

Also, you should have it routinely serviced by a professional gas hot water technician in Perth. Knowing how your gas-heated water system works, what you should do to prevent the development of problems, and when to get help to prevent serious accidents.

Professional Installation

For new gas hot water system buyers, make sure you have it installed by a professional. There are many things that can go wrong with an improperly installed unit, such as the heater not having sufficient ventilation or the safety valves not running correctly. In fact, improper installation can also be fatal.

Regular Inspection of Anode Rod

For those who already have existing gas hot water systems, make sure you regularly call in a professional plumber to check the system’s anode rod. You will find this part of the unit screwed tightly into the heater’s top area, serving the function of attracting and trapping bad contaminants in the water.

Because of this function, expect the anode rod to disintegrate over time. Once the disintegration process occurs, an experienced plumber should replace it. Failure to have this part replaced right away will cause rusting in your tank’s internal lining, which will only result to even more (and costlier to repair) problems.

Most Common Problems with Water Heaters

As a gas hot water heater user, you should educate yourself about the most common issues that occur. This way, you can avoid the hassles of not having hot water, avoid injury-causing accidents, and prevent house fires.

One of the most common problems with gas hot water systems is a malfunctioning or burnt-out pilot. Faulty thermostats, loose wiring, or clogged-up vents and flues can also cause your heater to produce insufficiently heated water.

Remember: most gas water heaters have a life span of six to twelve years, but you can actually lengthen this through regular maintenance and servicing of professional plumbers.