Gurgle, Gurgle: Stuff That Shouldn’t be Going Down Your Drains


DrainsWhether it is in the bathroom or the kitchen, a clogged drain is a homeowner’s worst nightmare. After all, things not going down where and when they should is never good news.

Keeping your drains clog-free need not be a lot of work, you only need to be on the lookout for certain things, and All Hours Plumbing SLC enumerates them for your reference:


A strand of hair is harmless on its own. An accumulation of the same, however, is not. Not only is this the most common debris found in drainage systems, it is also the largest problem for homeowners.

Hair buildup immediately blocks liquids and prevents it from passing, therefore hindering its main purpose. The menial factor can be avoided by keeping close attention to the matter — literally and figuratively.

Keeping hair out of your drains doesn’t need much work. By catching or taking out the hair immediately after every bath or with the use of other home remedies and solutions, you can keep your drains clear and free of clogging.


Soap scum is not something you want hanging on your drainage pipes, as its texture makes it conducive to dirt buildup and accumulation.

Liquid soap is the least of your worries; it’s the solid ones you need to look out for. While they may come in bits and pieces, they may cause problems and clog your pipes in time as they will only harden and ultimately block your drainage system.

Food Waste and Grease

This is the major culprit for kitchen sinks. The rule of thumb is to throw out the food left on the dishes before putting them in the sink. While you follow this religiously, small pieces of food may still find their way down your sink.

The buildup they contribute is actually the least of your problems, it’s what comes with the food waste — fats, oils and grease. They come in the form of butter, oil, margarine, meat scraps and shortening — all of which form thick balls of grease that clog your pipes.

You don’t have to sacrifice your weekly menu just to keep your drain clear; you need only change your dishwashing routine. You cannot guard your drains the whole day, but knowing the culprits will help you avoid trouble down the road.

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