Hair Extensions: Adding Length and Volume to Natural Hair

Woman Putting On Hair Extensions

Woman Putting On Hair ExtensionsHair extensions allow you to style your hair in any manner that you want, without having to alter your real hair. Extensions consist of a design made from real or synthetic hair that, when added to your scalp, increases the length or thickness, or both, of your hair.

Ideally, you have two options to choose from when looking for hair extensions – those made from real hair and those made from synthetic fibres. Your other options include the length, the volume, the texture and the colour of the extension.

Lately, notes a few trends in hair extensions, which include:

Bonded or Fusion Extensions

This type of hair extension involves fusing individual strands with keratin tips directly fused onto your hair. This kind of extension is applicable to almost any kind of hair texture.

Tape-In Extensions

Application of these extensions uses double-sided tape. This involves affixing small hair wefts to natural hair using the tape, and like bonded extensions, can apply to a range of hair textures as well.

Sew-In or Weave Extensions

This is a technique that thread-weaves the extension with natural hair, and braided from ear to ear in rows. Weave extensions are suitable for curly hair, and usually African-American hair.

Among one of the newer trends that many hairdressers and experts suggest is to have your hair cut after the application of the extension. This ensures that there is little difference between your natural hair and the extension. Many people also prefer extensions made from real hair, because it not only appears more natural, but easier to style and maintain as well.

Having your extension applied by a professional ensures that your hair looks better and more natural on top of looking fabulous and stylish. Consult a salon or a hairstylist for extensions – these are things best left to professional service.

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